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Top 10 EDC Bags and Packs

On our Facebook page recently we got asked what was the best EDC Backpack. Our answer is not a clue haha. But seriously, there are loads of brilliant bags and packs out there, all of them are suited to different environments, uses and some are better for space, others for size. In this post we are not going to go in-depth in the features you need to look at when buying a bag (we’ve done that already in our backpack buying guide).

Instead in this post we are going to focus on the range of EDC bags that are available and look at the best in those mini categories.

The mini categories we are looking at are:


Messenger Bags




TAD Gear Fast Pack EDC

This is the biggest and most expensive of the EDC bags featured in this article. But, that isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s expensive for a reason. Without trying to sound like a sales pitch, it’s fantastic. The quality is second to none. The versatility and design is also astonishing. But, that’s exactly what you’d expect for the price!

In terms of EDC use, it is potentially a little big, but would you rather a bag that was slightly too big or too small? We’d definitely rather it was bigger why? It gives you options. If you want a ridiculously long lasting bag that has enough space and pockets for all your gear and gadgets then this is certainly for you.


5.11 Rush 12

This is a brilliant all-rounder bag. It’s not a specialist bag, but if you want a bag that can be easily at home on the commute to work in the morning, then be taken into the woods for some afternoon bushcraft.

The reason this bag is so versatile comes down to a number of key factors: Size, it’s big enough for almost anything you could need in your average day. Pockets, there are so many good sized pockets all over this bag, both internal and external. Everything is easy to access and safe to store. Versatility, the PALS webbing all over this bag make it ideal for customisation and the adding of extra pouches should you need. These three factors amongst all of the other qualities the pack has is why it has to be one of the top EDC backpacks.

5.11  Rush 12 Backpack Black

Maxpedition Duality

The Maxpedition Duality Backpack is a bit like the new kid on the block at the moment, and it’s getting quite a reputation for being a bit different. This is a single strap backpack, which can be adapted to become dual strap depending on your needs and wants. It’s a very standard Maxpedition bag with fantastic built quality and functionality. We also love the simplicity of this bag. It’s a no frills no nonsense bag that does exactly what you’d expect from a Maxpedition bag!

Maxpedition Duality Backpack


5.11 P.U.S.H. Pack

Small and mighty is the term that first comes to mind here. The design on this bag is great. The central pocket is spacious and roomy, then you also have to additional expanding side pockets, which are ideal for things like drinks bottles. Inside the main pocket you have sections to divide up your gear to make it easy to find, but realistically in a bag this size, it shouldn’t take you long to find everything anyway. As a small bag to carry almost anywhere this is highly recommended, but due to it’s small size, there is only so much it can do.

5.11 P.U.S.H. Pack

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack

The second offering on display from Maxpedition is the Jumbo Versipack. A lightweight, but hard-use Versipack that has all the features you need on a day-to-day basis. The functionality of this bag is great, and you can feel the quality of the materials. There are loads of different pockets for all your gear too! The final thing we really like about the Jumbo Versipack is how comfortable it is to wear and use. Having the waist strap is a nice bonus too, as if you are out anywhere such as on a bike, or crammed on a train, it’s good to know your bag is securely attached to your person.

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack

Snugpak Response Pak

Many of you wouldn’t forgive us if we didn’t include this bag which is absolutely incredible value for money. It’s not the prettiest looking bag, but does that matter if it does the job? It’s small and versatile with loads of space and pockets. It’s also really easy to carry; you can carry it either around your waist as a bum-bag or over your shoulder like a versipack. The choice is yours. Either way you’ll find the bag just as effective. Because of this bags versatility it is a must have for anyone who spends any sort of time outdoors. It’s probably not suited to the urban office worker, but if that office worker were to also be a bushcrafter, prepper, survivalist or first aider then they should own one.

Snugpak  Response Pak Black


5.11 Rush MOAB 10

If you think a standard backpack is too big, and a Versipack is too small, then consider a Gearslinger bag. We’ll start off by looking at the 5.11 Rush MOAB 10. This is essentially a smaller and single strap version of the Rush 12 which we examined earlier. It’s not too small though, as you can still fit a 13 inch laptop inside comfortably. It’s a really well thought out and designed bag, with plenty of pockets and storage area, allowing for ease of access, even when on the move.

5.11 Rush MOAB 10 10 Black

Maxpedition Sitka

The thought that has gone into this bag is astonishing. It’s designed perfectly for normally use and carry, but also just as well designed for front carry and access. With this bag you also get the additional feature of having a waist strap. This can be really helpful and useful if you are likely to be carrying your bag for long periods of time. The layout of this bag also allows for a huge range of pocket of all shapes and sizes for any sort of accessory. As with any Maxpedition bag, you pay for exactly what you get. They aren’t cheap to buy, because they aren’t cheap to make. Brilliant quality!

Maxpedition Sitka

Messenger Bags

Hazard 4 MOD Messenger Bag

This bag goes beyond any messenger bag you’ve likely used or seen before. It has so many options and features it is unreal. It can easily be at home I the office or in the bush. It ha a removable flat which is good because it can either give the bag a more urban feel, or it can be removed of ease of access. It’s extremely spacious on the inside and well designed for all of your everyday carry essentials (plus a little extra). It’s a messenger bag that can do a whole lot more.

Hazard 4 MOD Messenger Bag MOD Messenger Bag Black

5.11 Rush Delivery Mike

This is more like your typical messenger bag. It’s the smallest of the messenger bag range from 5.11, but that arguably makes it the most suited for EDC. It’s really a perfect bag for urban environments. It looks smart, but is also very functional and well thought out. There is plenty of space for all your EDC gear and loads of useful internal pockets. With messenger bags it’s really important you can protect things like your laptop. Because of this make sure you see which messenger bag is right for you, you may find that you need to upsize to the Lima or Xray which are simply bigger versions.

5.11 RUSH Delivery MIKE Black

What now . . .

With an EDC bag it’s very much down to preference. Some will prefer rucksacks, other will prefer messenger bags. Either way you need to firstly make sure that the size is right. Too small and it’s no good, too big and you’re carrying a bag that’s too big which is pointless. You also want to think about versatility, as it can my bag cope in a different environment? Can it be used for work and play? Asking yourself these and other questions will help you choose, but hopefully this has given you a good idea of some of the best out there.


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