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Fox Heinnie Suru

Fox Suru – UK Edition

Every June, Heinnie Haynes® takes a trip over to Atlanta in the USA to the BLADE Show, which is our opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of the knife world and see which new knives and tools are in the pipeline. There’s always plenty to look at, and loads of people to talk to, designers, custom makers and manufacturers.

The Italian town of Maniago is synonymous with knife manufacture, with several companies based there, and using their geographical proximity to boost their friendly competition in making production knives to an ever higher standard. At the BLADE Show, the Maniago producers set up a their stalls in the same area of the enormous show halls, and it’s where we head first to see what’s new. In 2018, there were several interesting models, but the one which caught our eye immediately was one from Fox knives – the Suru.

Fox Suru
You can tell at a glance that this is something special. On closer inspection, you’ll realise that the Fox Suru carries the “Vox” logo, a sure sign that this knife has been designed by Jesper Voxnaes. An item by VoxDesign is always going to be good, and you’ll see his work reproduced by Boker, Spyderco, Viper, Helle and Fox Knives.

We liked the Suru, liked it a lot, but there was something not quite right. Non locking? Check. Sub-7.6cm blade? Check. Lovely design? Check. Flipper? Oh dear.

As you’ll know from other posts, knives with flippers will soon become illegal to sell in the UK, so that was it, game over, we couldn’t buy any, and we even if we did, we couldn’t sell it in the UK…or could we?

We get on well with the guys at Fox, we know where they keep there prosecco, parmesan and prosciutto at the show, so we sat down with them, and we floated the idea of how much better the Suru would be without a flipper…

…and then this happened.

Blade Knife of the Year
The Fox Suru won BLADE Magazine’s top prize – the 2018 Overall Knife of the Year. The top prize in the show. That’s game over for our daft idea of changing the design, right?

We’re a tenacious bunch here at Heinnie Haynes® and don’t give up on a good idea. We know that a flipperless Fox Suru would be an ideal UK-friendly EDC, so we kept chipping away at them, every time we met, every time we spoke, until one day, this happened:

Heinnie Fox Suru
That’s right – the flipperless Suru was in production, and is now available at®. We were delighted – it’s a superb adaptation of a superb, award-winning knife. The flipperless UK-friendly versions are available in four variants, each of which has a stonewashed blade of Bohler-Uddenholm M390 super steel, which is renowned for keeping an excellent edge with great corrosion resistance. You can select a handle of either black PVD, or, the Heinnie® favourite of Titanium, set of with either blue or satin clip and screws.

In the hand, it feels great, with the holes adding lightness and somehow enhancing the feel of the knife. Here’s yet another Heinnie® favourite folding knife to add to the list – the Fox / Vox / Heinnie Suru UK edition.

Buy your Fox Vox Suru UK Edition at today
Fox UK Suru at Heinnie Haynes


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