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It’s out of stock! What’s the point of ordering it?

Here at Heinnie Haynes, we have a vast array of products selected from amongst the Hardest Kit on the Planet. Mostly, they’re in stock in our warehouse, ready to send out to you. Occasionally, we run out of stock…so what’s the point in ordering something that’s not in stock?

Let’s take, for our example, the much loved Spyderco Paramilitary 2. It’s one of those classic knives which everyone should have in their collection. Trouble is, we sell them much faster than Spyderco can make them (or so it seems). If you look online at:

…you’ll often see the “Out of stock red cross of terror”, showing that the item is not currently in stock, but never fear, the cross can be your friend!

out of stock

If you wait for the item to come back in to stock, you could be waiting  a long time, because, although we get stock in every week, it always sells out to those who have pre-ordered it, meaning that it never makes it in to stock online at

However, many of you have already learned the secret, which is to place your order when an item is out of stock – in this way, you get to the head of the queue, and as soon as stock comes in, we send it out to you!

Order now!

Press the “Order” button, checkout, and that’s yours reserved for you!

Now, a word about payment. We at don’t like taking your money before we have your goods read to send to you. If you pay with a credit or debit card, we won’t charge you before we have your items ready to send.  However, Paypal is different – they take your money up front, meaning that you will be charged before your item is ready to send.

Which ever way that you choose to pay, the message is, “Place your order, even if the thing you want is out of stock!”

Get shopping!




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