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❄ #BeastFromTheEast Is No Match For This Great Kit ❄

We’ve all been feeling the blast from the #BeastFromTheEast this week, and it’s clear that our customers have been stocking up on winter essentials. Here are just a few of our best selling winter items. Whether you need some crampons for your feet, a hat for your head, or anything in between, you’re sure to find just what you need at (prices correct at time of publication).

Feel confident on the ice and snow with these crampons from Nortec. Equally at home on wet and muddy surfaces. Click here to shop now.

A compact, packable shovel, ideal for clearing a path from your door, your car, or your tent. Keep this handy whenever you’re out and about this week. Click here to shop now.





Packing smaller than a pair of boots, this folding shovel from SOG is incredibly handy and super-tough. When the going gets icy, you’ll be glad to have this with you. Click here to buy this now.




Blast through the iciest of mornings with this extra hard wearing ice scraper from Ka-Bar. With a handle copied from their knives, your windscreen will thank you for buying this.

The Stanley Master Vacuum Bottle is made for the toughest of the tough. This flask will keep drinks hot for 27 hours. No matter the weather, activity or destination, this bottle is ready when you are. Click here to shop now.


There’s a reason why sheep can be outside in all weathers. Wool is extremely well insulated, water proof and moisture wicking. Add this Pathfinder blanket to your winter kit and you’re sure to be warm and comfortable. Click here to buy this blanket.

Keep this handy should you be stuck in your car overnight. The lightest and most compact blanket. Truly pocket sized it assists in the retention of up to 90% radiant body heat. Click here to shop now.

A compact last-resort emergency ration pack, designed to keep you going for 24 hours. In a waterproof pouch, keep this in your car or backpack. Click here to stock up now.

For these and many more, take a look at our full range at



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