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How do I start prepping? 5 key questions

Here at Heinnie we do not claim to be masters of prepping, but we know a fair bit. Because of this we get asked a lot of questions regarding prepping, but more so prepping equipment, because we sell a fair bit. Anyway, because of the range of stuff we sell we often get a lot of people who are new or interested in prepping asking us what it’s really all about and what they need to get started. Well what better way is there to help as many people as possible than to blog about it?


What is prepping?

Essentially prepping is getting ready for a disaster/emergency situation. This could be TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it) or just generally just when SHTF (S*** hits the fan). Becoming prepared means a number of things:


Building up the skills to be able to survive and become self reliant should SHTF. This includes fire starting, navigating, hunting and shelter building amongst other things.

Planning for the worst, hoping for the best. By having plans in place you can leave at a moments notice and live reasonably comfortably.

Equipment is last up. This isn’t necessarily essential as nature itself can provide you with the means to survive (most of the time). Having equipment though is a massive help, it allows you to do things faster and easier. It also makes life just generally easier.


We’ve also written a full introductory guide to prepping too, which you may like!


Who can prep?

Anyone. You do not need to be an expert in the outdoors or an expert in survival. You just need to be willing to learn and practice the skills necessary. You do not need to be in the know either, there are plenty of guys out there who will help you get started and guide you through the process (check out this UK prepping forum). If you don’t really like people there are lots of videos and blogs too talking you through the process and the skills (The UK Preppers Guide is a great source of information).


There are a number of prepping myths. Are they true?

Some might be in small case but generally no. You don’t need to build giant underground bunkers stockpiled with weapons and enough food to feed the 5000. There are people that do, which is fine but you do not have to if you don’t want to. Prepping doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. It can do if you let it or want it, but it’s not unreasonable to do it on a budget.

Some people assume prepping means the world is going to end. This isn’t always the case, we’ve seen more and more people simply prepping to be self-reliant in an ever expensive world.

As a prepper there is loads of advice out there. Some of it says you MUST do this or that. Not true. Sure the more you are prepared for the better but, none of this is ‘must do’.


Is it too late to start prepping? Am I too old to start prepping?

We thought we’d kill two birds with one stone here. Short answer is no, you’ll know if it’s too late. But, the earlier you start the better (there’s no time like the present)!

The skills, knowledge and equipment take time to build up, and it’s not usually a quick process. Some of you may fall quickly into the mindset of prepping, for others you’ll find it takes longer. A good thought to have though is that the more you put in the more prepared you are, because hindsight won’t help much when SHTF.


I’m still interested . . . where do I start?

This is a harder question to answer haha, and there isn’t really a beginning. Our advice is start with something that you either already know a little bit about or is realistically achievable.

You can find many great resources online which are FREE and give you a good opportunity to quickly learn and implement/practice skills.

As an idea fire starting we have seen is a popular place to start as there are loads of resources and guides for it, it’s not particularly time consuming and it’s inexpensive.

As we said right at the start skills are the first thing you should think about. Once you’ve started mastering those, you can then think about moving onto the more potentially more challenging things like building a bug out bag.

For now just get going, get the basics under your belt and speak to guys who are already versed in the art and science of prepping. Once you’ve done that you’ll be ready for when SHTF!


One thought on “How do I start prepping? 5 key questions

  1. Anthony - 1:42 pm 22/08/15

    “Prepping” is not hard, in fact chances are you already prepping and not know it, For instance when you have a fire extinguisher or a first aid kit on stand by that is prepping,
    It’s a likewise insurance policy, hopefully you never need, but you will be very grateful if the occasion should warrant it,

    YouTube is good for this, there are many Preppers, Bushcrafters, and Survivalists (while there is overlap among the three, they are different ) giving gear reviews and advice to newbies and experts alike, (Btw I’m not saying everyone with a YouTube channel is going to give solid advice, but you will get a handle on the idea of what is needed, don’t forget to think for yourself) do your homework before you start spending, understand the challenges you may face ,
    (for instance
    Q: if the electircity should fail you would also loose gas and water, how would you stay warm, cook, or even go to the bathroom?,
    A: having the ability to process wood would help with the first two (but is not your only solution) learning about ‘Pit Latrines’ (this could be more than useful to you and your neighbors than you know should the SHTF event last longer than you expect, many people will not have a clue) )

    Get in the habit of
    1) Anticipating (play a game of ‘What if?’ With yourself, friends and family, make it fun, share ideas etc)
    2) Having a contingency plan (don’t just have one plan, the more back up plans you have the better)
    3) Never stop learning new tricks and skills (again make it fun, and yes knowing how to make fire in as many ways possible is not just useful but vital, )
    4) Equip and Stock (start small, and as you progress you will know what you need in both gear and supplies, bugging in, or bugging out)

    If you still have any issues, try leaving a message here (or on many of the internets related forums) and I’m sure someone will be happy to help,

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