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Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bag

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bag

test 1Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bagtest 2Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bagtest 3Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bagtest 4 Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bag

Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bag

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



Back Order Item

Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bag

Adventure Medical Kits Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bag



Ideal for those occasions when you take the wrong turn and are forced to spend the unexpected night out. The AMK Emergency Bivvy Sleeping Bag is vacuum metalized polyetheline which will reflect 90% of your radiated body heat. It is entirely waterproof and can be stored in it`s ultralight stuff sack before and after use.


Code BMC-0140-1138
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Adventure Medical SOL
Insulation: Heat-reflective Polyethylene
Dimensions (cm): 213 x 91
Packed Dimensions (cm): 9 x 6
Product Weight (g): 108g


  1. Great but hope to never find out how great!Review by
    Ok its a sealed foil bag, not to be slept in for anything but emergencies, but takes up such small space actually comes with me over a foil blanket in my first air kit.

    Got this for long walks in winter in tricky terrain for some meters of the family, you never know. Comes in the car on long journeys in winter, all the usual reasons for being prepared,

    Its small and very light.

    Gets four stars, based on a being ver expensive foil blanket, and I can see this being very hard to reuse if you had to as the bag is quite small. However this has come with me on some pretty cold trips and If nothing else nice to know you have with you.

    Certainly better than the old plastic orange survival bags fro back when!

    (Posted on )
  2. Good for priceReview by
    Feels good quality difficult to do a full review aa it's for emergencies buthe as previous reviews mentioned you would definitely need to create so insulation if you're going to use it (Posted on )
  3. GREATReview by
    do not get in this wet your in for a semi miserable night, had one nick in the bottom also where it wasn't quite sealed properly which let the water seep in which i didn't know was collecting in the bottom of the tent, ideal for the car, absolutely tiny pack size too, faultless delivery from heinnie as always !! highly recommended for 9/10 situations ! (Posted on )
  4. Don't use it on its ownReview by
    One of the rater's is right, cold will sink through the ground if you wrap up and sit down. Use grass, leaves etc as an insulator.

    If you are going to sit, use your rucksack as a seat. You'd be surprised how effective it is.

    Spare socks on you feet, head or hands, all layers on, and you won't freeze.
    (Posted on )
  5. Bag one for yourselfReview by
    Brilliant bit of kit. The picture cannot show you how compact this really is. Nice material that stretches instead of tearing and I hope I never need to use it but I have confidence that if I do it will be up to the job.
    As always, great service from HH. Thank you and keep it up as you set the benchmark for service.
    (Posted on )
  6. Much more useful than a 'Space Blanket'Review by
    Unlike the famed 'space blanket' the bivvy bag is well made and does a vastly better job of retaining body heat. The blanket might cover the top of your body if lying down but the floor soaks up body heat frighteningly quick. This packs down real small and can be used multiple times. If a job is worth doing............ (Posted on )
  7. A Good Emergency Use Bivi Bag.Review by
    One of the better low cost quality survival bivi bag products on the US outdoors kit market today, from the excellent AMK company. Good for emergency carry into the hills, or just merely for inclusion to a home preparedness survival emergency kit. (Posted on )

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