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Review of Touch of Ginger Wallet Tools

Since we first saw these tools from Touch of Ginger’s Urban Stuff collection we just had to get them here at They are unique, useful, stylish and fit comfortably into your wallet.

We have just taken stock of 12 of these wallet tools, each of which serve their own unique purpose and ideal for anyone living in the urban environment.

Who are Touch of Ginger?

Touch of Ginger (TOG) are a UK based design and manufacturing company who are “aiming to be the go-to provider of creative merchandising solutions in the UK”.

TOG also have four core values which you will see come across in the products they produce. Covering their manufacturing, passion, ethics and brand sensitivity. Each core value is driven home with each product they produce.

Touch of Ginger Wallet Bottle Opener Touch of Ginger Wallet Fish & Chip Tool

What are the tools made of?

Out of the tools that have just arrived here at Heinnie Haynes, twelve of the fourteen are stainless steel, whilst the remaining two are carbon fibre.

The stainless steel tools are made out of 70% recycled stainless steel, which as you’ll know if you’ve spent anytime on our website is one of our favourite materials haha!

The carbon fibre tools are slightly higher priced than the stainless steel versions, but the difference is that carbon fibre is roughly five times as strong as steel, two times as stiff and about two thirds lighter. So, in essence you pay slightly more for a much stronger tool.

Touch of Ginger C6 Spanner Touch of Ginger C6 Bottle Opener

What sort of tools are included?

All sorts. Everything from wallet combs, lock picks and spanners to cufflinks, fish & chip forks and shoe horns to name but a few. Many of the tools are re-usable and many also have a number of different functions. For example the survival tool, which has fishing hooks, Morse code and knife & fork. Now, that is versatility!

Touch of Ginger Wallet Comb Touch of Ginger Wallet Survival Tool

What’s the usability like?

As they have only just arrived we haven’t had a chance to play with all of the different tools yet, but we will say from what we’ve seen we are very impressed. The carbon fibre tools are really strong, and feel very durable; also the spanner sizings are spot on (always helpful).

The stainless steel tools have a bit more flexibility in them (neither good nor bad really). The tools are easy enough to remove and within seconds you will have a fork, cufflinks, toothpick or lock pick.

Touch of Ginger Wallet CufflinksTouch of Ginger Wallet Lock Picks


In short these are extremely handy little tools that fit perfectly into the card section of your wallet or purse. Also because of the price, they are probably one of the coolest stocking fillers you could get someone this year!


4 thoughts on “Review of Touch of Ginger Wallet Tools

  1. Simon - 8:06 am 11/12/15

    Can you confirm once you have removed them from the card, that they can be put back into the card for safe storage – ie back in your wallet.

    it looks like all of these tools once removed, that they cannot be fitted back into the card, thus making it pointless for a reuseable wallet card.

  2. Heinnie Haynes Team - 10:08 am 11/12/15

    The cards where there is a tool which you pop out; they are single use. They aren’t designed to be used routinely. Hope that helps?

  3. Colin - 12:06 pm 11/12/15

    A quick question about the carbon fibre bottle opener. In the item description it says “Fitted with a steel rope”. What exactly does this mean?

  4. Heinnie Haynes Team - 9:25 am 14/12/15

    Hi Colin, that was an error on our website. I doesn’t come with any rope sorry.

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