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ESEE RC6 Review

Our friends over at Ember Survival have recently posted a thorough review of the ESEE RC6 knife. Also know as the Rat Cutlery 6, or RC-6, this tool is the largest of ESEE’s survival knives. Being made from high carbon 1095 steel, we’ve always found it to be a decent all round bushcraft type knife.

Here’s and excerpt from Ember’s review:


“The ESEE RC6, a true workhorse of a knife that functions as a bushcraft instructors knife flawlessly, it gets jobs done quickly and consistently moreover it can be sharpened easily ready for the next expedition or session. This feature of rapid maintenance along with an excellent design makes the RC6 a knife worthy of serious consideration.

“The sheath is made from Kydex and is lightweight but strong and durable feeling; it holds the knife most excellently with a satisfying click when it’s seated correctly. The draw feels very natural and with just the right resistance to pull the knife out. There’s drainage hole at the bottom, along with holes all the way around the sides. These allow the attachment of add-ons and I went for the small pouch that can hold a firesteel and sharpening stone, of course you could put anything in the pouch but a firesteel is always handy.


“Coming with the package you buy is a standard belt clip that screws on very securely, if you get the add-on pouch like I did then the screws hold both the belt clip and pouch to the sheath by running through the holes on the sheath itself. Once everything is attached, which can be a little tricky, it all feels very solid…”

Read more at the Ember Survival Blog and buy your RC6 from Heinnie Haynes today.


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