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Government Consultation is Open

[edit – the consultation has now closed – see our subsequent posts]

The Government has published its “Consultation on new legislation on offensive and dangerous weapons”. The consultation is open to responses until 9th December. The Government has identified the need for new primary legislation to respond to public concerns and provide the police with the powers they need. The consultation paper seeks views on the legislative proposals on offensive and dangerous weapons.

This consultation seeks views on the following proposals:

A) Creating offences to prevent knives sold online being delivered to a private residential address, and ensuring the age and identity of the purchaser are checked.
B) Making it an offence to possess certain weapons in private.
C) Introducing an offence of having an article with blade or point or offensive weapon on education institutions other than schools.
D) Amending the existing offences of threatening with an article with blade or point or offensive weapon.
E) Updating the definition of a flick knife.

The full text of the consultation is at this link:

We encourage you to take time to respond to the consultation. An online version is available at the following link:

You’re welcome to post comments below.



25 thoughts on “Government Consultation is Open

  1. Kevin - 12:02 pm 19/10/17

    Comment I’ve completed the discussion form in support of our right as responsible owners/collectors and not to be criminalised for no reason.
    I have also suggested, at the worst, they could consider a licence scheme for the responsible owner.

  2. Dave Wallbank - 1:41 pm 19/10/17

    Survey done hope common sense prevails!!

  3. Ned Reiter - 5:24 pm 19/10/17

    My comments posted on Government consultation website:

    Whilst all decent citizens will be rightly alarmed at the increase in knife crime, the proposals to make it a legal requirement for knives bought online to be collected in person will have little if any positive effect in preventing such offences. It is already illegal to supply knives to the under-18s, and the fact that such online purchases require the use of credit /debit cards or such services as Paypal already ensures that the purchaser is over 18. It is a sad fact that such legislation will not prevent those who wish to procure a weapon for nefarious use, no matter what age they are, from acquiring a weapon: unlike the case with firearms, I doubt there is a single household in the UK that does not have several potentially lethal knives in its drawers and cupboards. Those adversely affected by such legislation will be those who have a legitimate reason for acquiring knives, especially those designed for specialist use (eg. sailing, fishing, horticultural etc.) and impact on many well-established, responsible businesses that supply them. This simplistic reaction to knife crime simply does not bear scrutiny.

  4. Heinnie Haynes Team - 5:53 pm 19/10/17

    Just for info, the possession of a credit card is not a proof of age. There are several credit cards available for under-18s. However, we do have robust age verification techniques here at Heinnie Haynes.

  5. Peter - 6:38 pm 19/10/17

    Survey done. As a serious knife collector who happens to be disabled this legislation with severely hamper one of the few hobbies I really enjoy.

  6. john BAMFORD - 6:59 pm 19/10/17

    I have filled the form , I really doubt it will make any difference though, governments like to ban things it is an easy response .

  7. Kevin - 9:44 am 20/10/17

    The problem with the survey is they give no indication as to the extent of the problems they’re trying to solve. Adding more criminal offences to the statute is not always inherently successful or useful on its own.

  8. Paul Busby - 10:23 am 20/10/17

    For what it is worth i have filled out the survey. Hope it helps and i hope logic wins

  9. Mr Craig Menzies - 1:00 pm 23/10/17

    Completed survey in a hope that the government sees sense that restrictions on online sale on top of affecting businesses it will greatly affect knife collectors. I hope that government listens to both business and collectors

  10. SB - 6:39 am 25/10/17

    Responded to the survey and written to local mp and Amber Rudd. If you’re reading this having not done both please consider doing so; don’t rely on others to put across your opinions.

  11. Lloyd Graney - 12:44 am 26/10/17

    I believe this is a knee jerk reaction to a couple of incidents that wound up being reported in the media. This will do nothing to reduce knife crime as most seem to be committed using kitchen knives or similar. I have purchased knives from several online retailers and the responsible ones have always asked for a copy of my drivers licence or other proof of age. This legislation will mean I will buy from overseas in the future (and get stung for shipping).

  12. Robert Hastie - 12:00 pm 26/10/17

    I have filled in the online document giving reasons that online selling should continue as long as it is from a responsible retailer within the UK,
    I also included the name of a retailer that claims to be a uk seller,
    Please check them out, they call themselves [name removed] and I made a purchase of an Ontario knife to add to my collection, I was never asked for any form of identification or age, the knife came from the Netherlands

  13. Richard Skinner - 2:57 am 05/11/17

    I have said this before and will say it a dozen times more , this whole thing is no more than a political stunt ,they need to be seen to be doing something so they pick on our hobby . It will in no way impact on knife crime ,not when you can pop into Sainsbury and any number of stores and buy a kitchen knife ,next they will ban you from rolling a newspaper in public ,or belts with large buckles . It is not the knife that needs looking at but the reasons people are using them on each other , ie DRUGS,I have collected many knives over the years and see no reason why we should be made to give up our hobby for the sake of a bunch of thugs that will stab you with a screw driver for the change in your pockets and who have no interest in obeying any laws new or otherwise ..

  14. James - 11:07 pm 22/11/17

    Survey completed. Heinnie are absolutely indispensable as a business, and it would be a great blow to see them go out of business because of some well-meaning but misguided legislation. It may look good on paper, but this act would not keep knives out of the hands of would-be criminals. What about a law to enforce the use of plastic cutlery across the nation?

  15. Paul - 7:11 pm 08/12/17

    I was a front line police officer for many years. The law as it stands needs no change. ALL of the knife crime I dealt with and was aware of was committed with kitchen/carving knives!
    The proposed changes will make NO difference to crime.
    If the government wants to reduce knife crime, all they have to do is fund more police officers, reduce farcical media driven bureaucracy and increase sentencing. Simple!

  16. Adrian - 11:23 am 10/12/17

    Has anyone noticed section E ? It proposes changing the definition of ‘flick knife’ . It looks like their new definition will cover most , if not all , one handed opening knives. As someone who uses a CQC7 mini for work every day and a UK friendly spyderco as an EDC I’m more than a little concerned.

  17. Joe Joyce - 7:51 pm 10/12/17

    I said this to my MP.

    Gun crime, using mainly handguns is on the increase for several years running. How has the ban on private ownership of handguns affected this? It certainly hasn’t made any difference at all. Only law abiding citizens under the handgun ban were affected and inconvenienced. It will be the same if this flawed legislation is passed.

  18. Alan - 1:50 pm 02/03/18

    I hope that – if this change comes in – it extends only to flipper tabs and assisted-opening knives. These seem to form the bulk of the seizures at customs. Heinnie Haynes appears to take the ‘conservatively responsible’ line of not selling such knives even though they are currently legal to own in the UK. This is probably good reasoning on HH’s part.

    I’m in entirely the same boat, and would hate to have to see some outstanding knives destroyed just because some politician can win a few more votes and leave more people scared of their own shadows. Especially as I have actively avoided AOs and flipper tabs because they smell a bit banny right now.

  19. Alan - 10:27 am 09/04/18

    Well, that went predictably…

  20. Anonymous - 8:43 pm 06/06/18

    Comment I’ve been looking for a new food processor, on line. Nearly all websites have a rider that as they generally have sharp cutters they are considered a bladed item and purchasers must verify they are over 18 and sign for the item on delivery. If restrictions are introduced I assume all bladed items will be included or how about enforcing the laws we already have, there’s a thought MPs.

  21. Stanners - 7:54 am 21/06/18

    Comment I have just followed the link to complete the government survey and I get a message that it is closed. Presumably, the computer is working normal Civil Service hours and won’t be available for another 25 minutes! This whole new legislation is not going to make a scrap of difference. Criminals, kids, angry husbands, jealous wives, irate neighbours, drug addicts, drunks and the mentally ill can all access lethal weapons. Sources range from kitchen drawers to Dad’s tool shed, Grannies knitting box to Mum’s gardening basket. Knives are made out of metal (mostly) but you can stab and kill somebody with a whole host of everyday and easily accessible items. Forks, chop sticks, knitting needles, screwdrivers, drinks cans (folded and split) the discarded lid from a tin of pineapple chunks a food processor blade….the list goes on! This Government Bill is never going to stop attacks with bladed weapons and will not, in my view, even prevent one single incident.

  22. Jackson - 4:32 pm 28/03/19


  23. Alan Hudson - 8:24 am 17/05/19

    So…. this received royal assent today, looks like they’ve amended the ‘collect in person’ clause to simply, retailer must verify age when sending to residential address.

  24. Heinnie Haynes Team - 12:00 pm 17/05/19

    Indeed so. We’re waiting to hear when the law will come into force.

  25. Lawrence Caswell - 5:27 pm 22/02/20

    This seems to be a massive knee jerk reaction to the increase in knife crime, legislation such as this has been proven time and again to be a failure, as previous comments have pointed out, vicious thugs won’t give a tinkers cuss about the law, genuine collectors of knives don’t run amok in the streets with knives in either hand, lets face it this is a vote grabber, nothing more,

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