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CRKT Clever Girl Review

CRKT Clever Girl Review

Initial thoughts and Aesthetics

Well this is definitely a knife that caught our eye as it arrived in our warehouse. It comes in the standard CRKT green boxing which isn’t very revealing. Then, when you open up the box you are faced with something that definitely does not resemble what would initially come to your mind when you hear the words ‘clever girl’

Instead, you are faced with a all black knife tucked into a black moulded plastic sheath. There are two things that particularly catch your eye here. Firstly the upswept blade, which looks a good size. Not too big, but also not pointlessly small. The second thing is how long the handle is. We will look in a little more detail at this in the next section, but you are looking at a good 12.5 cm handle of which about 11.5 cm is on show whilst the knife is in the sheath.

We have to stress that this knife is black. We don’t mean it’s a dark grey colour or very nearly black, we mean literally black, the only other hint of colour you’ll find on this knife is a small amount of writing on the blade, and around the rivet tubes in the handle.

If you are into tactical knives, this will be right up your street!

CRKT Clever Girl CRKT Clever Girl

The specs

Ok so now let’s break the knife down into its various parts . . .

Starting with the blade: The blade is a black powder coated SK5 high carbon steel. As we’ve already mentioned the blade shape is upswept. It is noticeable, but not over dramatic. It’s pretty damn cool if we don’t say so ourselves! Now the blade grind is hollow ground with a secondary bevel. A good choice of grind and one that really looks quite nice.

In terms of the actual specification for the blade, you are looking at a blade length of 12.5 cm with an actual cutting edge of 11 cm. It also has a thickness of 0.35 cm (pretty reasonable). The blade also has a blade hardness rating of 54-56 (HRC). Note though that this is also a full tang construction!

Moving onto the handle: This is an all black G10 handle. Than handle is lengthy (12.5 cm). The grooved effect offers you good grip, whilst still retaining a comfortable feel. The underside of the handle is subtly curved so that the handle fits nicely into your hand.

Initially with a handle this size we were worried that for smaller hands this may not be suitable, but actually it feels pretty decent. There is also a small amount of gimping added to the top of the handle which gives a nice bit of grip, but also acts quite nicely as a thumb guide.

At the back of the blade there is a nice lanyard hole, which really you don’t need but it’s a nice little added feature and it allows a bit of personalisation.

CRKT Clever Girl CRKT Clever Girl

Overall first impression

You know what, we thought we would like this anyway, but we are actually still surprised. The handle really was the biggest shock because we weren’t expecting to be as comfortable for a smaller hand as it actually was. It’s still not what you would describe as a clever girl, but it is a very nice knife indeed!

This isn’t a knife for everyone, but if you are into tactical and black knives then this should most definitely get added to your ‘to buy list’

These are just our initial thoughts, so if you get one do let us know what you think below!!

CRKT Clever Girl CRKT Clever Girl


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