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Top 12 under £12 – UK EDC Knives, Tools and Gear

As far as EDC is concerned, you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds on products to get value, or quality. Of course if you do have money, you can spend it on some really awesome high end kit, which will last the test of time, but also will be versatile and hard-use. For the purposes of this article we are going to look at 12 of the coolest and arguably the best things you can buy for under £12. To make it nice and easy we are going to break it down into four categories: Knives, Tools, Lighting and Other. Each section will contain three awesome products that should become part of a any EDC collection.


Opinel Carbon Steel Non-Locking

This a fantastic little knife. It’s small and effective. As with most Opinel knives the blade is high carbon which means that it has a really high hardness (see our steels guide). High carbon steels also retain their cutting edge for longer which is great for such a small knife. On a nice little side note Opinel are celebrating 125 years (in 2015) so all the more reason to get a iconic little knife from an iconic brand.


Rough Rider Midnight Baby Toothpick

The midnight series by Rough Rider is a very popular series and for good reason. From the aesthetic appeal to the 440C stainless steel blade. This a great knife for the money!


Schrade Imperial Sodbuster Small Black

If you want a knife that looks like a gent’s folder without the price tag normally associated with them, then the Imperial Sodbuster is for you. Not only is it such a good looking knife, it’s small enough to be carried but not so small that it become unusable. It’s 400 stainless steel blade is also ideal for those everyday tasks the average knife user has.



Hanwei Paul Chen Multi Tasker

Although not UK legal to carry in public, we had to include this tool as it’s simply one of the best value for money multi-tools out there. For the price you really can’t go wrong. It’s solid, well built and has a great range of functional tools, which are not only of good quality but also easy to use.


True Utility TrollyDolly

Despite the name, this is a pretty cool tool. It’s really darn useful for when you forget your pound coin for the trolley,but its also so much more. It has a bottle opener and flat head screwdriver and a quick release clip. Ideal or what?


Swiss Tech Utilikey

The ultilikey is a small tool that weighs just 14g. In that 14g though you get both a flat and phillips head screwdriver. Add that too the glasses scredriver, bottle opener, cutting edges (plain and serrated) and you can’t really go wrong?



Photon Microlight II

Small, compact, powerful, and available in a range of different colours depending on your needs and wants. Each colour offered different benefits and different lengths of use (explained in the product description). What makes this flashlight stand out from the rest is the sheer number of light hours you get. For a flashlight of this size, you will often find it difficult to get a good light to last past 6 hours. With this light though you can get anywhere from 12-120 hours depending on the LED colour.


Fenix E01

This flashlight uses a AAA battery, which in itself is a great feature, because it makes things so much easier. AAA batteries may not be the most powerful batteries available, but they are readily available, which is ideal. This flashlight also has a Nichia GS LED, which gives you 21 hours of light time. The final thing to mention is the aluminium shell is brilliant for two reasons: Firstly, it looks good. Secondly, it will live up to being banged and bashed in your pockets; a great hard-use flashlight.


Nitecore Tube

It may look like a toy, but don’t be fooled. It’s small, water-resistant and rechargeable. What we like about this torch is the versatility it has. It is the real deal, and offers something a little different to anything else in this price bracket. The fact that it’s USB re-chargable in itself is a fantastic addition!!



Rite in the Rain Tactical Notebook – 4 x 6”

A note pad, which you can write on in the rain . . . What will they think of next? Pure genius. Such an awesome concept, made into an even better reality. This should rally be part of anyone’s EDC collection no matter what the budget. Even in the days of the iPhone or the Android phone, you cannot beat a pen and paper for sheer timelessness and longevity. You never know when your phone will stop working, but with a pen and paper, that risk is reduced. Absolutely fantastic product!


Tombow Airpress Pen

Write any which way you want and the ink will still flow. The pressurised technology in this pen means that the ink is always forced to the nib, even when you are writing upside down. Having a pen that you know will work in as many situations as possible is always a great feature. Couple that with the Rite in the Rain notebook and a match made in heaven?


True Utility FireStash

A lighter that you can keep on your keys. How many times have you needed a lighter, but you can’t find it? That’s a thing of the past now with this refillable and waterproof lighter that you can carry with you, ready for when you need it. If you aren’t sold already, then there isn’t really anything else we can say.



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