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TexEnergy Infinite Orbit Charger Review

TexEnergy Infinite Orbit Charger Review

Probably the most reliable form of charger you’ll ever own. Why? Because it’s human powered. No more batteries, no more relying on the sun. This is a brilliant device that will keep your device powered up, and even burn a few calories at the same time.

What exactly is the Infinite Orbit Charger?

The Infinite Orbit Charger is a hand crank back up power system. You simply attached the hand crank, plug in your device, and with a single turn of the crank power will be generated for your device. It really is that simple.

What is the point in it?

The point is that you can charge your devices no matter where you are without having to rely on anything else. Sure you can get yourself a portable power bank, but what happens when that runs out? Put it this way, you will last longer than a portable charger.

TexEnergy Infinite Orbit Charger TexEnergy Infinite Orbit Charger

How much effort is required?

Effort is definitely needed, but you don’t have to be an Olympian to work it. You can go as fast or show as you want. With every turn of the crank you are adding charge. Do not expect to turn the crank a few times and your flat phone battery to suddenly be full of life. It will charge your device but it’s not going to be as quick as plugging it into a plug.

Who would use it?

Pretty much anyone. If your out on a camping trip, on a boat, on a trek, or in the middle of a forest this can be used. If you are going to anywhere, and you need to make sure that your phone, tablet, camera or any other devices are charged, or need that few extra percent battery life then the TexEnergy Infinite Orbit is perfect!

Any other benefits?

We’ve covered most of the benefits already. However, there are a few we haven’t had chance to mention yet. Firstly this charger does not use batteries. Instead it uses a 32:1 gearing system to generate the power meaning that whether you are cranking the charger now or in 30 years, you will still be generating the same level of power. Secondly the Infinite Orbit Charger has a lifetime guarantee, both proving its quality, and reassuring you that this product will work in anytime, anywhere. This leads nicely onto the final benefit which is that the charger will work in temperatures from -40 Degrees Celsius to +40 Degrees Celsius. There aren’t many chargers out there that can do that for this price!

TexEnergy Infinite Orbit Charger TexEnergy Infinite Orbit Charger



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