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How is prepping in the USA different compared to the UK?

Prepping is a global activity. It’s not restricted to the confines of certain countries or cultures, but instead it’s something that any one can, and arguably should do.

Although anyone can start prepping, the way you prep is hugely affected by the country that you live. For the purposes of this article we will look at how prepping is different in the USA compared to the UK.


There is a lot more space per head of population in the USA. This means if you need to go off the grid. It’s potentially much easier. There are extremely dense population centres though which makes it much harder to get off the beaten track. In the UK, there are some dense population centres such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, if SHTF in places like that, you will want to leave the city as fast as you can. The only problem is in the UK there is a lot less space for everyone to go, and there aren’t many places you could go where you could truly avoid everyone if thousands are heading to the countryside.


In the USA there is a much greater mindset towards prepping than the UK. Why? In the UK we are actually extremely lucky. Sure the weather isn’t always great and it rains a lot, but we don’t get hurricanes and tornados, years of drought or extreme cold weather. All of these affect parts of the USA. Take for instance Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that it caused to cities like New Orleans in 2005. People in the USA are more exposed to SHTF situations and therefore have a mindset towards protecting themselves. In the UK we do get extremes of weather and extreme flooding, for example the floods of 2007 and 2012. But, on the whole as a country we don’t get the extremes other countries get.


In the USA there appears to be a greater openness and acceptance of prepping. Sure there are many, many people who thinks it’s mad and unnecessary, but overall people seem to accept it more. In the UK there is still typecasting of preppers and prepping. This is mostly founded from US TV shows, which show the extreme side of prepping where people have built underground bunkers. Evidently this does happen, but it’s really not the norm. Most people just want to live self sufficiently and/or survive. This is the same whether you live in US or UK.


Looking at as much information out there as we can, it’s a fair assumption that prepping on the web is dominated by websites and content from the USA. That knowledge is therefore primarily aimed at the US market. We are not knocking the content in any way, but when most of the content you see is generated from a US perspective, and set up to grow US prepping and give Americans access to prepping. Although the content is good it’s not always relevant to the UK, hence why access can be a barrier to prepping. There are great UK based prepping websites, but they are much smaller then their American counterparts. Even with the internet, access is still an issue, but once you look hard enough you will be able to find specific prepping websites aimed at the area you want to know more about.


You can see from this one simple post that there are major differences in the mindset and the perception of prepping. In areas where people are used to SHTF situations prepping isn’t frowned upon, but encouraged. In hurricane season you are told to protect your house, get food you can eat and cook if the power goes down. Little things like that is part of prepping. In the UK we don’t get hurricanes, but we do get floods. Are you prepared for them? Have you made plans for protecting you home from water or have plans on where you can go if flooding is expected and you realistically can’t protect your home? Thoughts and actions like this are part of prepping. It’s not always looking at zombie apocalypses or meteor strikes, but realistic events that could happen any time.


2 thoughts on “How is prepping in the USA different compared to the UK?

  1. Gareth Lloyd-Tolman - 4:46 pm 15/09/15

    I’ve always found that there is almost too much stuff about prepping online and that it can get a little confusing but I recently found who have a free 1 year urban survival plan ( once you sign up to their newsletter ) it’s not aimed at the uk but is an interesting read all the same and it does give an idea about the practicalities of prepping. Another great article for uou guys, keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Gareth.

  2. John - 9:33 am 16/09/15

    Prepping is merely being willing to take some responsibliity for yourself and your family, are you going to whinge to the power company if the lights go out or be preppared by having a couple of torches handy. My wife thinks it is funny that we have a “bail out bag” in each car, but she appreciates it when it breaks down and the recovery truck takes 3 hours to turn up, or when you are stuck in a traffic jam for 6 hours trapped on the motorway.

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