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Blizzard Survival Bag

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Blizzard Survival Bag

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test 1Blizzard Survival Bagtest 2Blizzard Survival Bagtest 3Blizzard Survival Bagtest 4 Blizzard Survival Bag

Blizzard Survival Bag

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Blizzard Survival Bag

Blizzard Survival Bag



The Blizzard Survival Bag is a full-sized sleeping bag in a pack the size of a a paperback book, providing total warmth and shelter – anywhere, at any time. It’s made from Blizzard's unique Reflexcell™ material, which blocks heat loss more effectively than any other emergency product. It is the new standard in thermal performance. The bag also contains elastic, causing it to hug the body, giving a great feeling of warmth and security. 


  • Top may be closed to form hood.
  • Drawcord with spring toggle.
  • Fits fully clothed large adult.
  • Reusable.


  • Warmth: 7.5 Togs – equal to a medium weight regular sleeping bag.
  • Weather protection: fully waterproof and windproof.
  • Storage: bags may be stored indefinitely, and are not affected by temperature or moisture, either during storage or in use.
  • Portability: the bags’ small size and light weight make them easy to carry, whether as personal safety equipment, or for rapid deployment in emergencies involving large groups of people.
  • Re-usability: bags can be re-used many times without loss of performance.


Blizzard bags are increasingly being chosen as standard equipment by the military, emergency services, civil emergency planners, medical authorities and rescue teams.

Emergency Preparedness

The Blizzard Survival Bag is a revolution in thermal protection for any situation in which people need to be kept warm, or treated immediately for chilling and hypothermia. Applications include everything from military, medical, marine and mountain rescue, to civil evacuations and disasters.

Outdoor Sports

Many walkers, climbers, cavers, canoeists, mountain rescue teams, ski mountaineers, adventure racers and others carry the bag as a safety product in case of accidents or benightments.

Motoring & Working Outdoors

The Blizzard Survival Bag is an excellent piece of personal safety equipment for motorists and workers who may be stranded in remote locations and during severe weather.

Emergency Bivouacs

The Blizzard Survival Bag is the lightest, most compact option for emergency bivouacs whilst backpacking, mountaineering, caving, adventure racing etc.


Now being recommended as standard issue or in kit form. 

Hot Tips

If the foot end of the bag is cut open, the wearer can be protected yet remain able to walk (the stretch material allows leg movement, and allows hands to be extended for protection in the event of a slip). When you get home, a vacuum cleaner will enable you to re-pack a used Blizzard Survival Bag to a very small size.


Code BCB-CL1639O
Limited Edition: No
Nato Stock Number: 8465-99-958-431
Brand: Blizzard
Sleeps: One
Fabric: Reflexcell™
Dimensions (cm): 230 x 78
Packed Dimensions (cm): 21 x 11 x 4
Product Weight (g): 386


  1. Tried n testedReview by
    Used one of these for two nights on a glacier in the Swiss Alps. Kept us comfortable enough in late summer Alpine temperatures.

    I have no doubt these will keep people alive who get caught out overnight in UK winter conditions. They are not the cheapest, in practice they aren't exactly re-packable but they punch above their weight and they simply work very well.

    Get out of the wind, sit on something insulating (rucksack) undo your boot laces to stop your feet freezing from lack of circulation and jump into a Blizzard Survival Bag! Who knows, you might not even want to get rescued!! (you absolutely will want to).
    (Posted on )

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