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Benchmade Bushcrafter - Green/Leather

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Benchmade Bushcrafter - Green/Leather

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Benchmade Bushcrafter - Green/Leather

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Benchmade Bushcrafter - Green/Leather

Benchmade Bushcrafter - Green/Leather



The rapid growth in popularity of bushcrafting techniques and activities has seen a tendency for many knife manufacturers to design a specialist bushcraft knife. Benchmades version is up there with the best of them and has some impressive features for the experienced or potential outdoorsman.

It has a high ground drop-point blade with polished finish using S30V stainless steel (58-60HRC) which will keep an edge better than most. The handle is hand- blended and contoured green G10 with red vulcanized spacer held together with pressed titanium tubing. The sheath is brushed full-grain buckskin leather sheath with D-ring and flint rod loop and retention strap.


Code BM162
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Benchmade
Blade Material: S30V Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 11.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Overall Length (cm): 23.4
Handle Material: G10
Sheath: Leather
Product Weight (g): 20


  1. Benchmade bushcrafter 162Review by
    Taught it was a bit pricey but well worth paying the extra ££
    Handle is comfortable and nice and thick
    Blade was razor sharp out of the box
    Usually go for carbon steel but glad I got S30v
    It won't need as much TLC
    (Posted on )
  2. Superb Knife. Shame about the sheathReview by
    The Benchmade 162 is a great bushcrafting knife . The handle has been well thought out and is comfortable to hold. Balance is good and it does everything I ask of it. Quite a few reviews pick up on the sheath. Benchmade designed it to keep costs down. I actually like the sheath, but as many people point out it would benefit from a dangler. I removed the D ring from mine and added a Casstrom No3 dangler. Now the knife sits in a sensible position on the leg. (Posted on )
  3. As close as possible to being the perfect kife for me.Review by
    Firstly, thanks to HH for excellent service and the competitive price.

    G10 and (stainless) S30V, and a very practical size; I don feel like there's much I couldn't do with this knife, if I needed to.

    First thing I noted was the perfect fit and finish. It's reassuringly thick but not OTT, and nicely balanced at around the first hole in the scales. Greatt all-round size in my opinion - practical for most tasks without being cumbersome or overly intimidating.

    I personally really like Saber grinds but I know it wouldn't be everyones first choice for bushcrafting. That said, a sturdy chunk of high-end stainless with G10 handles is clearly very capable outside of bushcrafting too, and nicely low-maintenance.

    This has to be one of the most well thought-out handles out there. Whether you're choking up on it, gripping the end to chop or holding it in reverse, it's almost impossible to drop it or let it slip. The scallops at the front could come in handy too, but I haven't used them much yet. I can understand how people find hot-spots on it, but I haven't found anything that really bothers me personally, yet.

    The sheath.. it looks nice, doesn't take up much space and it's made quite nicely, but I'm not that keen on it. Cheap, poorly cut plastic insert isn't great, and while I'm not as affected as the other reviewers, more carry options would have been nice. It's great for some half days in the woods, but doesn't seem like it's designed for much more than that. There are worse sheaths out there, but it gets annoying when you know you might have to hunt for a better sheath on these (already) expensive knives. BM definitely aren't the only ones & their new 119's sheath seems like they've taken note.

    At the moment it's tempting to replace it with a Spec Ops sheath. I'd love to see Heinnie stock the spec ops sheaths - and I'm pretty surprised they dont already, but I guess there could be a good reason!

    (Posted on )
  4. Easily one the top five best production Bushcraft blades out there!!!Review by
    The description says it all, this in my opinion, this one of the best Bushcraft blades on the market.

    I have perhaps far too many knives in my collection, but of all of them this has been the one I have wanted the most, and agonised over for far too long on. Fortunately I have a very loving wife, who presented this to me as a birthday present.....I know I am lucky :-)

    This knife I would place in the same league as the Tops BOB, F1/S1, SRK and Condor Bushlore, it is just as capable as all of these listed blades yet often overlooked as it is a sabre grind with a secondary bevel....... now I know that as scandi grinds carve wood easier and deeper, but this does a similar job about too much more effort. If you add the benefits of the blade design, you have a robust edge angle and a handle that allows you to grip firmer towards the edge of the blade, therefore you have a knife that is capable of very detailed work.

    The only negative, is if you are used to scandi grind blades, it involves a different technique. Another thing to note is that you would need to spend longer to sharpen the edge back.

    Overall I love this blade, it looks great, it performs very well, it is stainless and it is made of a superior steel.....what more can I say..... Buy it before it goes up in price!!!

    This was also purchased from Heinnie Haynes direct, and as always the service is exceptional.

    (Posted on )
  5. A blade for lifeReview by
    A blade made to last a lifetime. I purchased this knife as i wanted the ultimate blade in corrosion resistance, hardness and would stay razor sharp. I wasnt dissapointed. the s30v steel in the blade is flawless and has all the properties i wanted in my knife. you can sharpen the blade, leave it in its sheath for a year and be confident that when you require it, it will still be shaving sharp. this is due mostly to the super corrosion resistance. It really is a blade you can depend on.

    The only thing i would improve is the handle as the edges are quite square and could be more comfotable in the hand although i believe some people have sanded the handles to remedy this.

    (Posted on )
  6. benchmade bushcrafterReview by
    First of all brilliant service again from heinnie, ordered yesterday tea time received today. Now for the knife, lovely piece of kit, hand filling, weighty and in my opinion the handle shape is perfect for a bushcraft knife, there are too many knives out there with beautifully made handles but not great for gripping at bushcraft tasks, this knife has just the right shape handle and blade and you could even do light chopping tasks if need be . Also sharp out of the box and the blade thickness is reassuring, as for the sheath, its a decent well made leather one, the only shame is it just seems it ought to have had a little more thought put into it, especially the belt loop , but all in all a really good package and you are getting a top notch buchcraft knife at a good price that shold last a lifetime, my advice forget the expensive handdmades, ray mears etc,this knife is up there with all of them, get one ! (Posted on )
  7. Great knife heavy…Review by
    Great knife heavy weather proof and very out the box sharp,very pleased with this one. 5 for the knife however, the design of sheath, in my mind needs to be taken back to the drawing board. The only way I can mount this one ammo carrying webbing is to shove it in my rifles mag pouch, please Benchmade come up with something better ! (Posted on )
  8. 162 bushcraft knifeReview by
    Just taken delivery of the 162, after reading the report on survival knives by a independent party, it boiled down to the Bravo 1 or the 162. I went for the later as its S30V. Cuts well, nice and heavy. The 5 is just for the knife. The sheath to my mind was an after thought, and of no use for military use, but hey I knew that and will have one made to my requirements. Not disappointed at all. Fast delivery again from HH. (Posted on )

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