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BK&T Campanion 2nd Gen

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BK&T Campanion 2nd Gen

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BK&T Campanion 2nd Gen

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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BK&T Campanion 2nd Gen

BK&T Campanion 2nd Gen



The ultimate BK&T all-purpose utility knife, The BK&T Campanion is surprisingly light for its robust parts. Simplicity of design and ultra tough materials makes it priceless in a outdoor  environment. It is supplied with a kydex sheath.

For all those who camp, hunt or spend time afield. The Campanion works just as happily splitting out kindling as it does prying apart joints and skinning game, not to mention chopping onions for the campfire chili!


Code BKR2
Limited Edition: No
Brand: BK&T
Blade Material: 1095 Cro-Van
Blade Length (cm): 13.4
Overall Length (cm): 26.0
Handle Material: Polymer


  1. Just buy one.Review by
    Simple, not complicated, there are simply no excuses for not owning one of these.

    Want a hatchet? Check.
    Want a fine working knife? Check.
    Want a friend for life? Check.
    Want the most gorgeous black blade coating? Check.

    This is a beautiful and strong beast of a tool.

    Not got one? Hang your head in shame.

    (Posted on )
  2. ol reliable Review by
    Bought this about a year ago VERY HEAVILY used. Once you have this you can throw your hatchet way! Holds an edge pretty well too! Only fault is that the handle can get slippery after heavy use nothing some cord through the lanyard hole or inner tube round the handle can fix. Go to survival knife, would recommend. (Posted on )
  3. It is what it is ...Review by
    The only way to sum this thing up is "quintessentially American". Big, brash, heavy and in your face. There's nothing beautiful about it. Nothing refined or aesthetic. It's just a thick, heavy piece of steel. I'm not gonna get into detail here (there's plenty of that on the net), but if all you want is something to abuse and don't need to worry about, you could do a lot worse than this. It is a jack of all trades and master of none. Literally. (Posted on )
  4. Heavy and ChunkyReview by
    This is another fantastic knife. If you love doing heavy tasks like batoning, digging and would not mind giving your knife a hard time, this is the knife.

    BK2 is heavy and chunky thus easy to force cut at the same time very tough, durable and can retain edges pretty well. It comes w/ strong kidex sheath, keeps your knife protected. The bottom part of the handle can be used for hammering or smashing glasses.

    However you might wanna keep your blade clean. Do wipe it as soon as you finis your task with mineral oil or metal polish, I would not recommend oiling it or keeping in moisture as the edge might get rusty. Also this is precisely the reason why blade is coated, do not strip it off.
    (Posted on )
  5. Fantastic knife.... So So SheathReview by
    Right the good bits

    The knife is very heavey duty and will take a lot of abuse. I like the handle grips and the blade coating too. It's sharp out the box and will cut A4 paper and split logs by the shed load. Well balanced, well made and will last and last. Looks the business too which is important ... Looks good, feels good, works good.... All good :-)

    The not so good bits

    The sheath is ok but not so good . The main problem is the belt loop that's made from nylon loop. This is as much use as toffee to someone with dentures. It flops all over the place.... It dosent feel posative or act responsively ... It flops about... A lot. Now there must be a good mod out there to fix this but I've not found one yet. The alternative is a custome sheath... Also it's sharp but it looks like it's been on a belt sander. It's ok but it needs some work to get it fantastic.

    Now don't get me wrong it would take two Mafia hit men with a crow bar to prize it from my hand but only after I'd made the mods required above.

    Overall great knife ... I like it a lot and you will too
    (Posted on )
  6. Nice utility knifeReview by
    Nice knife straight out of the box.
    Put it to work chopping small logs, splitting larger ones.
    Good for fine delicate work but you cannot strike a fire steel on the spine because of the coating BK&T put on the blade.
    I give this set up 4 out of 5 because the sheath it comes with is total pants.
    I've researched the web (YouTube) looking for a custom sheath maker here in the UK and came across a review from Snips@ "Military and survival".
    There's a guy called kev @ dogsoldierknives who does a pancake style scout carry survival sheath for the BK2, with tinder pouch and fire steel attachment.
    Looks to be of real good quality workmanship and the review boasts of the same.
    Might well be worth giving him a shout...
    (Posted on )
  7. Nice..Review by
    Such a great knife for the money and really fun and easy to modifiy. 4.5/5 as I did not like the sheath much. (Posted on )
  8. bk2Review by
    To start what a great service from HH ordered at 11 am and arrived next morning amazing 5 star service... The becker bk2 sharp out the box a solid do it all knife built like a tank. The shealth is ok with a little modification but I will get an azwelke custom kydex sheath ordered from the states in the new yr. But other than that you can't go wrong with this knife if you want a solid work horse for under ú100 you will not get better (Posted on )
  9. Incredible work hoarse!Review by
    Not shaving sharp out the box but more than sharp enough! Processed a load of wood in the back garden with it no worries. Even managed to use it to carve a basic spoon. That's saying something for a blade thats quarter inch thick. Very adept for its size. As usual, top service from Heinnie and arrived within 2 days despite using only standard delivery. On a side note, the belt loop on the sheath is floppy but can be modified by sewing metal rods into it for stiffness (I used blunted kitchen skewers). Worked a treat! (Posted on )
  10. BK2Review by
    Fantastic knife. More than I expected. Super sturdy. Not put it to work yet but looking forward to it. Don't think there will be anything it can't do! Thankfully nothing wrong with the blade grind and shaving sharp out of the box. Proper stamped logo on the blade too. (I'd read reviews to the contrary)
    Sheath is good although very tight fit. Nylon belt loop too flexible to be properly functional but strong enough.
    Excellent service from Heinnie. Will definitely use them again. Although will be sure to shop around more. Could've got it ú20 cheaper elsewhere. Shame they don't do a price guarantee.
    (Posted on )
  11. nice knifeReview by
    Great service from HH, ordered it yesterday around 3:15pm, paid the extra ú5, knife turned up today at lunch time. The knife is a seriously solid piece of kit, razor sharp out the box. I don't see how this sheath could dull the blade if your drawing the knife correctly. Handle actually feels a lot better than I anticipated, good size for my medium hands. Only thing I could criticise would be the grind at the tip, pretty lopsided, someone had a hangover that day, but I don't think it's anything worth returning the knife for seeing as it's a work horse and not a collectors piece. Top knife for the money. (Posted on )
  12. ScarrabReview by
    Just received my BK-2 and my word what a great service. I ordered the knife and by morning the next day it was with me. Very friendly service from Heinnie Haynes.
    The knife it's self is everything the reviews say. A great knife as it is, or ripe for modifications.
    (Posted on )
  13. Top classReview by
    First of all, yet again a fantastic service from Heinnie. Been using this knife for a few month now and it has never let me down. I have beat the hell out of it and it still keeps going. Highly recommend for any out enthusiasts. (Posted on )
  14. Beast!Review by
    This is a monster of a knife - even thicker than I expected. The knife is an all round survival knife suitable for batoning also. Belt loop is a rather pathetic effort though. I think I may try antler scales - niiice! HH is the best service anywhere, they are really on the case. (Posted on )
  15. MrReview by
    OK, now had the chance to use the knife heavily in the woods over a long weekend. Magic to find a knife with a grip that fits my (large) hands and the edge is holding up really well; just a touch with a Fallkniven diamond/ceramic stone. (Posted on )
  16. my best first kniveReview by
    This is a proper knife, trust me you won't regret. The knife is heavy and the blade is thick, which make it suitable for heavy duty tasks. This also can be used without the handle and making your own grip for less weight and making spear. This won't let you down. (Posted on )
  17. Superb service HH…Review by
    Superb service HH - delivered within 24 hrs. Great knife, well finished and sharp enough out of the box, although time will tell how well the handle scales hold up; still with their bolt-on fixing easy to replace if necessary. The sheath itself is fine, much as I expected and holds the knife very well. The suspension loop/fixing however is a bit of a disaster. The snap loop round the knife handle hadn't had the rivet properly closed and has now been replaced by a larger webbing/velcro loop sewn to the suspension webbing. The rough edges of the three fixing rivets to the kydex bracket have been peened over to close the sharp edges and the four setscrews fixing the bracket to the sheath have been replaced by longer screws that engage the aluminium 'nuts' by more than a few threads and been fitted with thread-lock to secure them. Now I'm happy that the knife is securely held in place........ shame BK&T couldn't get this element better manufactured, hence my downgrade to a 4! (Posted on )
  18. Bigger than I…Review by
    Bigger than I was expecting and seriously thick. This thing is tough as nails and will undoubtedly outlast me. Pretty sharp out the box, Kydex sheath is extremely tight at first but gradually loosens up some with use. Used it for battoning some pretty large logs so far and performed as amazingly as expected. Really great piece of kit, well worth the money. Only complaint is that the Kydex sheath let me down a bit. Mine had some kind of defect inside it which scratched the blade a fair bit before I noticed it and filed it out. My fault for not noticing sooner but it will be lost in other wear and tear soon enough :) Amazing service from Heinnie as always :) (Posted on )
  19. A beastReview by
    It's a beast. Very heavy, very thick (6mm) blade, pretty much indestructible, yet takes a good edge. Too large and heavy to use for delicate work; I think a slightly longer kukri-style blade of the same weight would be more flexible and effective. For a blade suitable for batoning and chopping, it feels quite handle-heavy, although the balance is just behind the hilt, which encourages gripping at the very back of the handle - so adding a lanyard is probably essential. Sheath entry is just a little small so need care to avoid blunting the blade when drawing/sheathing, but is otherwise good. (Posted on )
  20. Thank you HHReview by
    I got mine a few days ago
    nice delivery

    Very strong and beautiful knife, it needs a little sharpening but is not an issue.

    (Posted on )
  21. excellentReview by
    Got mine about 3 months ago. It is superb! Made own handle scales and leather sheath for "her" now though. Simply superb piece of kit, and great HH service too! If you're after the ultimate camp knife, there is no better, some come close though, but this is the best. (Posted on )
  22. It's a great…Review by
    It's a great knife but you can't beat the John Nowill Survival Knife. (Posted on )
  23. amazing!Review by
    Had the BK2 about three weeks now. Came reasonably sharp, sharp enough for wood prep and general camp craft, so I didn't touch it! I've used it almost daily for prepping fire wood and it is still as sharp as when new. It's the perfect size and weight for heavy duty use. The only tiny flaw is the sheath, not too keen on it or the scales, which I have replaced with wood and what a differance they make! Might make a leather sheath someday too. A fantastic brute of a knife, I love it to bits! As always exceptional service from HH. If you need a heavy duty knife just get one. End of. (Posted on )
  24. What a company!!Review by
    Ok, it's a BK2 and we all know it's an awesome knife. It's a matter of buying the knife that suits your needs and this suits mine. Enough said.

    Now for the important bit! This has to be one (if not THE) best company I have dealt with. The price was pretty much the best I could find in the UK, postage was free and the speed of dispatch and comms is second to none. It's a competitive world out there and these guys are at the top. I wish I found them earlier; before ordering kit off companies who lie about stock and dispatch dates, then let you down just to get you to part with your money.

    As a serving member of the Armed Forces I value good kit, delivered promptly and I will be recommending my troops use this company. Can I give a better review than that? I don't think so?!
    (Posted on )
  25. Getting my money's worthReview by
    I bought my bk2 just over a year ago and have made it work hard for its money.....and it doesn't owe me a thing. It has done every job I've pointed it's way with ease, and once I got used to the size and weight I found I was able to do some quite delicate work with it, as well as heavy duty batoning and splitting kindling etc. I have fairly big hands and they definitely help with the size of the knife and its chunky handle.
    I've also polished the whole thing to a good shine and have a scandi grind on it for ease of sharpening in the field.
    I still take my Opinel folder and Mora Clipper with me everywhere I go, so my Campanion is the heavyweight of a trio of tools, each of which have their uses and place in my pack. If I had to choose just one of them though without doubt it would be the bk2.

    (Posted on )
  26. Bought this knife…Review by
    Bought this knife after a lot of consideration. Needed a sharpen when delivered. Took it camping and it was the perfect knife. Chopped wood for the fire, sliced tomatoes for the burgers. Only downside is could have an edge for a fire steel. Nothing a file can't fix. Good sheath especially when modified. (Posted on )
  27. Brilliant blade, built…Review by
    Brilliant blade, built like a tank. If you're ever out in the field and find this brute getting blunt, I'm sure its sheer size will just smash through what ever needs to be chopped! (Posted on )
  28. Its a tankReview by
    This knife is solidly made, will withstand any task,the sheath is functional and retains the knife very securely. The knife was ordered at 11pm Thursday and arrived Saturday am that's what I call first class service. (Posted on )
  29. Chop Chop!Review by
    This thing is built like a tank! Needed a sharpen upon arrival but I beat the hell out of in the woods and the edge was still there. Much better at slicing than I thought it would be for such a thick blade.

    The sheath is VERY tight, takes a lot of force to pop it out but the grooved thumb ramp really helps. Definitely keeps it secure.

    All in all I love this Knife! Perfect for trips when the axe isn't an option and you have a useful knife to boot. best 2 for 1 tool in the bag, buy one.
    (Posted on )
  30. Update on this heavy duty toolReview by
    Had a chance to use this properly at the wekend where I used to to chop wood for the fire using a baton on it and made a few feather sticks. It's such a thick heavy tool that it shrugged it off and split the logs and wood up really well.

    Due to the shortish blade, I even tried the other method of using the baton on the hilt to drive the point into the log sideways on to split it and it worked really well again.

    When I got back home it wouldn't slice paper but sharp enough to carve and it was so easy and quick to bring the edge back with the DC4 sharpener that you should just take one with you. A Fallkniven will hold its edge much better but then what do you expect with the extra quality steel and price? A good balance of quality, reliability and price.

    (Posted on )
  31. HeftyReview by
    Ethan Becker who designed this knife based it on the MOD survival knife (which I also own) and you can clearly see where he has improved it. The grind starts much further up making it much easier to use/carve with etc. It is 1 3/4 in shorter than the MOD knife but it keeps the thickness profile to the tip making it very strong and suitable for prying.

    You can get a much better edge with it and the 2nd gen has a flat pommel so you can drive it point first to split larger logs if using a baton on the spine won't work.

    The sheath in the photo here has also been updated and is much, much better and requires quite some force to snap it in and take it out meaning it is in very securely even without the thumb snap.
    (Posted on )
  32. hello sailorReview by
    This is without doubt the best allround knife on on the market. The chopping power is unsurpased as well as being comfortable and suprisingly tacktile. Just a shame about the name though a CAMPANION sounds like some gay bloke you don't mind going shopping with your wife.... my campanion has incredible girth!!!! you have to hold it to believe it. (Posted on )
  33. A work man…Review by
    A work man of a knife. It does it all. (Posted on )
  34. A proper camping knifeReview by
    Awesome power, needed a sharpen when arrived, holds edge well. This knife will do everything, from gutting fish to chopping wood, you could hammer nails in with it! Wouldn't take the kayak camping without it. (Posted on )

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