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Boker Plus Tech-Tool(s) Review

Since we first showed you guys a picture of these tools, you went mad for them (and rightly so). From that we wanted to give you an in-depth and frankly a really honest review on these tools, of which there are 4.


Before we start the review itself we want to make you aware that there are two variations of the Tech-Tool; the City (black) and Outdoor (Green) versions. The only difference is the colour but we know that for some of you colours kind of a big deal. So, let’s go . . .




Starting with the appearance; and likely your first reaction will be “Is that a Swiss Army Knife?” Close, but not quite. From the moment you open that box and take out any of the tools, your first reaction will probably be WOW. Why? Well they aren’t all bells and whistles, but the aesthetics are just sublime. The G10 scales on the outside have a slight pattern and very slight texturing to them which we think gives the knife a great visual appeal. Whether you are looking at Tech-Tool 1 or 4 you will be very happy with both the look and feel of them.


Another part of their appearance that we like is the inclusion of a pocket clip, which can be removed and adjusted as you see fit. We will talk more about the carry clip later, but in terms of visuals it adds another great dynamic to the tool. It just adds a nice bit of stainless steel shine to the scales.

Boker Plus Tech Tool 1

Boker Plus Tech Tool 1


The final thing to look at in terms of appearance is the size. For an EDC knife and tool, you don’t want something that’s too big or heavy to carry. With this knife you get a tool that weighs between 58g and 181g, with a closed length of just 9.5 cm. Some might call that perfect pocket knife material?


If you are wanting this tool as an EDC, then it’s just perfect. We often get comments and messages passed back to us saying I love my EDC, but sometimes I feel nervous about getting it out in public. With this knife you should feel comfortable. It doesn’t feel or look ‘aggressive’ but it is a knife that does look the part too.




Starting with Tech-Tool 1: This is the smallest of the tools in this range, which also makes it the simplest. This tool doesn’t, have a huge range of tools, but that’s the beauty of simplicity. What it does have is a 12C27 Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade and a 4CR13 Glass Breaker. The blade itself is UK friendly carry being 7.1cm in length and non-locking, which is already a thumbs up for those considering it as an EDC. The blade is 0.23cm thick with a hollow grind and in a drop point style. If you are not aware of 12C27 Sandvik Steel before, it’s a popular steel in knives for good reason; it has a hardness range of 54-61 HRC, high toughness, scary sharpness and good corrosion resistance (what more could you want for the price?). The glass breaker is nicely positioned at the opposite end to the blade, allowing you to still use it while the blade is open (should you so need). Overall even though the features on this tool are limited, they are effective, and they are high quality. So well worth a look if you are wanting to upgrade or buy an EDC Knife.

Boker Plus Tech Tool 1 Boker Plus Tech Tool 1

Onto Tech-Tool 2: As you can probably guess, this tool is a little bigger. It still includes the knife and glass breaker to the same specifications as Tech-Tool 1, but offers you a little extra too. With this tool you also get a corkscrew and bottle opener (we all know how useful those tools can be), as well as a small serrated blade with flat screwdrivers and a wire stripper. If you wanted too, this tool also has a lanyard hole, which some people find extremely helpful.


As with the Tech-Tool 1, this knife is non-locking and falls within the guidelines making it UK Friendly, therefore it can make a great addition to your EDC collection.

Boker Plus Tech Tool 2 Boker Plus Tech Tool 2

Tech-Tool 3: You guessed it bigger again, not much but that little bit of size gives you a lot more tools! All the features mentioned on the other tech-tools still apply and to the same specifications, however you also get a pair of scissors and a stitching awl. Some of you will have found that with some SAKs (Swiss Army Knives) and other multi-tools you have got, that the scissors are usually just something thrown in as a nice to have without any thought for the usability of quality. We don’t find that this is the case. The scissors open really nicely and are really easy to use, and have the sharpness you should expect. A really good addition in our opinion.

Boker Plus Tech Tool 3 Boker Plus Tech Tool 3

Finally the Tech-Tool 4: Once again all the previous tools are still incorporated into this one. This time you have the addition of a wood saw and pliers (now your eyes widen). This tool may have just moved from a tool you wanted to a tool that you now must have! No matter who you are or where you work, you will have need for some of these tools almost every single day.

Boker Plus Tech Tool 4 Boker Plus Tech Tool 4




Starting with the pocket clip. The pocket clip included allows the tool to sit nicely into the pocket without sticking out too much and drawing attention, but it does still allow for ease of access. As we’ve already mentioned too this pocket clip can be adjusted or removed depending on your personal preference, which is a nice touch.


Onto the tools themselves. They all open via a reasonable sized nail nick and each of the tools has a pretty smooth opening action, which is always appreciated. Looking at the knife in particular, as it is UK Friendly and non-locking, there is always the possibility of it closing on your fingers. However, after using the knife you’ll see that the slip joint is pretty strong. Not the strongest, but for a tool that not 100% a knife, its more than you’d expect. When open the blade feels pretty secure, and as long as you are using the knife properly then you will have no problem at all.




Well you might have noticed, but we like these tools . . . a lot. We also feel that’s for good reason. Not only the number of tools they have, but the quality and feel of them.


It’s not always easy to find a good EDC, it’s even harder to find your perfect EDC. We aren’t guaranteeing that this is your perfect EDC, but it’s definitely a tool that you should consider!!


What do you think of the Tech-Tools? Like them? Don’t like them? We love to hear your opinions so please feel free to share them in the comments section below!




11 thoughts on “Boker Plus Tech-Tool(s) Review

  1. STEVE - 8:50 am 21/07/15

    Love the look, love the tool set and was getting all excited to get one and then I see no in-line phillips head. Such a great looking tool but limits it so much without a phillips head. I sure hope this is going to be a option in the future.

  2. simon - 8:51 pm 23/07/15

    The lack of can opener and philips sd is quite annoying, to be honest the belt cutter ergonomics are not that great, would be cool to have something with replacable blades as the belt cutter, other than that it’s a great tool, Boker is definitely on a good path.

  3. Al - 7:42 am 30/09/15

    I’ve just purchased online several units of the Tool 4 in both finishes: City (black) and Outdoor (green), and although I still haven’t seen them, I have to say that the lack of a can opener does not annoy me at all, as all cans come since years ago with an easy can-opener (like Coca Cola tins do). Possibly the lack of a phillips head screw driver will annoy me more, but since there is a small flat screw driver head on the top of the belt cutter which, in my opinion, can be also used with phillips screws, there will be no problem. The appearance is amazing and the feel… well, I will see in a few days (but it promises to be even better)… 😉

  4. PaulT - 4:36 pm 06/11/15

    I like it, but I think pliers on a tool like this are a lot less useful than a tin opener.
    Also I find the scissors on my SAKs are very useful…
    If they can expand the range a bit and offer a few more variations I would definitely be tempted.

  5. Heinnie Haynes Team - 6:37 pm 06/11/15

    Hi Paul, Since this blog post Boker have added another 3 variations to the Tech-Tools. You can see them all here:

  6. Lee - 7:31 pm 06/11/15

    I like the appearance and choice of steel; however, a non-locking blade is a deal breaker for me since I’m not in the UK. Add that feature and I’ll grab one (or more!)

  7. Nick - 1:15 am 07/11/15

    Ditch the weeny serrated toy & replace it with a #2 Phillips driver – how simple is that? For perfection & for those who’d rather retain all their digits unsliced, add a liner or frame lock to the main blade and I’ll buy what is now the Boker #5. Let me know when they see sense.

  8. John - 7:34 pm 09/08/16

    I have a tech tool 4 from Heinnie and – to be honest – I’m not very impressed. I see no advanage over a decent victorinox of comparable size and cost except for a belt clip. But – for that clip – what it lacks are the small tools (tooth pick, tweezers, biro, small eyeglass screwdriver hidden in the corkscrew) that my swiss army knife has AND the latter has a phillips head.
    Am I missing something? Mine has – for all of its UK legal carry status – never left the house!

  9. Keith - 2:27 pm 23/11/16

    Comment after reading about the wonderful boker knives p s wot does the E D C stand for ?

  10. Knife Guy - 12:38 am 21/01/17

    That glass breaker looks like a pocket “holer” as well. I have yet to need to break out a window. I may yet find a use but putting holes in my pocket when the knife is closed is a deal killer. I can live without a can opener as I don’t eat that much canned foods anymore.

  11. MIke - 5:12 pm 29/11/18

    Keith: EDC = “Every Day Carry”

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