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Heinnie Haynes Presents . . .

Coming soon to an ear bud near you is the brand new podcast by Heinnie Haynes . . . The Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast.

We aren’t going to spill all the beans just yet, but we’ve managed to get some really cool people and companies on this podcast from Preppers and Knife Makers to Explorers, and Bushcrafters from all over the world.

In each of the coming episodes we will attempt to extract as much knowledge and information from these people and companies as possible. Giving you an insight into what makes them tick, how they do what they do, and how they choose which kit and gear to produce.

All of the episodes are going to available through the blog and on iTunes (including the podcast app on your iPhone, and if you guys like what you hear we will look at opening it up even further).

When’s this podcast launching?

Very soon! Keep an eye here on the blog for the very first episode. As mentioned earlier you will be able subscribe on iTunes too so that you never miss an episode!


For the mean time, keep an eye on the blog!





One thought on “Heinnie Haynes Presents . . .

  1. Colin Mcgregor - 3:26 pm 28/01/16

    You should get the Pace Brothers on your show. They are big into hunting and outdoors and are getting bigger in the UK. One of them used to be a Navy Diver as well. Could be a good story into what kit they use and so on.

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