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Olight Competition

The good people at Olight have given us a couple of flashlights to give away to a couple of lucky winners. The Javelot lamps are famous for throwing for a long distance – whereas a Javelin throws itself, a Javelot throws light. Anyway, don’t blame us for the name – they’re fantastic lamps!

The photos below show the prizes:
One Olight Javelot M2X-UT worth £99.95

…and one Olight Javelot M20-SX worth £72.95

…and here’s what you have to do in order to win…

Post a photo, on our Facebook Page of your flashlight in action and add a comment telling us which lamp it is, and what the image shows.

Get your photos in by Monday 16th March at 9am, and we’ll choose the lucky winners:

  1. The best photo – the one that we enjoy most, perhaps through interesting subject matter, or location or use of the light.
  2. One chosen at random from all entries received.

Here are a couple to get you going, showing the prize lamps, a shot showing the output from the M2X-UT at 200 lumens, and the same scene at 1020 lumens…

…what will you photograph? Get your entry onto our Facebook page.

Olight Prizes

Light at 200 lumens

Light at 1020 Lumens


6 thoughts on “Olight Competition

  1. Martin boyce - 12:05 pm 25/02/15

    As always only high quality from heinnie Haynes

  2. John Fullbrook - 6:20 pm 26/02/15

    Nice flash light hope I win

  3. john clarke - 3:03 pm 27/02/15

    fantastic flashlights and a superb competition , it would be great to win one of those!.

  4. Bob crofts - 8:59 pm 01/03/15

    Only the best.

  5. Bob crofts - 9:00 pm 01/03/15

    Great torch good luck all..

  6. Mike Palmer - 8:14 pm 02/03/15

    Sweet gaw from a dependable company

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