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An interview with Mikkel Willumsen (The man behind the Lanksy World Legal)


Some of you may recognise the name. If you know the name you’ll at least be aware of two brilliant UK Friendly EDC knives this guy has brought out over the last two years or so . . . the Lansky World Legal and Lansky Madrock. These are both fantastic knives and both recently made it into our top 10 UK EDC knives of 2015.


Answering questions exclusively for the Heinnie Haynes blog we hope to give you a glimpse into the background of a designer that’s going from strength to strength bringing out not just awesome collaborations with Lansky but also loads of other knives including this Heinnie Haynes exclusive!

Willumsen Urban Tactical 2

Willumsen Urban Tactical 2


Without futher delay here is the mini interview!


How did you get started in designing knives? And how long have you done it for?


It was doing my education as a teacher in art and crafts that I got started. That was in 1997 so been just under 20 years now. I started out at the forge making Viking style knives, but found out that tactical knives were more my thing.


Where do you get your design inspiration from?


Mostly I get it from looking at super cars and motorcycles, I like that fast curved look that most super cars and bikes have got, if you twist that imagery slightly and use those lines on a knife you can get an simple knife but with some crazy out lines.


The new Lansky/Willumsen collaboration coming later this year is called “Cobra ace” and is inspired by a Cobra snake.


But some times I also have to design from a different angle. That is when it comes to creating hunting and hard-use knives; they often demand a simpler design.


How do you decide what materials to use?


It depends on what design and price range.


But, at the moment I really like to create in full titanium. I am getting a new CNC Mill in a few weeks and that will open up the possibility to get more out of the materials I use. Such as Carbon/G10 and things like that.


What new products have you got in the pipeline to be released soon? What
else are you working on?


Since I don’t take custom orders any more I have to come up with new ideas by myself. The first bigger project on the new CNC Mill will be a 3 inch 500 USD EDC knife. But, there will also be more limited edition knives at a higher price.




Hopefully this mini interview has given you a little glimpse into the mind of a brilliant knife designer. We look forward to seeing more of his work coming, so keep your eyes peeled!


Also if you like what you are reading here we are in the process of sorting other mini interviews so keep an eye out. Also if you would like to leave a comment letting us know what you think that would be awesome!



One thought on “An interview with Mikkel Willumsen (The man behind the Lanksy World Legal)

  1. Dane - 3:57 pm 30/04/16

    Mikkel’s work is epic. I have both the World Legal and the EDC responder. I carry both. Love them. Really wish we could talk Mikkel into doing a flipper version of the World Legal. I think the purchase of the World Legal is amazing. A flipper framelock in full titanium or half titanium and a scale on one side would be the my dream knife. Can we look forward any more collaboration knives with lansky? Like a frame lock (wink wink)?

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