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How does CRKT work with collaborators and designers? By CRKT

CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) is known as one of the first knife and tool manufacturers to collaborate with designers to turn their creative and innovation designs into affordable production versions for the everyday consumer.


We have worked with, and continue to work with, many amazing designers over the years, such as Kit Carson, Ed Halligan and Ken Onion, to name a few.


Liong Mah, who lives in Palm Bay, Florida joined our crew a few years ago. A professional chef by trade, Liong designed the Eat’N Tool®, which came out in 2010. The Eat’N Tool®, which is available in bead-blast, black, fuchsia, yellow and tangerine, as well as in a XL version, has been one of our top selling products since its debut.


A few of Liong’s other designs include the Liong Mah #5 and Liong Mah #6, which were released in 2013 and feature a slip joint, as well as the Journeyer™ series, which came out this year, which is specifically designed for the UK market.

CRKT Journeyer

CRKT Journeyer

In terms of other collaborations, we are continually on the lookout for cool and innovative designs, but we also have talented collaborators approach us with their ideas as well. If a knife maker has a unique design that would translate well into mass production, we usually move forward and incorporate it into our product line up. It’s also great that all of our designers are awesome and easy to work with!


We often get asked whether the designers just design products then we mass produce them or do we go out and seek new designs. The majority of the time we find, or are presented with, an awesome design and turn it into a production version. There have also been select times where we have approached a designer and have asked them to create something specific to fill a niche or for a special customer.


Heinnie Haynes: We hope you’ve found this little glimpse into the world of CRKT and collaborations both insightful and useful. For anyone who is interested in knife making, you can see it’s not impossible or unrealistic to get your knives sold worldwide in conjunction with one of the worlds biggest knife brands. For those of you who just love what CRKT do, we hope that this gives you an idea of how they come up with some of your favourite designs and will continually seek to blast your expectations out of the water.

On a final note, it’s always easy for the major knife companies to ignore a market like the UK, where a large number of their designs aren’t UK Friendly. So it’s really good that we are able to bring you pieces like this from some of the worlds biggest companies, and for them to show you a little more about themselves than you’d expect. So if you’d like us to get some more posts like this done please comment below or email Your feedback is crucial, as if we know you like it we’ll do more. If you don’t then we’ll do less. The power is in your hands!

CRKT Torreya

CRKT Torreya


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