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Your Guide to Swiss Army Knives

Who makes them?

There used to be two big players in the market: Wenger & Victorinox. In 2005 there became just one. This was because Wenger was taken over by Victorinox. Although the Wenger brand very much exists in the form of its timepieces, its knife business has been fully integrated in Victorinox’s business. We’ve previously written piece on both Victorinox and Wenger for you check back at if you want to know more!

Why are Swiss Army Knives so popular?

Well stop and look at one, can you not see how useful they are? They are small enough to carry (a very good number are UK Friendly) and have a range of tools that will help make your life that much easier. They are essentially almost an ideal EDC companion.

Some people will still undoubtedly prefer to have separate specialist items such as a knife, bottle opener, nail file or scissors (to name but a few), but most people don’t have the luxury, or even the space to carry around 6,7,8,9 even ten different items, when you could have a ten in one Swiss Army Knife. It’s pretty much a no brainer. Even though the tools aren’t necessarily specialist, they are more than adequate for use in an every day environment.

It’s not just the range of potential tools that people like; it’s also the choice of tools. By that we mean each Swiss Army knife is different, each built for a different type of person who needs different things. They have tools that you can actually use in every day life. Because there is not point just having ten tools for the sake of it, you will want ten tools that you will actually use and that will make a difference to you. After all everyone is different and the sheer range of Swiss Army knives caters to a huge range of people. If you want a selection of tools, likelihood is they will be a Swiss Army Knife for that.

The competition

The dominance of Swiss Army Knives isn’t one that’s going unchallenged. You may have seen recently the Boker Plus Tech-Tools. These tools are well built, well designed and much like the standard Swiss Army Knives have a range of actually useful tools.

If you’ve read anything we’ve written about the Tech-Tools you’ll have probably noticed how much we like them. They are fantastic bits of kit, and from both the reaction from you guys and the sheer number we’ve sold they must be pretty good!

Boker Plus Tech-Tool 4

Boker Plus Tech-Tool 4


What does this competition mean?

Hopefully it means continued development and continuous improvement, along with maybe even cheaper prices (we can hope). Either way competition usually breeds improvement, and that’s a very good thing for you guys!

How do I pick one?

There are a number of way you can choose a good Swiss Army Knife for you. If you want a full breakdown of how you buy a UK Friendly Knife, then you’ll want to look at our blog on UK Friendly EDC or generally look through all our posts on knives. This will give you an idea of where to start.

However, most people will choose a Swiss Army knife purely on its range of tools. This is a good idea, as the range of tools your pocket knife has the more jobs you can accomplish with it. But, remember more tools means more weight and a bigger size. So, pick one which has all the tools you want with very few others you don’t need.

Our favourites

To round off this post, we wanted to show you guys a couple of our favourite Swiss Army Knives, and tell you a little bit about why we love them and why you guys buy them the most!

Victoniox Soldier

This is our highest rated Victorinox product, and for good reason. It’s got a fantastic range of tools for the outdoorsman. It’s not really suited to the urban environment, but it certainly could still be useful there. Back to where it is really good, the outdoors. The size of the blade, along with a sizable separate serrated blade make it an extremely useful tool. Couple that with the flat and Phillips screwdrivers and it’s not had to see why it is so popular! Did we also mention what good value for money it is?

Victorinox Soldier

Victorinox Soldier

Victorinox Spartan

12 tools in one tiny knife. So many useful EDC tools packed into one, add that to the fact it’s UK Friendly Carry and you have all the reasons you need to buy one. Don’t take our word for it though. Look at the product and the reviews. They day it better than we can!

Victorinox Spartan

Victorinox Spartan

Vicotrinox Pioneer Range Farmer Alox

A fantastic cross between an urban and outdoor tool. It has all the traits and hallmarks of a very good outdoor knife, but it’s also an ideal keyring sized EDC companion. The metal handle gives it a really nice aesthetic appeal if you like a knife that can not only do the job, but look good at the same time. A highly recommended tool, but with this knife you do not get a huge range of tools, but what it lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality.

Victorinox Pioneer Farmer Alox

Victorinox Pioneer Farmer Alox

Victorinox Mini Champ Alox

If you want a versatile and well build and multifunctional Swiss Army Knife, then this is for you. It has all the tools you need to survive in the urban jungle. It has a huge number of useful and practical tools all in a keyring sized form. The design of this knife is almost faultless, and each of the tools included very much has its own purpose, and aren’t just placed there to have an extra tool. We are huge fans of this knife. Look at it and tell us you

Victorinox Mini Champ Alox

Victorinox Mini Champ Alox



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