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Heinnie Haynes is the preferred British supplier for folding and fixed blade knives. No single brand has a greater following than knives from Spyderco. This American company with its HQ in Golden, Colorado, USA has something special about it, but it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes their knives so sought after by users and collectors. Spyderco knives certainly look interesting, (or, “designed in the dark” as some put it), probably because Spyderco put function ahead of the appearance of a knife. Their tools are ergonomic, and fit superbly well in the hand, with the cutting edge in exactly the right place for their intended use.

Take the Spyderco C94PBK – the Spyderco UK Penknife. This has been, for years, one of the UK’s best selling folding pocket knives.

Spyderco UKPK

As we know well, the UK has laws governing the type of knife that can be carried in public. The basic rules are that the knife must have a folding blade of which the cutting blade must be less than 7.62cm (3 inches) in length. (Read more about buying and carrying knives in the UK, here).

The Spyderco UK Penknife was developed as a knife which conforms to the requirements of British law, with its blade length of 7.4cm, and its slip-joint mechanism. The Spyderco slip-joint is a refinement of the classic folding knife. In this case, the back-spring of the knife presses down on the blade where it pivots. The blade is notched in two places around the pivot – the main notch serves to keep the knife open, and a second, smaller notch at 90o to it “catches” the blade as it closes, so that it doesn’t snap closed on an unwary finger.

We enjoy the way that the knife can be opened by one hand, using Spyderco’s trademark circular hole. When it’s open, and the blade clunks reassuringly into position, the position of the hand keeps it open with the forefinger on the choil, which is formed from the front of the handle and the back of the blade. The thumb presses on the ramp behind the circular hole, and makes the knife very stable in the hand for both fine and coarser cutting tasks. Buy yours today.

Before Sal Glesser began designing and making knives, he was in the business of making things sharp – the renowned Spyderco Sharpmaker sharpening system was the first product made by Spyderco, and is the single item at Heinnie Haynes that gets more use than our tea kettle. We use it every day to sharpen our knives and knives sent to us by customers for sharpening.

The Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker Set 204 is so incredibly easy to use. It’s a sturdy black plastic base with angled holes, into which can be inserted the sharpening rods. The rods stick up in a V-shape, and the knife to be sharpened is held vertically, and pulled through the V, first the left side, then the right – it’s easy, and gives a wonderful edge every time. When sharpening is finished, the stones stow in the base, and a cover snaps over them – a lovely, compact sharpening system, for sale here in the UK at Heinnie Haynes.

Spyderco Sharpmaker

We’ll leave you with this video of the Sharpmaker in action – it’s a bit dated, but the technique is the same as ever!


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