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What is a SCARE Bag? What should I include?

What is a S.C.A.R.E. BAG? What should I include?

If you are into the outdoors, you will likely have heard of a bug-out bag. However, something you may not be aware of is a SCARE Bag. Don’t worry we aren’t talking scaring the living daylights out of neighbours, we are talking about a ‘Social Chaos and Response Emergency’ Bag.

This isn’t the same as a bug-out bag. Instead it’s a smaller bag which is designed to take everywhere, and it should have inside all of the items you may need to survive and navigate sudden chaotic events. This could be anything from a car crash to rioting (as we saw in 2011), or even a terrorist activity (which touch wood you aren’t involved in)

Now, we are aware that laws vary in different countries so in this post we will separate out certain sections between UK Friendly Carry and non-UK Friendly Carry. The big difference being that certain knives and multi-tools cannot be carried around in the UK (and other strict countries) at will. We aren’t hermits and realise there are other places in the world, so hopefully this post will give you a flavour as to what a S.C.A.R.E. bag should include . . .

Well actually, before we go into what should be included, let us look at the size of bag. For a SCARE bag you want something that can literally be carried everyday (pretty much and EDC bag). It need to be much smaller than a bug-out bag because this isn’t a 72 hour pack. A bug-out bag is designed to be left at home and/or in the car for you to get out. This little SCARE bag is there for you to use when you are already out, and need to get back home either to get your bug-out bag or just to get home.

The Bag

There are a number of options, and they will differ depending on what you class as your everyday carry needs. If you carry a laptop everyday, then these suggestions aren’t going to be that useful, fear not though, as luckily on our website we have plenty of EDC bags that will work for you!

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S-Type 5.11 Rush MOAB 10 10 Black

Maxpedition Noatak Gearslinger Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack

Items that EVERYONE can carry


Lightweight, strong and multifunctional. There are so many everyday uses for this cord. For your SCARE bag there are also a number of uses such as running kit repairs, attaching additional kit to your bag, or even for tying yourself to another person so that you don’t get lost in any chaos.

Atwood Rope Micro Cord 15m

First Aid Kit

If this is to be carried with you everyday, you want something that is going to be small and compact but without compromising the essentials. The essentials may differ slightly depending on where you are most likely to be, but generally things like plasters, antiseptic wipes, and wound dressings are the bare minimum. These can be carried in a tin, pocket, pouch or little bag. There are plenty of options here.

Adventure Medical Kits Adventure First Aid 0.5


Now for this you want something small, reliable and bright. There are a number of different flashlights that can provide this for you. But, not all have the same advantages. A question you will want to ask yourself is to AA or not to AA. By that we mean are you wanting a flashlight that runs off AA batteries or even AAA, or would you prefer one which runs off CR123 or 18650 batteries. The choice is essentially a choice between power output (CR123/18650) or availability (AA/AAA).

Another feature that is worth considering is where you want to carry your flashlight. Some you can attach to the outside of your pack, others are small enough for a keyring, others simply have a pocket clip, and some may even have none of the above. How you carry your flashlight can be very important to how likely you are to use it.

Some suggestions you may find useful are the MecArmy IllumineX Series which offers you a small but powerful flashlight for a very reasonable price! The Olight Baton Series are also very good flashlights that a super powerful but a fraction the size of your traditional Maglites. Whatever your preference there will be a flashlight suitable.

MecArmy IllumineX-3 Copper Olight S1 Baton

Tactical Pen

With a tactical pen you don’t only get a quality writing implement, you also can get a versatile tool which is capable of tasks breaking glass in an emergency. They can look awesome and actually provide a purpose.

Sharpie or Fisher Refilled Pen

Sharpies are essentially permanent markers which allow you to write pretty much anywhere, on anything! Very useful if you are leaving notes for people to follow, or want to write important information down. Fisher is another really great brand for refill pens that can virtually write anywhere!

Waterproof Notepad

If you have got a pen, it’s always good to have a notepad, a waterproof notepad. You never know what situation you’ll be facing, but you can probably guess that it will most likely be raining (sods law). Having all your important stuff written down in a physical place can never be underestimated. You never know what will happen to those virtual clouds!

Escape/wallet tools

You never know what is around the corner, but whatever the situation is, you are likely to have your wallet with you. Now that is where these tools come in ultra handy. But, even if you don’t carry a wallet it’s worth having one in your bag/pocket.

A Readyman Hostage Escape Card – Ideally placed to get you out of a situation you could not predict. Having a neat little tool like this can be very useful, but you won’t know until you need it!

Wallet Ninja Multi-tools – Different tools, each offering a different range of benefits and potential uses. They also fit perfectly into the card section of your wallet! For just £7.95 you can’t argue with the value for money!

Touch of Ginger – A range of different wallet sized tools made and designed in the UK. Everything from mirrors, toothpicks, bottle openers, spanners and even lock picks. For a functional everyday use tool that can also be very useful in a SCARE situation then Touch of Ginger are worth considering!

Readyman Hostage Escape Card Wallet Ninja Pro 26-in-1 Multi Tool

Tools for different countries

As we briefly covered earlier, where you live determines what you can carry. You can find full details on UK knife law here.

Right ok for this section we will simply group products between UK friendly carry and non-UK friendly carry. This is for simplicity, as trying to group products be a whole range of countries would be mad!

UK Friendly Multi-tools

This is just a sample of UK Friendly Carry multi-tools on offer, and what you’ll notice particularly with UK Friendly carry tools that they won’t include a knife, as with most multi-tool the way they open and close can effectively lock the blade open. This is not the case with all, but it is definitely a case of ‘rather not run the risk’.

CRKT Viva True Utility FIXR 20-in-1

  Leatherman Tread Maserin Pocket Tool Crocodile

Other Multi-tools

There are literally hundereds of potnetial multi-tool options out there. This is barely scratching the surface, but these are some of our favourites. These are tools which aren’t strictly UK carry due to the ability to virtually lock the blades. Even if you are outside of the UK, it’s worth checking your local knife laws before carrying one.

Hanwei Paul Chen Multi Tasker Leatherman REV

Gerber Diesel Stainless Leatherman Signal

UK Friendly Knives

These are the knives you can legally carry in the UK and other countires with similar laws.

Boker Plus Tech-Tool 5 Carbon Fibre Boker Plus XS OD

HH Quartermaster – Barney McGrew Flagged Victorinox EvoGrip 16

Other Knives

The range of potential knives in this section is enormous, so what we will do is focus on smaller knives. Remember these are knives that should be in a bag that will be with you nearly all of the time, so it is important they are practical! (Make sure you check knife laws in your area first before carrying one).

Ontario RAT II Florian Neck Knife

Spyderco  Para-Military II Boker Plus Gnome

Anything else?

There are other items which some of you may argue should be included such as watches and navigation equipment, but there are reasons why we haven’t. Firstly in terms of watches; a watch is nearly always worn, and shouldn’t be left in a bag otherwise what is the point? Regarding the point on navigation; firstly this isn’t a bug-out bag this is a get-home back it’s a get out a hot situation quick, then bug-out. The second part to this point is also that most phones and watches these days include navigation tools in them. For a small bag that you carry everyday, is it entirely necessarily to have a separate navigation system?

If you are putting together a SCARE bag, remember always that this isn’t a bug-out bag, nor is it a substitute for one.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read please feel free to share it wherever and whenever, also if you have any additional comments please leave them below!


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