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The 5 Most Underestimated Survival Skills

Survival skills should never be underestimated. Every single skill you learn will be a blessing and every single skill will undoubtedly be used when SHTF (S**T hits the Fan) or TEOTWAWKI (The end of the world as we know it), even generally in day to day life. In this post we aim to unmask some skills that often go under the radar and don’t get the credit and plaudits that they deserve. So here are the five most underestimated survival skills:


Sewing can seem like such and olden thing, but it’s really not! Being able to patch up holes in clothing and tarpaulin among many other things can said in survival. It’s not a skill that should be left to the Grandmothers of the world it’s one that should be passed on down the generations.

We’ve just mentioned some of the obvious uses for sewing so far, being clothing and tarpaulin, but what if you need to sew up a wound? This may seem simple, but if you’ve never sewn before you having nothing to base this assumption on.

There are also some great devices out there which can help you no end. Things like the Speedy Stitcher come into their own here. It can help you make those repairs quickly and effectively, without a high level of knowledge. If SHTF though you will still need to know how to sew manually!

Speedy Stitcher Deluxe Sewing Awl Kit #110

Speedy Stitcher Deluxe Sewing Awl Kit #110

Developing self sufficiency

Hunting requires spending a lot of energy, and there’s a reason that settled humans moved from hunting to cultivation in the form of growing food and rearing livestock. The ability to grow fruits and vegetables not only saves you from having to hunt as much, but it also provides nutrients for your diet that you might not otherwise obtain, especially when attempting to survive in the longer term. There are illnesses that can be brought on simply by not getting enough nutrition like Scurvy. This is something avoidable. The rearing of livestock would be a harder task but not unimaginably so. This will not only yield food, but it’s also a good way of keeping busy especially if your trying to survive in an environment far from the general population.

Food Preservation

When in times for plenty, it’s wise to prepare for times of nothing. In a survival situation, take nothing for granted. Just because there is plenty of food now doesn’t mean it will last. There are a number of ways to keep foods for longer periods of time. Canning preserved fruits and vegetables is still popular in many rural cultures. You’ll also be amazed to learn how many ways there are to preserve meats with salt and smoke, we’ll save this for another post though!


Tool Making

The ability to not only use tools, but also how to make them. Because, what happens when your knife breaks, or when you were bugging out you forgot your axe. The more a tool is used the sooner it will need replacing or repairing. If SHTF even here at Heinnie Haynes we might be able to deliver a new one to you. If that’s the case, learning how to make a new knife or axe can mean the difference in any survival situation.

Hunting and Foraging

Of the 5 types of skill mentioned here, these are probably the most well known. However, we’ve seen that many people either focus on the ability to hunt, or the ability to forge. In order to give you the best chances of survival, knowledge of both skills is extremely necessary. Developing on from that you’ll also want to think about clothing, because those really nice winter jackets you’ve brought probably won’t last forever. Skills like skinning will come into their own here.


There are loads of guides and videos out there, so if you are interested in anything we’ve mentioned in this post, a quick google search will help you get started!



3 thoughts on “The 5 Most Underestimated Survival Skills

  1. Anthony - 5:50 pm 01/09/15

    “No man is an island”

    Your long term survival in the case of a TEOTWAWKI is COMMUNITY and KNOWLEDGE,
    You can not survive long term without each other, sure you can survive, but your children or children’s children will be living in caves..

    Help each other, it’s not just the right thing to do, but also a long term investment,
    “Safety in numbers”

  2. Dennis - 2:32 pm 12/02/16

    Great post!
    I also recommend learning some mechanical skills, eve if its specific to either vehicles, equipment around the house or some other equipment. Learning how they work and what the most common things that need replacement or fixing. I recommend thinks that are mechanical, not electronics because we all know what could happen to those


  3. Kristopher - 1:54 pm 19/02/17

    Awesome Post ! Thank you for sharing

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