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Are you are Forker or a Spooner? – The TOPS F.O.R.K IT Review

Forking Hell, this is so good! No need for spare fork-handles. Right, FORK IT, that’s enough of the puns let’s get on with the review . . .

What on earth is the F.O.R.K. IT?

In short the F.O.R.K. IT is TOPS’ answer to your outdoor cutlery needs. It’s a spork, knife, and bottle opener in one. It’s designed to be lightweight, multifunctional and durable. It’s not a throwaway tool.

Who was it designed for?

Designer Leo Espinoza designed this tool with a number of people in mind . . .

If you are on long expeditions, even day hikes you do not want to be lugging around pointless weight.

Military personnel. Because weight and a functionality are key.

Preppers and those with Bug-out Bags. Having tools that perform more than one task is essential for those who are on the go.

Wild campers and Bushcrafters. A tool which will allow you to eat a wide range of food out in the wild.


Ok, let’s look at the functionality . . .

Right, the F.O.R.K. IT is entirely made from 1095 steel, and it has a spork at one end and a knife with a bottle opener on the back spine at the other.

Looking firstly at the spork you’ll find it’s a pretty deep bowl shape, which is great for more liquid meals. The fork prongs are a good thickness and not likely to break anytime soon unlike some lesser sporks. The edge of the spoon as well is nice and smooth, it doesn’t rub against your lips and quite frankly is as good as any spoon you’d use at home.

The knife section is probably the most impressive bit of the knife and is in my opinion what makes it stand out from cheaper alternatives. 1095 is a great steel, and so the blade itself is also really good. Meats, veg, potatoes, you name it this knife will cut through them like a knife through butter. If though you do happen to find you have overworked the blade and it begin to dull, then you can simply and easily re-sharpen it as you would any other outdoor tool.

The bottle opener on the spine of the blade is a great added extra. Worked like a dream for me and it’s always good to have a tool that can do multiple jobs!


How about the F.O.R.K. IT’s usability? What’s that like?

The F.O.R.K. IT comes supplied with a really good quality Kydex sheath. This sheath comes with a ball chain for easy carry, but more than that, it will help protect the knife part of the tool. It can also be kept on whilst using the spork end of the tool. In fact personally I preferred using the spork with it on!

What TOPS have really smartly done with the F.O.R.K. IT’s sheath is cut away a section so that you can still use the bottle opener, even when encased. Smart thinking by the guys and girls at TOPS!

You will need to take the F.O.R.K. IT out of the sheath in order to use the knife. No problem with that, and TOPS have done a really great job making this knife very comfortable to use. There is lot of gimping across the top for added grip, and the space between the knife edge and spork has been ergonomically contoured to fit most hands perfectly.

Overall thoughts?

You could probably tell that I have instantly become a big fan of this little tool. It’s got a really sense of being a hard wearing tool that can be carried with you for years to come, and most importantly it’s very nice to use! Comfortable in hand and functional in design. Very much a top quality tool!

Let us know what you think when you get yours!



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