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What should be included in a Bushcraft Kit? From Knives and Tools to First Aid and Knowledge . . . with Ben Roberts

What should be included in a Bushcraft Kit? From Knives and Tools to First Aid and Knowledge . . . with Ben Roberts

Welcome to the 20th episode of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast brought to you by Heinnie Haynes. In this podcast we try to extract as much knowledge and ideas as possible from some of the hardest people and companies on the planet. Our aim for the podcast is to continually provide you with some great knowledge and information from a wide range of people and companies who are actually out there doing the business.

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The Show Notes

Following on from the really positive response we got to the last solo podcast episode with just myself, we decided this would be a good time to talk about a topic that’s recently been to us a lot; “how do I put together a proper bushcraft kit?”

In this episode we look at how you build a bushcraft kit, and what you need to include. We also delve into the knowledge and planning needed for any bushcrafting trip. this is an episode offering up huge amounts of knowledge and suggestions, which is definitely worth listening too!

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Because of the way in which this episode was set out we won’t be including full show notes for this episode. Instead we shall draw your attention to some of the key links and people mentioned in the episode so that you can read and watch exactly what was mentioned in the show!

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What should be included in a Bushcraft Kit? From Knives and Tools to First Aid and Knowledge . . . with Ben Roberts

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