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Black Fox Nidhug

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Black Fox Nidhug

test 1Black Fox Nidhug test 2Black Fox Nidhug test 3Black Fox Nidhug test 4 Black Fox Nidhug
test 1Black Fox Nidhug test 2Black Fox Nidhug test 3Black Fox Nidhug test 4 Black Fox Nidhug
test 1Black Fox Nidhug test 2Black Fox Nidhug test 3Black Fox Nidhug test 4 Black Fox Nidhug
test 1Black Fox Nidhug test 2Black Fox Nidhug test 3Black Fox Nidhug test 4 Black Fox Nidhug

Black Fox Nidhug

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

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From: £26.95
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Black Fox Nidhug

Black Fox Nidhug

From: £26.95


A collaboration between Black Fox and Mikkel Willumsen has led to this, the Nidhug!

The Black Fox Nidhug is an all-purposeUK Friendly Carry Slip Joint knife with a strong back spring which is suitable for those on tight budgets. Mikkel Willumsen is well known for his slip joint blades, and this iteration is equally great.

Boasting a 440C stonewashed stainless steel blade with ample cutting edge, and a sturdy back spring. The handle is slightly curved for added comfort, and there is slight texturing in the G10 to add grip.

For ease of carry the Black Fox Nidhug also incorporates a removable pocket clip.

A bargain price, for a lot of knife!


Code FOX-BF-714-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Black Fox
Designer: Mikkel Willumsen
Blade Material: AISI 440C Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 3.5
Closed Length (cm): 10.30
Overall Length (cm): 16.8
Blade Colour: Satin
Blade Hardness (HRC): 57-59
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Stonewash
Cutting Edge (cm): 6.4
Grind: Hollow with a Swedge
Handle Material: G10
Handle Detail: Black or Orange G10
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Pouch: Without
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 122


  1. A bit big and aggressive for out and about but ok for the moneyReview by
    This knife is massive compared to most UK legal knives. Don't bank on having much else in your pocket if you're carrying it. It's also looks aggressive, I don't think most police would let you keep it if they saw it. Build quality is not great but ok. Mine came with bits between the scales and the spring making them not fit flush and the finishing on the metal internally isn't great making the action a bit gritty. The hardware isn't great either so be very careful if you take it apart not to round the screws off. The blade wasn't super sharp out the box but has sharpened up nicely and there is zero blade play. I love the mixed tumbled and brushed finish on the visible portion of the blade and the knife is comfortable to hold. It's also basically impossible to close on yourself when you have it gripped. All in all a decent buy for the money for a fairly heavy duty knife although if you want something less aggressive and better finished get a Böker Plus for a few quid more. (Posted on )
  2. Great knifeReview by
    Fast delivery again from HH and the knife is better than expected, feels secure in the hand and reassuringly firm when opening.
    Sharp out of the box and the quality is first class especially at the price point of this knife.
    While in lockdown to give myself something to look forward to I have decided to buy a knife each month, trouble is there are so many it's hard to choose which one!
    (Posted on )
  3. Possibly a perfect work EDC?Review by
    As with the other reviews, this knife initially seems BIG for a UK legal folder.

    It’s not the most pocket friendly of folders for EDC if you’re office based, but this gives it the massive plus that handle is the perfect size to hold and use it. The handles scales give fantastic grip, even if mine are orange (black was out of stock at the time) - although now I can’t really lose it when working.

    While it’s slipjoint is stiff when opening and closing, it operates smoothly, and that stiffness gives you confidence that this will never accidentally close on you.

    I’ve had it for a little while now, and really enjoy using it. I’ve had no problems with the pocket clip, and it attaches easily in my pocket, which helps to negate some of the size and weight of it.

    If you’re looking for a gentleman’s folder that’ll not ruin the lines of your suit pockets, this probably isn’t the knife for you. If you want a knife that will take a beating at work and still be usable, then take a look at this one.

    A great knife at a low price and perfect service as always from Heinnie,
    (Posted on )
  4. a great alternative to the Lanksy world legal!Review by
    everyone knows about the Lansky world legal knife and many love it (Im very imrpressed with mine) but some are not fans of that weird recurved blade or its quite frankly menacing appearance. I figured I would try the Black Fox for comparison and so far I am very pleased with it. the cutting edge is under the UK legal limit of 3 inches or 7CM and the 440C steel is a tried and tested favourite with plenty of manufacturers using this. the blade came brilliantly sharp which is always a plus on a cheaper knife and it is very stout measuring around 4mm at the spine. the "slip joint" is very stiff to open and close (in a good way) this thing isn't closing on you in a hurry. I have no idea why a nail nick is included since you would need adamantium finger nails to use it, you are going to pinch the blade between your fingers to get it open. I dare say you could do a little light battoning with the blade but wouldn't recommend trying it with any folding knife. overall construction is fine for the price, I would have to recommend the Black fox over the Lansky. thanks Hennie yet another gadget ive had to hide from the missus! (Posted on )
  5. a tough utility folderReview by
    I first ordered a Nidhug about 2 years ago and I can see from my email history I returned it promptly. TBH, I can't remember why. Then about a year ago I ordered again, from HH and another supplier. I now only have one but can't see evidence of any further returns, so a bit of a mystery. I can see from the handle screws, torx one side slotted the other side, that I had some difficulty removing them, excessive thread-lock probably. Can't remember the reason for removal but currently the action is perfect, no side to side movement and not gritty. I don't like commenting on F&F for a utility knife but fit is good with perfect centering. This is a more refined alternative to the Lansky, IMHO the Nidhug is worth the extra cost, lighter and no re-curve. The Lansky is commonly reported to have excessively strong open retention, something I consider encourages hazardous technique. The Nidhug OTOH has a fairly soft tactile open retention arrested by a slightly stiffer half-stop. A good (and safer) combination. The blade is 440C, hard to believe that 2 years ago this was considered "highish" end. I think it is a good EDC folder steel. Better corrosion resistance and easier sharpening than say D2 which sadly (IMHO) can be found on more recent similar duty knives. Mine lives in a camping box in the back of the car. Hasn't been used much but the blade is spotless. I'd happily baton notches or small branches (not full splitting as it is a folder).
    (Posted on )
  6. This is HUGE but niceReview by
    This knife is a beast in every aspect.

    So what do you need to know.

    SIZE: This thing is the second biggest UK legal knife I've got/seen(the biggest being the Lansky world legal). It will take over you pocket like like Genghis khan took over most of Europe.

    BLADE: Out of the box it's shaving sharp and holds its edge well in day to day work, cutting boxes and strapping etc. I'm not a fan of the chunkyness of the spine of the blade, I would have preferred less material on blade spine. But that's personal preference as I usually carry a CRKT Journeyer which is a very compact knife.

    SLIP JOINT: This is such positive lock up, you're always going to know it's open or closed, cos of the sheer amount of effort you need to open or closed it.

    HANDLES: The scales are super grippy and above shape and size. I got the orange scales, they're not as "neon" as you might think. More of a IRN-BRU colour.


    If you looking at this or the Lansky worldwide, I'd go with this as it's a bit smaller, lighter and much grippy-er.

    But if you like smaller folders(which I prefer) this is NOT for you.

    this is a solid well built knife, if you like big pocket knives this is a 4.5-5 stars. But for me it's a solid 4 stars.

    And as always Heinnie do their usual bang up job on customer service, dispatch and delivery time. Never have been and probably won't ever be able to fault them on that.

    (Posted on )
  7. Lanskys refinded brotherReview by
    LOve the world legals size and weight and shear angryness, this is its more civiliased fiendlyer brother, exclelnt workmanship for a budget knife and wouldnt be too worried about actually carrying this one, orange is very people friendly, Thank you Heinnie (Posted on )
  8. EXCELLENT EDCReview by
    Chunky tough knife, can not complain about anything for the money, nice thick G10'scales, lovely concave grind, ouses the quality of a far more expensive knife amazed its £25, really amazed!! (Posted on )
  9. Pocket clip resolution.Review by
    Originally when I bought this knife I had an issue with the pocket clip screws protruding too far into the pocket clip.
    What I have noticed upon disassembly of this knife (disassembling usually voids warranties! Always check with the manufacturer beforehand) is that the pocket screws are so long that they actually meet in the middle of the handle, so if the screws opposite the clip are screwed in to their limit, the pocket clip screws won't be able to fully screw in.
    You can remedy this situation by simply slackening off the screws on the opposite side to the clip (or remove them completely) until they are out about halfway.
    This means that you can tighten the pocket clip screws so that they are fully tightened.
    Once the pocket clip screws are tight, you can retighten the screws not in use, thus bringng the clip back into working order. It still snags a bit, but it's a lot better.
    Hopefully this assuages any doubts people may have had over purchasing this knife.
    (Posted on )
  10. Pocket clip frustration.Review by
    I bought this knife yesterday and it arrived today, thanks once again to Heinnie's stellar service.
    I was quite interested in this knife because of its heritage (being designed by Mikkel Willumsen, the chap who designed the Lansky World Legal and it's counterpart, the Lansky Madrock) and also because of it's reasonable price point.
    Upon inspection the fit and finish is decent, as is the edge grind. Nice thick slabs of G10 for the handles (linerless by the way, decreasing the weight somewhat).
    My only gripe with this knife is quite a major one.
    As with the CRKT Journeyer, the screws for the pocket clip protrude far enough as to make the pocket clip essentially unusable.
    I have removed said clip and the Nidhug now resides in my pocket.
    I would have given this knife a much higher score if it actually performed as promised.
    I also ended up stripping the knife apart and polishing the contact points on the pivot, as the knife had a very gritty feeling upon opening and closing.
    Too be fair, I had to do this with both my previous Lanskys, and the only common denominator between all these knives is the designer, so I am placing the blame squarely in his hands.
    (If he wishes to send me one of his Snake Doc slippies to test and see if the problem occurs there too, I shall be more than ready.)
    On the whole, an excellent knife which has been drastically let down by a poorly executed pocket clip.
    (Posted on )

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