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Fallkniven LTC (Legal to Carry) Knife Review

The new Fallkniven LTC (legal to carry) knives have just arrived here at Heinnie Haynes, and frankly we were very impressed, so we felt it necessary to write this article telling you all about them!

To start off LTC stands for ‘Legal to Carry’ this demonstrates that this knife was designed for EDC use. What’s more, Fallkniven have also released these knives in seven different colours!


When this knife gets delivered to your door your first reaction will be ok, it looks like a normal box, then you slide the wooden drawer out of the sleeve. . . the first reaction to seeing the box was a reminder of those old school wooden pencil cases. The design of the box is really cool and the Fallkniven logo etched into the top is a really nice touch. Once you slide the box open you’ll find the knife tucked neatly away in a perfectly sized slot. Once you get it out you’ll feel the knife in hand and be very impressed with how it feels.

Fallkniven LTC (Legal to Carry) KnifeFallkniven LTC (Legal to Carry) Knife

Now onto the specifications . . .

The most important part of any knife is the blade. Fallkniven have recognised this and invested in putting a really high quality steel on these knives. That steel is 3G. This is a very high end steel with a HRC (Rockwell Hardness Rating) rating of 62. The blade is 5.9cm in length and 0.25cm in width. This makes these knives very precise cutting tools. If you are need a tool for more heavy duty tasks then this may not be ideal, but as a general EDC knife it is phenomenal.

In order to be UK Friendly Carry these knives are non-locking and contain a slip joint. This joint is relatively stiff which will give you confidence whilst the knife is being used. The knife is also pretty easy to open with an ambidextrous nail nick groove at the end of the blade. Due to the opening design of these knives, they are very much two handed opening. Which is really good for countries like the UK and Denmark where there are strict knife laws.

Now, the handle. We’ve already mentioned that these knives come in seven different colours, suitable for people of all tastes. One thing we also really like about these handles is the simplicity. They look really smart and understated yet you can still tell they are a quality items. Because of the simplicity of the handles you’d be forgiven for thinking they lacked grip, but you would be wrong. The aluminium body is grippy, not as grippy as other handle types, but they definitely have enough for standard EDC use.

Fallkniven LTC (Legal to Carry) KnifeFallkniven LTC (Legal to Carry) KnifeOne thing that potentially is lacking is a pocket clip. However, this knife is possibly small enough to attach to your keys and there is a small lanyard hole pre-made in the handle to make it really easy to attach your own paracord, lanyard or keyring.

Final thoughts

As you can probably imagine these knives have already won us over haha. But, what do you think? Let us know what you think of them and whether you have been convinced, and why.


6 thoughts on “Fallkniven LTC (Legal to Carry) Knife Review

  1. Peter Kent - 4:38 pm 04/12/15

    Looks like a great little edc, I will be getting one for myself and the girlfriend . These seem great because they look very non threatening, haven’t skimped on materials, made them appealing for both men and women and importantly are made by Fallkniven and I would guess anyone who likes their knives respects the brand! Order pending!!!

  2. Duong - 11:11 am 05/12/15

    This knife does not seem anything special and for the price of £55 you can get better EDC out there that is much better. like TBS which comes in at £42 at a discount and I think £50 otherwise, which looks better scandi grind also EDC. Base on the look I say this knife should be price in the twenty mark.

  3. Greg Walton - 11:03 am 06/12/15

    This is something I’ve always felt was missing: a Fällkniven UK EDC. And penknives with excellent blade steel are pretty rare, too. In fact, I bought a falkie U2 (back lock) and modified it to be non-locking and it makes an excellent EDC which I hardly ever even need to strop, never mind hone.

    Of course, this is a little different. The blade is a little shorter and the handle is very different: thicker, less shaped to your hand and less grippy. This would be my only concern about buying this knife, though I gather it is something to do with EDC laws in other countries. But, as the blog says, it is probably fine for penknife-type duties. And this is significantly cheaper than a U2 and doesn’t need modding to EDC.

    In conclusion, I’ll probably buy one once I’ve decided which colour I want.

  4. jeffrey aegis - 12:11 pm 08/12/15

    nice one heinie – good bit of advertising for your competoitors there- don’t you realise what TBS is? ha bleedin’ ha

  5. Jim - 3:59 pm 08/12/15

    Ooh, got to say I’m excited!

    A Fallkniven I can edc in the UK – the stuff of dreams!

    Though it might seem expensive, once you try a Fallkniven you won’t be disappointed – the blades are just phenomenal, truly in a league of their own

  6. Heinnie Haynes Team - 11:16 am 09/12/15

    People can have opinions its not really advertising. If we were to not approve a comment based on an opinion that differed from others that would be wrong. If you don’t like the Fallkniven EDC life you can currently find 320 different UK Friendly EDC Knives on our website, one of which will hopefully suit your needs. TBS knives are ok, but we think we have much better ones for the same price. It’s all a matter of opinion.

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