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Why hunting is the most ethical way to source food with the Pace Brothers

Why hunting is the most ethical way to source food . . . with the Pace Brothers

Welcome to the 11th episode of the Hardest Kit on the Planet Podcast brought to you by Heinnie Haynes. In this podcast we try and extract as much knowledge and ideas as possible from some of the hardest people and companies on the planet. Our aim for the podcast is to continually provide you with some great knowledge and information from a wide range of people and companies who are actually out there doing the business.

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The Show Notes

In this episode I (Ben Roberts) talk to the Pace Brothers (Daryl and Byron) who run an outdoor filming and production company but are also avid hunters. They currently have on YouTube some really cool videos of what they do, and they are also about to release a new series online, which sounds really interesting!

In this episode we talk about, hunting and the ethics of hunting. The reputation of hunting. What you can hunt in the UK and where you can hunt. The rules and regulations related to and about hunting. We also look at what you can and should do with the animals that you kill and the gear/ tools you need to hunt.

Again like every other episode of the show, this one is fantastic not just because they give you stacks of information, but this week we also chat about some pretty thought provoking and emotive topics.

Before we actually get into the show notes, please bear with some slight audio background noise in this episode. I did my best edit it down, but have just moved to our new gaff, and we haven’t quite got round to setting up our new recording studio area yet. But,it’s a good job the conversation itself is high quality!

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Why hunting is the most ethical way to source food with the Pace Brothers

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Why hunting is the most ethical way to source food with the Pace Brothers


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