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To Tread, or not to Tread – The Leatherman Tread Review


To Tread, or not to Tread, that is the question

This is a tool that has been long awaited and one that has been surrounded by a lot of hype. Finally we have it though, and we wanted to give you guys an in-depth initial review on the product.

From the moment we first heard about then saw this tool, we were excited about the idea and the concept, but had two questions: Was it something that would really take off? Was it just a gimmick instead of a big step forward in wearable tools?

Well that’s what we are going to talk to you about now. . .


From the off you can see Leatherman have tried to do something a bit different with this product. Normally you get their products in the standard yellow and black boxes. Which are great, but this product has a very different feel about it. It comes in a simply designed, box, which is very good quality (good start). Opening up the box, and the presentation is still fantastic. It’s almost displayed like a watch is, and immediately you can see this isn’t you’re average multi-tool.

When you take it out of the box, you’ll feel the weight (which isn’t light). You can see the build quality and craftsmanship that has gone into this. Not only with the links, but the tools too.

In terms of how it looks and feels we are very impressed. It’s a solid bit of kit.

The final thing we want to mention is that really this a wearable bit of kit. So, the real question is does it look good enough to wear? Short answer, yes. The longer answer is that it wouldn’t look out of place on a tradesman or your average person particularly. It’s not too bulky and it’s not too flashy, but it looks good. It looks like something you could easily wear around the town, or wear into work, but then actually be useful as well as visually appealing.

Leatherman Tread

Leatherman Tread

Tools of the Tread

A big deal has been made of the tools that the Leatherman Tread has in its arsenal, and fair play it does have over 29 of them. If you want a tool, then it’s likely that the Tread has it. If you are unsure what each of the tools are, you are also in luck as engraved on the back of all 12 links are the tools available on that particular link (pretty helpful actually). With this tool you have loads of various screwdriver heads and sizes and plenty of hex driver options, along with a few other useful tools like a Cutting hook and Sim Card Pick.

It does have a good range of tools, but would it replace your current multi-tool? Yes it could, because this is something you can wear anywhere with no problem. A standard multi-tool on the other hand you probably couldn’t. However, you do lack some of the tools that come as standard with the average multi-tool. Do you have to compare them like that though? No not really, they are almost two completely different types of multi-tool. But, people will compare them. This isn’t a like-for-like replacement of a multi-tool, instead think of it as an addition to your tool collection. It will allow you to carry even more tools than before without taking up any more space in your already full pockets.

Clasp: Bottle Opener, 1/4 Socket Adapter, #2 Square Drive

Link 1: 3/32″ Screwdriver, 1/8″ Screwdriver

Link 2: #1-2 Phillips Screwdriver, 1/4″ Box Wrench, 3/16″ Screwdriver

Link 4: Cutting Hook, SIM Card Pick, Carbide Glass Breaker

Link 6: 5/16″ Screwdriver, 3/8″ Box Wrench1/4″ Screwdriver

Link 7: 3/32″ Hex Drive3/16″ Box Wrench, 1/8″ Hex Drive

Link 8: 1/4″ Hex Drive, Oxygen Tank Wrench, 3/16″ Hex Drive

Link 9: 5mm Hex Drive, 10mm Box Wrench, 6mm Hex Drive

Link 10: 3mm Hex Drive, 8mm Box Wrench, 4mm Hex Drive

Link 12: #1 Phillips Screwdriver, 6mm Box Wrench, #2 Phillips Screwdriver

Leatherman Tread

Leatherman Tread


Ok, so we’ve covered how the Tread looks and what it contains. It’s now time to look at whether you can actually use it. The tools are all pretty easy to use, which is a massive bonus. Our real worry was the functionality that the tread would have. This worry has been settled though as each of the tools have a purpose and can be easily used. The only tool which seems to be fiddly and slightly harder to use is the bottle opener (part of the clasp). The design and strength of the bracelet definitely aids in its usability too as when you use for example of one the screwdrivers, your hand can hold onto the rest of the bracelet (pictured below).

IMG_3254 IMG_3255

Where angels fear to Tread

Is this the next generation of multi-tools? No, not in its current form. Yes it’s a very good and effective tool, but it’s no where near fully replacing the standard multi-tool. Take for example Apple’s first generation iPad which initially was good, but didn’t become a replacement laptop computer. Even the iPhone which initially didn’t stop anyone from buying a phone which wasn’t ‘smart’. But, over time as these technologies develop we could see wearable tools becoming more of a ‘thing’. It’s too early to tell yet, but it’s really good the see Leatherman trying something a bit different with this tool, and we look forward to seeing what they come up with next . . .


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  1. Mike C - 8:22 pm 08/09/15

    Great article, you answered exactly the questions that came to mind when I saw this advertised a while back. I’m still undecided whether it’s worth the asking price to me, but at least now well informed!

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