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Dendritic Cobalt and Terrain 365

We’ve been very impressed by the knives from Terrain 365. On first glance, they’re “just” another interesting looking grey knife, but look beyond the kydex sheaths and excellent cord wrapped handles, and there’s something a little bit special there.

What are these knives made of? It looks as though it could be steel, perhaps stonewashed titanium? In fact it’s neither of those. These knives are made from an alloy of cobalt, which Terrain 365 have named Terravantium. Theirs is a dendritic alloy, in which the crystals of carbide have been allowed to grow, tree like, through a cobalt matrix.

The best part of their production is that these knives are not forged, but cast in a mould. The molten material is poured in, then allowed to cool, with the dendritic form developing as it cools. Blades formed in this way are inherently resistant to rust, in that they contain no carbon and no iron.This composition allows an extremely sharp edge to be made, which is ideally suited for use in wet environments. It’s a material that will not rust, corrode, pit or stain, and can easily have their edge touched up with a hone, to restore any lost sharpness.

Terrain 365 was founded in 2018, a joint venture between Patrick Ma and Michael Vagnino. Both of these makers are well known to us at Heinnie Haynes®, giving the stamp of quality and experience to this brand.


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