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What actually is EDC (EveryDay Carry)?

What is exactly is EDC (EveryDay Carry)?


In many posts on our blog we talk about building your EDC collection. We’ve looked at how you can add to it no matter the size of your budget, or the size of your pocket (we will add some links at the end so you can find those articles easily). We’ve also looked at some of the most popular items we’ve seen people buying for their EDC collections.

This post though is aimed at the newbies, the beginners and the guys who want to know more before they actually buy. So read away and find out what EDC really means,

EveryDay Carry by Heinnie Haynes on Instagram

EveryDay Carry by Heinnie Haynes on Instagram

What does EDC (Everyday Carry) mean?

EDC as you’ve probably noticed is short for EveryDay Carry. EveryDay Carry to us means; the items you have with you nearly every single day that can be of use to you during the day or night.

These are the items you can’t bear to leave you house without, the things you panic that you’ve lost if you can’t find them straight away. They are thing things that help you when you need them most, and make your day that little bit better, or that little bit easier.

What we want to get across is that EDC items are useful and practical not just something which is in your pocket because you forgot about it or because it’s there by habit. Every item should have a purpose or range of uses, if it doesn’t then it’s not EDC.

EDC by one of the guys at Heinnie Haynes on Instagram

EDC by one of the guys at Heinnie Haynes on Instagram

What is the point?

We get asked this all the time. What is the point in EDC? Why do I need to carry all these things?

These questions often come from when you guys see pictures on social media of people carrying almost hundreds of items of their keys and in their pockets. This creates a bit of a false perception. Sure if you want you can carry loads of things, but that’s not truly what EDC is. The point in EDC is that it’s the things you are likely to need on a daily basis. This doesn’t have to be much. It could simply be 1, 2 or 3 items. It could be 15-20 items. The point is that it’s a very individual thing.

In terms of why people start and EDC collection, there are a number of reason: Firstly ‘to make life easier’. Having tools around you means you don’t have to go hunting for a small Phillips screwdriver to change the batteries on your child’s toy, or having a knife means you can cut up your apple on the go. The second reason is ‘independence and self reliance’, this will resonate with people who don’t want to wait around for others, and just get on with a job. It’s about having the tools necessary to do a job in as many circumstances as possible. For some people EDC is just a matter of ‘convenience’. Having more tools as close to you as possible makes for many minutes of the day saved. The final reason for building and EDC collection is ‘identity and individuality’ so people would say “you are what you carry”. Your EDC says a lot about you as a person. Because it should be truly unique to you and personal to your tastes/preferences and needs. Plus it’s always fun to compare your EDC with your mates to see who’s is ‘better’ haha.

EDC by @Quotidianprepper on Instagram

EDC by @Quotidianprepper on Instagram

What sort of things do people carry?

As we’ve said in our other EDC posts and so far in this post. There is no one size fits all approach to EDC, but that being said, there are a few thing with are commonly included:

You are probably already carrying three items which make up the building blocks of your EDC. Phone, Keys Wallet.

Many of you won’t be able to leave the house without them (or get back in with some types of door). These three items will be the foundations upon which to build. Your phone is ideal as it has so much functionality and multiple uses. Your wallet not only stores money, but important information, and even certain tools. Finally your keychain, which allows you to keep many of your tools in the same place, then also hold all your essential keys.

Now many people then add one or more of the three following items. A knife, a flashlight and a multi-tool. This is of course a matter of choice and each of the products in those categories vary massively. Some of you for example with want a keychain sized knife, others will prefer a bigger Swiss Army Knife style tool. Neither is right or wrong, it all depends on the tools you need everyday.

Have a look at the links we’ve added to the bottom of the article, which will help guide you though the process of choosing the right EDC for your needs and budget.

EDC (EveryDay Carry) by Heinnie Haynes on Instagram

EDC (EveryDay Carry) by Heinnie Haynes on Instagram

Quantity Vs Quality. Needs Vs Wants.

Essentially you can carry whatever you want, in whichever way suits you best. Conventional wisdom says you want as few items as possible, that are capable of doing as many tasks as possible.

Remember as well that your EDC will evolve over time. You will not necessarily get it right from the off. You may not realise how often or how little you need certain tools. Many people keep changing and swapping their EDCs over time depending on their needs. That comes from experience. Until that time you need to build from the ground up.


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