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MAXPEDITION – What makes them one of the worlds best bag and pack manufacturers?

Who are Maxpedition?


Unlike most of the other brands we’ve featured so far in the blog, Maxpedition® were formed this side of the millennium in 2003. So only 12 years old!! Maxpedition® is the brainchild of founder and CEO Tim Tang, who set up the company after dropping out of Medical School. With that, he set up the business in his parents garage, and Maxpedition® was born.


Phase 1


In the beginning there were just bags, then came Maxpedition® . . . but seriously their arrival changed a few things. They set out their stall from the beginning, to be innovative, as well as creating quality products. Maxpedition gained this competitive edge in its early years by creating bags and packs with superior durability and ergonomics. Many of these bags such as the ones in the Versipack® and Gearslinger® series are testament to this.


The first customers were military operators and law enforcement officers, but it was also the civilian markets and concealed carry markets quickly caught on, selecting Maxpedition® as their preferred EDC (Every Day Carry).


Phase 2


That was phase 1, now we are onto phase 2: World Domination. We jest but on a serious note Maxpedition® are aiming now to really break new ground with their innovative bags, packs, pouches as well as building up a reputation for knives, tools and morale patches.


This expansion though is in no way at the expense of what Maxpedition® pride themselves upon.



“While already the leader in our market space, Maxpedition® is committed to improvement, optimizing ergonomics, creating user-friendly designs, and using only the highest quality materials and world-class craftsmanship. We strive to make our products more accessible to customers around the world through an expanding international network, while finding even better ways to service our customers and fulfil their after-sales needs. We are here because of our customers; we are always seeking customer feedback, and incorporating their knowledge and experience into our products.” (


The four main areas of Maxpedition®’s business: Bags & Packs, Pouches & Pockets, Knives & Tools and Morale Patches


Bags and Packs


What’s the Maxpedition® standard?


maxpedition standard


The above image shows 10 features that Maxpedition® bags have that makes them a cut above the rest. There is a reason why Maxpedition® bags aren’t the cheapest around, and that reason is that ‘You get what you pay for’. It’s a no brainer really, it costs to produce bags and packs of the quality you need and want.


What we genuinely love about their bags is that they aren’t hyped up bogus claims, they are the real deal. If you own a Maxpedition® bag or know someone who does we’d love to see your comments at the end of the post telling us what you think!


Back to bags. Another ‘nice to have’ feature that Maxpedition® include with their bags are product feature labels such as ‘Airline friendly carry on size’ and ‘This product fits your tablet’. As we said not essential, but we are a fan of companies going that little step further to makes things a little bit easier for you.


Bags and Packs: Three Core Principles


Bags and Packs from Maxpedition® are designed and built with three core principles in mind: Durability, Ergonomics and Organisation. By keeping these principles in mind every bag made no matter the size or function they will all have the same underlying confidences attached.


The Bags and Packs themselves


In this post we aren’t going to go into all the various types of bags and packs that Maxpedition® do for two reasons: Firstly there are far too many. Secondly we just want to talk about the brand for now. If you want to see some of the huge products we sell you can here. All we are going to say is that if you need a bag, odds on they sell it.


Pouches and Pockets


“Expand, Organise, Customise” ( If you purchase a bag from Maxpedition®, or even if you buy any other quality bag or pack, you should be able to attach pouches and pockets. Why? Well, because it allows you to make your bag almost completely different and unique for any use, whether you want it for walking around the city in the morning and then bushcrafting in the evening. You don’t want a bag that’s too big for every day use, but too small for any of your outdoor adventures.


What Maxpedition® offer is simple and incredibly large range of pouches, perfect for holding almost any item that you want to access easily. Everything from bottles and phones to holsters, medikits and organisational pouches.

MAXP-313colours maxp-pt1311

As with the bags and packs, these pouches and pockets are made to the same standards and quality, giving you peace of mind that you are buying top notch products.


At Heinnie Haynes there is one particular set of products that really stands out . . .the pocket organisers. They are just so good and simple it’s almost too good to be true. For all you nerds out there, you could even call them ‘Tardis like’. You can fit so many of you EDC item’s into one small organiser and have it to hand whenever you need it. Like we said with the bags, if you have one give it a shout out in the comments section, it’s always good to hear what you guys think about the products and brands we are talking about.


Knives and Tools


This is a relatively new frontier for Maxpedition®, and really they are entering into a very crowded market place full of some huge companies who have been churning out some incredible products over the years.


They haven’t really taken a big chunk out of the market yet, but saying that they have brought out some good quality knives both fixed and folding blade. The one thing to really note about these Maxpedition® knives is the simplicity of them, they aren’t flashy, they aren’t extravagant, but neither are their bags. Which actually is good to see, as they are sticking with their core brand and core values.


If you are going to be looking for a new knife coming up, do not discount these in any way just because Maxpedition aren’t known for their knives. They are all of great quality, made of strong materials and sharp out the box. What more could you want?


Keep any eye out for more Maxpedition® knives coming out, because if they are anything like these ones then some of the other bit knife companies may want to sit up and take note.


Morale Patches


If you haven’t seen the Maxpedition® Morale Patches on our website yet, where have you been? Quite frankly we have not idea where to start with these . . . they are draft, stupid, ridiculous, hilarious, odd, original, strange, quirky and downright mad.


If you want to customise your bags, clothing and pouches, these will certainly do the trick. As we said earlier there is not a lot we can say here really, you just have to look yourself and see what strikes a chord with you.


maxp-beers maxp-walecmaxp-shjg11477


Time to summarise


We didn’t set out in this post to go mad on how good Maxpedition® are, we wanted to give you the facts. Yes, we have done that, but after seeing the facts, how can you not go nuts for this company? They say they will do something and then they do it, and they don’t just do it half-heartedly they do it with a bang. If you are an avid Maxpedition® user it’s easy to see why, but we’d love to hear from you personally what you love, and if you aren’t a Maxpedition® user yet, why not? It’s always great to hear from you what you like and don’t like, so please do share!


6 thoughts on “MAXPEDITION – What makes them one of the worlds best bag and pack manufacturers?

  1. Anthony - 2:29 pm 09/08/15

    I remember once reading an email of someone who said they needed to sell stuff on ebay to feed their Maxpedition addiction, (true story) I thought “What?”,

    That was before I started buying the stuff, now I get it LOL,

    Most of my carry (except a hand full of items) is Maxpedition, I buy it because its functional and rugged,
    And will buy more,

    But I must give a shout out to “Vanquish” they are starting to get my attention, (just not there yet)

  2. Anthony - 9:48 am 10/08/15

    “Vanquish” = “Vanquest”

    Bane of “Autocorrect”

  3. robo - 11:05 pm 13/02/16

    just read your blog on costs of knives, ive got to say that you use far too many analogies… ie comparing knives to cars etc…… may i suggest that your readers generally have reasonable IQs, and its abit patronising to use analogies for everything your writing about, its almost like your trying to convince yourself of what your trying to convey

  4. Heinnie Haynes Team - 5:58 pm 14/02/16

    Thanks for your feedback Robo. We will look at how we write the blogs, but we have also been asked by other people too keep things as simple and understandable as possible, of which using commonplace analogies was a suggestion. We have a wide range of different people reading the blog, so we are constantly looking at writing articles that are both interesting, informative and easy to understand.

    If you read many of our other articles, you will find a big number with little to no analogies.

    Thanks for the comment again!

  5. Mike - 12:07 am 18/03/16

    I have been able to put together an ultimate bushcraft bag with Maxpedition. The company is fantastic. I wish I could work for them. I have the falcon III with about 200 dollars worth of Maxpedition attachments. No joke when people say it’s addicting.

  6. Rich - 6:13 pm 13/04/17

    I have a mongo and it is brilliant. I dragged it around Africa for a month and it still looks brand new. I tell my wife that the things I buy will last me a lifetime to get her off my back when I buy things. I think with the maxpeditio stuff its probably getting close to the truth. I am after an ironstorm next but sshh dont tell the wife. Rich

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