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7 Things you need to include in your emergency survival kit


When we say emergency survival kit, we aren’t talking bug-out bag style here. We also aren’t talking about long-term survival. We are looking at an emergency kit to keep in your car for example or day-pack. This is a list of the essential things you will need to stay alive for a few hours or overnight until help arrives. From things like car accidents or your car breaking down in country lanes at night, to things like losing track of time and getting stuck up a mountain overnight.


Emergency survival is about staying alive for a small period of time. These are unexpected events and you cannot predict when they will happen and where they will happen. This list will give you an insight into the things you need to include that will help you survive as many scenarios as possible.


First Aid Kit

This should almost always be the one thing you carry round with you in your car anyway. You never know when accidents will happen so you are always worth having a first aid kit with you! It can honestly make the difference between you or some one else’s survival.

It’s still also vitally important that you don’t just have a first aid kit for the sake of it, because it will be no good if it doesn’t have the right stuff in it, or if it wasn’t full because you forgot to refill it after the last time you needed it! Set an alarm or a reminder on you calendar, just one every 3-6 months that everything is in-date and you’re fully stocked on the right stuff.

What is the right kit to include?

This is a harder question to answer because it depends on the size of first aid kit you are looking for and the situation you find yourself in. The bigger the kit, the more likely it is to have all the kit you want, but it’s a lot harder to carry around with you.

To cover you for most situations look at a general purpose first aid kit, they cover most of the basics and they don’t break the bank!

General Purpose First Aid Kit

General Purpose First Aid Kit


As we said at the start, this is a general emergency survival kit, so you are planning for as many scenarios as possible. Therefore, a multi-tool is always a good idea. Whether it is in form of a tool such as the Boker Tech-Tool 4 or a Leatherman tool, maybe even in form of a small rescue tool like the Black Fox Tactical Rescue Knife, these tools can get you out of some tricky situations and really do not take up much room at all! Any tool which has a range of really usable features is good in include, so take your time and shop around or one that’s usable and doesn’t break the bank!


Emergency Bivvy

A bivvy is an item that wouldn’t likely make it onto your list in a hurry, but they are really good in an emergency with no or limited shelter. It’ll help keep you warm and dry for a night if needed. You’ll also find that emergency bivvy’s also do not take up much room so definitely worth having. Trust us when we say you’d rather have one and not need it, than need it and not have one. The SOL Emergency Thermal Bivvy pictured below is a fantastic example of what you should be looking for.

Sol Thermo Bivvy

Sol Thermo Bivvy

Thermal Blanket

Along the same lines as the bivvy, but these are smaller and more versatile. They won’t be as warm and if you’re ever stuck overnight a bivvy is essential. However, for general use a blanket might suffice. A good emergency blanket can be used in almost any scenario such as a sports field to keep an injured player warm or when in the baking sun and you want to keep the sun off. Having one of these in your kit can seem such an insignificant thing, but it’s really not. You can pick up a decent one for a very good price too so again will not break the bank!


Head Torch or Flashlight

Essential for not only you to be able to see at night, but for people to be able to find you. If you’d rather a flashlight that’s fine, but a decent power if needed. The reason we chose a head torch is down to the simple fact that it is hands free. Ideal if you need you hands for first aid or other tasks. But head torches aren’t for everyone, so as long as you have a decent flashlight, you’ll be alright!

Fenix HL10 Headlamp

Fenix HL10 Headlamp

Waterproof fire starter or lighter

If you are outdoors and stuck for any period of time the ability to start a fire can be a lifesaver in itself. It will keep you warm, allow you to cook food, scare away animals and will help act as a signal for people trying to find you. Pretty useful skill! A good fire striker or waterproof lighter will help aid you in the task of starting a fire, even in the rain. There are loads of good fire lighting tools and lighters out there. It’s well worth looking into, and once again even a very good one will not break the bank!


Food Bars

Because accidents can happen in any place and at any time, you need to be prepared. Hunger is something that can easily be avoided but simply adding one or two high energy bars to your small survival kit. These will give you energy when you need it most and will help you get through a night or a day if necessary. The energy given to you by one or two of those bars could be enough for you to reach a place where you are more likely to be found. Don’t underestimate the little things!

Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Energy Bar

Clif Bar Chocolate Chip Energy Bar


For a general every day survival kit the items mentioned should cover you for a wide range of possible scenarios; however it will not cover everything. If you work indoors or outdoors you may want to adjust this slightly in order to have options for accidents that are more likely to happen in your environment. No kit is full proof though, so never assume you have it all bases covered!


3 thoughts on “7 Things you need to include in your emergency survival kit

  1. Anthony - 2:12 pm 26/08/15

    If this is for a short term “car” kit, may I suggest water (pre bottled lasts a year)
    And either a cheap cell phone (a pay-as-you-go, with credit, for under £20)
    and take the full charged battery out for long term storage, or a way to charge your current cell phone, (back up battery, or dynamo, solar cells can take awhile to charge)

  2. James - 9:48 am 27/08/15

    This is Heinnie Haynes, isn’t it?!

    Where’s the proper knife? I expected nothing less than a Junglas!

  3. Heinnie Haynes Team - 11:07 am 27/08/15

    Hahaha :p As much as we’d love it, unfortunately a knife can’t solve everything lol.

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