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Zelter shleter at

Zelter Shelter now available at®

Here at Heinnie Haynes® we stock a huge range of kit for hard use in the real world. Our customers put their purchases through its paces in the wildest parts of the UK. The kit sold at® includes knives, multitools, clothing, backpacks and tents, but nothing quite like this.

Zelter Shelter at
The Zelter Shelter is an incredible piece of engineering. It’s a waterproof poncho, which turns into an overnight bivvy with a few puffs from your lungs. We’ve all seen bivvys which use walking sticks, bendy poles or paracord to keep them up, but the Zelter shelter is different. The ridgeline and entrance are made up of inflatable beams, which can be inflated easily. If you like, you can peg the corners down, but really, this is a really simple idea which works incredibly well.

When demonstrating the Zelter Shelter to us here at®, it’s creator, Lee showed us how well constructed it is. The sturdy fabric used in its construction is 10K waterproof, as you might expect, and also breathable (to RET12, if you’re interested) on a par with your famous name walking jackets. The seams are welded together, and the fittings feel extremely well made.

Our favourite part of it is the way it transitions from being packed as a compact carry roll, into a useful wearable poncho, then on into a tent. You’ll see from the video that Lee made how straightforward it is. The Zelter Shelter is packed into a carry bag, which has easy to follow pictorial instructions printed on it. We approve.

Zelter Shelter at
Available in two versions. The Zelter Shelter is the wearable one, and it’s also available as the Zelter Tent/Tarp without the head-hole and wearability.

The Zelter Shelter, now here in the UK at®


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