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The End of Home Delivery for Online Knife Sales?

The Government is currently looking to ban home delivery of knives – fear not, as things stand you’ll still be able to receive deliveries from Heinnie®. Read on to find out more…

Since July 2017, the UK Government has been dropping large hints that it wants to change the way that knives can be bought online. We’ve blogged about it here and here.

As you might imagine, this has been occupying our thoughts ever since.

The Government consulted on new legislation on offensive and dangerous weapons from October to December 2017. Together with proposed new offences relating to the carrying of corrosive substances [acid], in April 2018 the Government published its “Serious Violence Strategy” policy paper:

While being fairly light on detail, the policy paper sets out an area of interest.

“We are planning to introduce new legislation to take additional steps to prevent online retailers selling knives to young people under 18 years old.”

Here at Heinnie Haynes® we will not sell a knife to anyone aged under 18 years, and actively verify the age of all knife purchasers. The “additional steps” to prevent the sale of knives may well be informed by this section of the consultation phase:

“[The Government] proposes that where a knife is sold online, it is an offence to deliver the knife to a private residential address. Knives sold online must only be delivered to and collected – by the person who made the purchase – at a place where the age of the purchaser can be checked… It will be for retailers to decide where purchasers can collect the knives bought online and have their age checked.”

On 22nd May 2018, Parliament will meet to debate the Serious Violence Strategy. We only have access to the same information as you, but we suspect that we’ll hear more detail emerge as a result of the debate.

It’s likely that one of the outcomes of the current legislative round will be a prohibition on the home delivery of knives in the UK. This is perhaps the largest single change to our business model in the 20 years that Heinnie® has been in business. This raises more questions than it answers – “can I have a delivery to my workplace?” and “…my company is registered at my residential address – so does that make it a business or residential address”, for example.

The good news is that we’re ready for any change in the law. Working with our delivery partners, we are ready to send your knife orders to your local collection point, where your identity can be verified when you collect your order. This will, however, come at an increased delivery cost. We’re asking our delivery partners to verify your age, and that service costs us. We’re also very much aware that the distribution of collection points across the country is far from uniform, and inevitably, some customers will not have a convenient collection location. We very much sympathise with you all, and are doing our best to mitigate the effects of the new legislation, however, ultimately, we don’t make the rules!

Many of your have already lobbied your MPs about this proposed law change – now it’s time for one more push. Drop your MP a quick email, and let them know your views.

Follow this link to contact your MP:

…and then sign up to our email mailing list, and keep up to date with developments:


33 thoughts on “The End of Home Delivery for Online Knife Sales?

  1. John Sykes - 5:58 pm 21/05/18

    I suspect you’ve thought of this … but maybe the government hasn’t. That is, if a delivery needs a signature from the addressee, then the courier could confirm the age of the recipient … at his or her home address. I appreciate that this too could incur an additional delivery cost, but it remains a more convenient solution, especially where pickup locations may be in short supply.

  2. John Sykes - 6:01 pm 21/05/18

    …and, presumably, this might apply ONLY to knives, and other products will be shipped as at present.

  3. Phil - 7:04 pm 21/05/18

    Can we just ban politicians??

  4. Andy Kendrick - 8:06 pm 21/05/18

    So get up a petition!
    Point out that it is not knives (or guns or bullets) which hurt people. It’s people that hurt people.
    Point out the hit that many such businesses have taken with no longer being able to sell airguns mail order, let alone firearms. Point out that as adults, we should have the (alleged) freedom in this country to live as we like, so lonmg as we’re not hurting others. Will they make every car driver suffer because some people cant drive their car to the pub and not have alcohol? No! So why make the majority of people suffer to please the few??

    Mind you, having read that last sentance there, I can see the whole thing being a waste of time. Our previous govts from this one backwards have been slowly handing everything over to the so called “minority”. Why not everyone elses freedom of choice jobs such as those in the UK’s knife, surplus and camping businesses being lost. All to please some frigging minority again!

    Man, I wish I had the resources to up and move out of this country for good!

  5. Eric Holford - 8:41 pm 21/05/18

    If I thought this would save a single life, I’d be right behind it, but it won’t. If under 18s want to get a knife, they’ll get a knife, and usually from their mum’s kitchen drawer. Equally, how many young thugs go to the bother of seeking out a retailer like this and order a quality blade when they can shop lift a more than adequate chib from Tesco’s? I’ll be raising this with my MP and see if I can’t get him to put in a word. However, this will go through, have no doubt, it will. Why? Because anyone who opposes it will fear being seen as soft on knife crime. It’s why decisions are made. How would opposition play in the Daily Mail? On the plus side, it will make little practical, real world difference. Home delivery will become click and collect. Let’s just hope it does save a life or two. Then we can see our convenience as worthwhile!

  6. Rob - 8:53 pm 21/05/18

    Sad day for bona fide collectors
    I hope ‘pound shops ‘ will do something about persons buying cheap knives
    No doubt this is the core of the problem
    Not people who collect cutlery
    Heinnie prices are good and fair i cannot see
    These persons who are the problem on the street buying even a fairly cheap knife at 40 -50 pounds to carry illegally
    Knife collector for 50 plus years

  7. J - 9:19 pm 21/05/18

    You need a canned response to this that can be cut and pasted to our local MP’s…

  8. peter fullarton - 9:56 pm 21/05/18

    I wonder where i stand having knives delivered to me in Ireland via a forwarding company called AddressPal in St Albans? Any idea?

  9. Anton Gorman - 10:32 pm 21/05/18

    I think it is a sad indictment of todays society when responsible owners and collectors will be vilified due to an ignorant, dangerous and selfish minority hellbent on causing chaos, fear and criminality in their local communities. I do agree however, with the law of the land and that knives of any kind have no place on our streets. A knife is a tool and should be treated as such, When individuals carry them as weapons, they should then be punished to the full extent of the law but I don’t think that people who collect or have to use knives in their daily life, I.e forestry workers, chefs, gamekeepers or any such profession that requires a blade should be punished or made to feel like some sort of lowlife scumbag because they own a hunting knife or a meat cleaver or a machete, as long as it is being used for its intended purpose and not in the public domain

  10. Joe Joyce - 5:56 am 22/05/18

    I live in Northampton nd have done much business with you in the past and wish to continue to do so. What collection points are you planning to have in Northampton please, and where will they be?

    Look forward to hearing from you re this.


  11. David - 6:14 am 22/05/18

    This is a typical government ‘knee jerk’ reaction to a problem that has nothing to do with the availability of knives, just as the pistol ban had nothing to do with pistols.
    The escalation of violent crime, especially in inner city areas, is primarily due to the emasculation of the police, and the sudden influx of migrants who simply do not come here equipped with the mindset that is required to live in a civilised Western country. I’m sorry, but there it is, I know this won’t be published because everyone is scared to death of speaking the truth.

    You can blame your loss of future online sales directly at the feet of governmental immigration policy.

  12. Sgt paul Butcher - 6:38 am 22/05/18

    What a complete lunatic move !! The government needs to realise that over 90 percent of knife crime is committed by under 18s using cooking knives that they find in or around the home or high street ! A blanket ban on delivery will have no affect at all ! Knife crime is something that in our country that is prevalent because knives are the only weapons that are readily available, most teenagers will not buy a good quality bushcraft knife for these purposes
    Interacting with the young and more police is the answer and really harsh prison terms
    If someone stabs another person give them life in prison!! You may find that will weed out all but the most hardcore of criminals

  13. Harold Kaye - 7:17 am 22/05/18

    In my time I have worked and served in many countries and would like to pass a few points for discussion: Russia/CCCP/USSR allows knives that have a stamped/etched number, and the owner carries a licence, also dhowing that number: Malta has a no-carry rule although if it used for your work (fisherman etc) said knife can be carried to and from work (I believe this would also currently apply in UK ??).
    I like the idea of a numbered knife and carrying an appropriate licence – I suggest that an age limit be incorporated and limited to one knife per person maximum.

  14. Gav - 8:02 am 22/05/18

    I’d be interested to know the proportion of crimes committed by under 18’s with mail order knives versus knives pulled from the family kitchen drawer. This seems like such a pointless piece of legislation. More stop and search, more custodial sentences and crazy idea, more investment in youth facilities to prevent them going down their destructive routes.

    Of course, I ’m preaching to the converted here but still…

  15. Dessy - 8:12 am 22/05/18

    I can see why the government want to be seen to act against serious crime.
    The solution is a greater police presence on the ground and more serious penalties for those involved in violent crime.
    The current legislation will not work because most knife crime is gang related and younger members will simply get an older member to purchase the knives for them.
    The solution is to have severe penalties for anyone carrying and offensive weapon in public.
    Nignt clubs, cinemas etc should have metal detectors at the entrance (similar to airports) – this would discourage young people carrying a knofe on a night out.

  16. Gary - 8:27 am 22/05/18


    If you collect an item at the minute from the local Royal Mail depot in your region in order to collect the item you have to provide proof of identity. Surely this would be sufficient and it doesn’t involve any additional cost to the purchaser or whoever is collecting the item.

  17. Rob - 10:52 am 22/05/18

    Pound shop removed knives from all
    Too little too late wheels already in motion wich will affect all of us
    Put order in today hope not the last
    bought my first knife at Chatsworth house game fair 1968 been collecting ever since all kept in cabinet only small victorinox in my pocket for last
    british government knee jerk reaction as always
    Hope we can all carry on collecting

  18. Heinnie Haynes Team - 11:58 am 22/05/18

    …watch this space. HH.

  19. Heinnie Haynes Team - 11:59 am 22/05/18

    You may well be better off setting your delivery address to one in the Republic. HH

  20. Mark Peters - 12:37 pm 22/05/18

    Good old [competitor-X] will only use DPD when you order age restricted items from them online.

    DPD will then verify the age of the addresseee when delivering the item. Takes less than a minute .. (And good old DPD will usually give your a 1hr deliver timeslot as well.

    Maybe an idea for Heinnie to look into ?

  21. stephen purdon - 12:41 pm 22/05/18

    This hasn’t been thought through very well at all. How many knife crimes are perpetrated with a knife bought from a specialist online business such as Heinnie Haynes? The kitchen drawer or shed at home has more than enough tools/blades to cause serious harm if so desired! After purchasing several pieces as a “Collector” from Heinnie Haynes, I feel I personally I may suffer as I live in the Scottish Highlands where a collection point may not be accessible for me. I understand the government has to do something about the rocketing level of knife crime in our cities today, but at least be sensible about the new laws being brought in!

  22. Matt - 1:53 pm 22/05/18

    I actually wrote to, and got a response from my local MP, who basically told me where to go.
    I explained that the proposal reduces the law to the lowest common denominator and doesn’t actually solve a problem of culture, in the first place.

    I tried, hard, but seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

  23. Heinnie Haynes Team - 3:38 pm 22/05/18

    @Mark Peters…that’s great, until home delivery is banned by this new legislation

  24. Miro - 3:49 pm 22/05/18

    Will you be able to ship outside the UK?

  25. Heinnie Haynes Team - 3:57 pm 22/05/18

    @Miro – yes

  26. Stuart McChesney - 11:43 pm 22/05/18

    Ask the government to tell you the average knife that is taken off the street in stop and search situations… are they a nice CRKT Crawford Casper?… NO!! It is kitchen knives!!! Knives from the house. Anyone planing on carrying a knife with the intention of doing harm will not spend many hours like me looking through the choices and buying something they want because they like it!! It the same with firearms those who do wrong will do it regardless of what law is in place!! I’m in a gang, I’m hard as, I’ll mess you up, but I’ve heard it’s illegal to carry a knife so I just talk nasty to you!!!! Madness!! Rant over ps keep up the good work Henie I’ll srill be collecting my knives from you.

  27. RM - 10:54 am 23/05/18

    So… As I understand it, the Government his saying that even “private possession” of certain knife types, including plastic knives, is to be made illegal.

    At the same time, the Government has been putting it about – quite possibly misleadingly (not least as the interpretation of law is the prerogative of the courts) – that the new laws will not affect kitchen knives (despite evidence that these knives are among the most commonly used in crimes).

    I have a very sturdy plastic lettuce knife in my kitchen, with an aggressively serrated 6+” blade. It will evade any metal detector and could easily do some serious harm – /if/ used with malice. Cost? £1 to absolutely anybody on a highstreet near you.

    The reality is that these laws will penalise only the law-abiding citizens, whilst doing nothing to address the underlying – and very real – issues behind the increase in violent crime.

  28. Roger Hudson - 3:24 pm 28/05/18

    The law, in relation to knives, is already totally clear. Anything carried ‘as a weapon’ is illegal.
    The problem is, of course, the way police are working. PCSOs are even worse.
    More police, out of cars, off the internet, well trained, of sufficient stature, in the right places … paid for by our taxes.

  29. Roger Hudson - 1:15 pm 29/05/18

    The last knife I bought (Victorinox pioneer harvester, a great EDC) was delivered to my Croatian holiday home, I assume the new law only applies to UK addresses?
    Only yesterday I read of a judge musing about large kitchen knives being deliberately blunted…..what sort of place is Britain becoming?

  30. Nigel - 10:09 pm 29/05/18

    @David – 6:14 am 22/05/18
    No, your comment shouldn’t be published because it is racist BS. Sadly it was though.
    The only dangerous knife “gangs” who be ever tried it with me were all white. Sure, the one lad had a black face, but that was his balaclava. Maybe that’s what has confused you?
    As regards banning remote sales, well, times have changed, and in places with [competitor-X] Now coverage you could order a whole box of knives to arrive far faster than the heinously over-stretched police. So “something must be seen to be done”…

  31. Andrew Walsh - 3:09 pm 04/06/18

    As a retired Police officer my experiences lead me to believe with absolute certainty these measures will have no impact on knife crime.
    I did write to my MP from whom I received a positive response and information that
    a number of others had also raised concerns regarding this matter.

  32. Daniel - 4:55 pm 18/07/18

    Harold Kaye “Licence to carry one knife, max”? I regularly carry three or four knives. Each has its specific purpose and range of blades/tools. No one is made less dangerous by limiting them to carrying only one knife that conforms to UK carry rules.

  33. David - 3:48 pm 27/07/18

    My understanding is the bill will not prohibit sending UK friendly carry knives to domestic addresses.

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