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5.11 Covert 2.0 Trousers

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5.11 Covert 2.0 Trousers

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test 15.11 Covert 2.0 Trousers Thumbnail Imagetest 25.11 Covert 2.0 Trouserstest 3test 4

5.11 Covert 2.0 Trousers

In Stock

Available for Delivery

  •   Khaki 511
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5.11 Covert 2.0 Trousers

5.11 Covert 2.0 Trousers



From 5.11’s collection for 2015, the curiously named Khaki 2.0 trousers are available in both black and khaki, but with the style known as “Khaki 2.0”.

On first glance, these trousers would appear to be a pair of normal trousers, but look more closely and the tactical features become apparent. They’re styled from heavyweight polycotton twill fabric, and the cut of the fabric hides two hip pockets and hidden side seam pockets, ideally sized for your every day carry needs.

The trousers are Teflon-coated, so the spills, trips and slips of the day will not be apparent. The leg creases are permanently ironed in, and the trousers have enhanced fade and wrinkle resistance, keeping you looking smart and professional at all times.

  • Subtle, stylish, and ready for anything
  • Hidden side seam cargo pockets
  • Side seam pocket sized for AR magazines
  • Self-adjusting tunnel waistband
  • Button-close rear pockets
  • Fade and shrink resistant
  • Teflon treated for spill and stain resistance
  • 212g (7.25 oz). poly/cotton twill
  • Flat front design
  • Post cured with permanent creases
  • Reinforced Belt Loops
  • Machine washable


Code 511-74332-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: 511


  1. Great trews, broReview by
    My pair has been in daily use weekdays for close to 2 years now. Apart from the heel scuffing (about 1/2" too long in the leg) they look almost as good as the day they were bought. I have black for the office and wash them every fortnight on the weekend. They dry really quickly too. They look like regular slacks but the extra pockets and carry is really useful for me as I commute by motorbike. As soon as Heinnie get the short leg length in stock again, I'm buying another pair (Posted on )
  2. Smart yet PracticalReview by
    If you're after trousers that can fit into the office environment but offer a little more utility and durability then look no further. The seam pockets are neat - I wouldn't want to put anything too bulky in there but would be perfect for keeping small, light items safe such as your passport or spare cash.

    The small pocket hidden in the waistband is a nice little addition - just right for a compact multi tool or something similar.

    Only downsides I can see are whatever finish they have applied does attract particles . They wipe down easily but beware of walking through things like dandelion seeds as they will jump onto them and not want to let go!

    Also I would have liked a 31 leg as 32 is a bit long and 30 is a bit short for me but you can always get the longer and have them adjusted I guess.
    (Posted on )
  3. Great trousersReview by
    Overall they fit a nice place in the market they look smart but are far tougher than normal trousers. Great for any one who might be on the go or have a job with flexible working task. I work in an office and also cover some warehouse tasks. These fit in in both. The pants seem to get dirtier quicker as the material doesn't absorb the dust and keeps it on the surface but with a quick pat it is a lot faster to remove said dust (Posted on )
  4. Excellent trousers for daily wearReview by
    I have several pairs of these trousers - the oldest now several years old, and only just starting to show signs of wear. I wear them for work (I'm a teacher) and as weekend wear when I need something semi-formal. The extra flexibility in the waist makes them very comfortable.

    The almost invisible (only the small zip-pull shows) seam pocket is every useful (I keep money in one and ID docs in the other). To be honest, they are not too easy to open - especially the one of the left leg - extra good for security, I suppose. The little pocket in the waistband is excellently placed for my EDC knife.

    The only real criticism is that they don't also come in a nice charcoal grey.

    Great trousers. Buy some.
    (Posted on )

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