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The Brightest Flashlight Ever?

We’ve just taken delivery of the brightest flashlight that Heinnie Haynes® have ever sold. Previously, we’ve been impressed with any lamp that can chuck out 1,000 lumens, but the Imalent DX80 is rated at 32,000 lumens. That’s no typo, that’s thirty-two THOUSAND lumens. It really puts the competition in its shade.

We took our first DX80 out and about at night, and it certainly lights up a wide area. We hesitated to take it down to the beach near us in case it was mistaken for a lighthouse – it  really is that bright!

Imalent are well known for producing lamps of excellent quality, but this has raised the bar. It’s a solid chunk of aluminium torch which uses 8x CREE XHP70gen2 LED’s, powered by 8x 18650 batteries, rechargeable in-place. It’s rated at IPX-8, so you needn’t worry about it getting damp.

At this price, we feel that Imalent have priced this well. It’s easily worth the money, and we wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d wanted another £100 for it. We like the built in OLED display showing lumen output and battery voltage, and the size of the torch. It’s big, but it’s not enormous. Weighing in at 1.2kg including batteries, and 21cm long, it feels reassuringly chunky. The image above shows it lighting up our otherwise-pitch-dark warehouse. Who needs mains lighting?

The brightest lamp we’ve ever seen – you need one of these in your collection.

Click here to buy now from UK stock at Heinnie Haynes®.


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