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Boker Plus Gnome

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Boker Plus Gnome

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test 1Boker Plus Gnome Thumbnail Imagetest 2Boker Plus Gnometest 3test 4
test 1Boker Plus Gnome Thumbnail Imagetest 2Boker Plus Gnometest 3test 4
test 1Boker Plus Gnome Thumbnail Imagetest 2Boker Plus Gnometest 3test 4
test 1Boker Plus Gnome Thumbnail Imagetest 2Boker Plus Gnometest 3test 4
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test 1Boker Plus Gnome Thumbnail Imagetest 2Boker Plus Gnometest 3test 4

Boker Plus Gnome

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £47.95
  • Stag
  • Olive Wood
  • Micarta
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Boker Plus Gnome

Boker Plus Gnome

From: £47.95


The Boker Plus Gnome, might be small, but it is gnome joke . . . Seriously though, it’s a really good knife that’s sold huge amounts for two key reasons. It’s versatility and it’s eye-catching quality and aesthetics.

Although small, it is a full tang knife, and boasts 440C stainless steel. This gives it good corrosion resistance and it’s prettyb easy to resharpen.

Regarding the handle; you get a choice of 3 types, Micarta, Stag or Olive. Each style offers you a slightly different feel and the knife a slightly different look, but all of which are very comfortable.

The Micarta version of the Boker Plus Gnome comes complete with a kydex sheath and neck chain, whereas the Stag and Olive versions come with a leather sheath.

Surely there is gnome way you can resist buying one of these?


Code 02BO270-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker Plus
Blade Material: 440C Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 5.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Overall Length (cm): 9.7
Product Weight (g): 45


  1. Lovely... really grows on you!Review by
    The first one of these I bought I returned as it seemed so dinky I just couldn't mentally accept it as a usable tool. But after I returned it I kind of regretted it instantly... my wife cottoned on and bought me the micarta version.
    Aaaanyway... it's brilliant. Having spent a day using it properly it really does perform far better than its size suggests, brilliant at slicing and detail. I've skinned with it, and for small game it's a cracker. I've whittled with it, and the high 'thumb right behind the tip' grip makes detailed chip carving a pleasure. And the usual box opening/apple-slicing/fingernail cleaning is a breeze. It's a knife that really becomes part of you, and is far too cute to frighten anyone!

    Sheath could be better, I prefer the leather one to the micarta but may make my own.

    Usual A* to Heinnie for service, sometimes I swear they must post things before I've ordered them!
    (Posted on )
  2. 5 months in and excellent edcReview by
    I've got the mircarta and kydex version. It's a very well made and good bit of kit. Robust enough to use as a work knife.
    Whilst we are on the subject of work.. how do you use a knife with a handle that basically sits in the crook of your forefinger?
    Well I find it a very natural configuration especially as a work knife. It's design and ergonomics have more of the stone hand axe than the knife about them. For slicing and cutting hold lie your forefinger along the back of the blade and you can get phenomenal accuracy certainly easier to use than the Stanley knife/ box cutter type blade.
    As with all quality blades it is the sharpness and quality of the edge that does the work rather than the leverage of the handle.
    (Posted on )
  3. Great neck knifeReview by
    I enjoy this knife every day, an absolute pleasure. (Posted on )
  4. Brilliant and handy Review by
    Absolutely love the super sharp, satin finish, olive Gnome. Being a Syoerco man for a number of years, I absolutely pleased with my first Boker which will come in super handy on camping trips. Coupled with the super service from Heinnie Haynes this is a brilliant buy. (Posted on )
  5. Alot of knife for minimum cost!Review by
    Just recieved mine and picked it up from the post-office. Big thanks to Heinnie Haynes who managed to get it from the UK to Sweden in exactly one week shipped. Props! The knife straight from the box was razor-sharp, had a little play around with it and it is alot of knife in a small package. Will have to put it through some more tests and every-day carrying, but so far - awesome build, great blade, and a great Böker knife. (Posted on )
  6. WOW !!!Review by
    WOW !!! , that was my first thought when i opened the box , its a little beauty ( micarta version ). Came razor sharp, but that would not be an issue if it was'nt because this knife is going to be displayed with the rest of my collection .
    Feels good in the hand given its size so i'm sure this would be a usable knife for anyone wanting a small neck knife . Great service & fast delivery again from Heinnie , not enough stars to rate this company highly enough 10/10 thanks : )
    (Posted on )
  7. Excellent and very useableReview by
    I bought this having recently lost a knife i use for scoring lines in woodwork when i make bee hives.
    I was after a handy knife easy to keep on my belt in between use so i went for the olive wood in a leather sheath.
    This fits the bill and is perfect for the job, in fact i find it now lives on my belt permanently and i never notice it is there. The blade holds a perfect edge and sharpens to a razor edge easily.
    For the purpose bought it is great and it is also coming out for those little jobs far more often than other blades i have.
    Get one , although small it is really handy for a suprising number of jobs.
    I will easily use Heinnie Haynes again.
    (Posted on )
  8. Boker = QualityReview by
    I use this knife almost every day on ship and it has not let me down and has kept it's edge well too. A tiny knife that does really well. (Posted on )
  9. QualityReview by
    To own this little beauty is to love it! Comes razor sharp out of the box very usable as you can get a real good grip on it due to the extra thick spine and space for your finger to grip around the handle very tight. The sheath is of high quality leather but I modified it I cut the belt straps off and drilled a hole in the sheath so I could put some paracord through it to hang round my neck, worked a treat looks beautiful and works well. 5/5 (Posted on )
  10. Boker GnomeReview by
    This knife is very small, even smaller than I anticipated but it handles well because of the finger choil. It would probably handle better with jimping on the top edge for your thumb, as it is designed as a choke hold, but I purchased this for my collection and with that in mind I have no complaints. It is beautifully finished, has a sharp blade and no other knife looks like it. I love it (Posted on )
  11. Update to earlier reviewReview by
    Well, following my previous review where I explained that the sheath had become loose and unusable, I contacted Boker HQ to ask for their help and I was amazed that they immediately dispatched a brand new sheath, no questions asked and totally FOC.

    Absolutely amazing level of service and..... it fits perfectly.

    Happy ending all round.

    (Posted on )
  12. If knives could talk....Review by
    I must be honest, I bought this little chap for his novelty appeal. I liked the wood, red linings and the cheeky blade.
    However, it appears this fella has a bit more depth to his character. Actually a very useful blade for making small jobs at home a pleasure. Strangely comfortable and secure in hand, tactile and pleasing to look at.
    My copy had perfect scales with no 'natural imperfections' and was well finished. Not immensely sharp out of the box but easy enough to greatly improve. This knife would be a lovely gift, as it is nicely presented with a decent leather sheath. The only possible caveat lies in the fact that you could buy something much bigger and more 'practical' for less money but surely this is obvious.
    I do find myself wondering what this impish little knife would have to say for himself if knives could talk.

    Usual first class service from the team at Heinnies.
    (Posted on )
  13. Tiny but greatReview by
    To repeat the other reviewers, this knife is very, very small. Based on the reviews I had expected a small item...but was still somewhat surprised! Yet, after enjoying the quality and beauty there are certainly no regrets. Not sure how much you'd ever use it outside the home but it's a 'nice to have' piece. As a note - I also did not receive a neck chain so perhaps they have stopped including. (Posted on )
  14. Lovely little knifeReview by
    My second Gnome - I also have one of the limited edition white Micarta versions - but bought this one strictly as a "user". The knife is small, sharp and handy, though it benefits from having a lanyard to provide additional grip.

    Can't help but smile every time I use it!
    (Posted on )
  15. Beautiful!Review by
    Awesomely crafted neck knife. Robust and smooth design. Gave it a touch on my Spyderco Sharp Maker and now it is hair-whittling sharp!

    Never to forget the generous next-day delivery from Heinnie Haynes. Guys, you rock!
    (Posted on )
  16. Sheaths are fixable.Review by
    The knife is fab, my few gripes are the sharp points on the handle that make choking up to put a finger along the spine uncomfortable. Only really an issue if you're using the gnome for fine cutting.

    The sheath: the top rivet on the sheath (near where the blade comes out) was loose within an hour of unboxing. By the end of the day, I decided to hang the consequences and just give the rivet a good hammering. It's worked fine the last few days worn around my neck, I'm pretty sure it's fixed.
    (Posted on )
  17. Unique little knifeReview by
    As another review said, it's one of those knives you can't help playing with!
    Mine didn't come with a neck chain in the box but I'm not sure if I'd really use it and I have plenty of cord I could use anyway.
    It's even smaller than it looks in the pictures and is very nicely finished but you would expect that for such a small knife at this price. It's more like functional jewellery than a tool but is so solid it should stand up to a lot of abuse. Fits nicely over one finger but is very sturdy and sharp for some hard cutting. I've not tried Boker knives before but after this I immediately ordered their Arbolito El Trampero (Trapper) with the stag handle. Can't wait for it to arrive.
    (Posted on )
  18. Stunning little knifeReview by
    Real quality, great little knife, smaller than anticipated, love it. (Posted on )
  19. Good knife. Bad sheath.Review by
    I still really like the Gnome, but the sheath that came with it (as in the picture) very quickly worked loose and is now no longer useable as even in the upright position there is a risk the knife will fall out and be lost and it's too good to risk that.

    So, I will now try to purchase a leather one, when they come back in stock, but if anyone knows where I might get a replacement kydex one, I'm open to ideas.
    (Posted on )
  20. Too good for the GardenReview by
    Great delivery as always and what a surprising little package the Gnome is! Mine arrived nice and sharp and although the handle is tiny, it allows sufficient grip when cutting. The sheath offers strong retention and the 2 holes for the neck lanyard fitted nicely into the metal belt clip that came with my TOPS Baghdad Box Cutter, so now the little Gnome sits perfectly in a horizontal carry at the side of my belt buckly when out in the wilds. I love it and when needed, it's a very enthusiastic little blade. Recommended. (Posted on )
  21. Awesome little thingReview by
    The Gnome really is a cute little knife and this is my second one, the red liners aren't quite as vibrant as in the photo though if the looks are important to you.

    The knife is perfectly balanced and you can get a surprising amount of grip on that small handle.

    The two eyelet sheath on this model will not fit a TekLok, the older version does, but I understand that Boker had problems rolling out the old sheaths to keep up with demand. The revised design puts the eyelets too far apart for this purpose, but it's fine for neck carry or for dumping in a bag somewhere.

    Sheath retention was stiff at first but it's wearing in nicely.

    If the sheath fitted a TekLok then I'd give this one 5 stars.
    (Posted on )
  22. Big Little KnifeReview by
    I love Bîker and when I saw this little Bobby Dazzler I had to have it.

    Ergonomically it sits in the hand perfectly. It is small, but the blade thickness is huge. You could use this for any number of tasks. And, coming with the kydex neck sheath it's always there but small enough to go unnoticed.

    Great blade and great service from the Heinnie Haynes team, yet again!!
    (Posted on )
  23. lil' BeastReview by
    Excellent piece of kit from Boker. Small, but comfortable 2.5 finger grip, I have fat fingers too! Lanyard and thumb on back of blade help stabilise it for detailed work. Fits great in my survival kit. Shaving sharp OTB. No probs handling food prep and making feathersticks. Fit and finish is excellent on both knife and leather sheath. Even came with chain to hang around your neck. Excellent little blade. Fast delivery and well packaged. (Posted on )
  24. BeautyReview by
    Quality knife! Very small I can only get one finger on the handle (I do have sausage fingers) but it is a quality piece of kit solid as a rock and the finish is awesome. (Posted on )
  25. Little eye-catcherReview by
    From the moment I laid eyes on this little knife, it has held me fascinated. Sharp as a razor out for the box and delivered next day from HH (Excellent service!!!) I have not been able to let this knife and I be separated for any long periods since.

    For anyone that is looking for something a little out of the ordinary, while still wanting a performant knife that can be used for everyday cutting requirements; this is a great candidate.

    It's small size makes it very versatile and the quality is just plain to see. The sheath is also really cute btw.

    I'd be surprised to hear anyone saying they don't get enjoyment out of this knife and despite it's small size I find it very easy to use in the hand. It's small size also means it fits into most bags / pockets very nicely.
    (Posted on )
  26. Brilliant knife!Review by
    Got this a while ago and it never ceases to make me smile! punches well above its weight and looks great! get one now! you wont regret it.
    (Posted on )
  27. Sweet little knife.…Review by
    Sweet little knife. Sharp, well made and defo one for the collection. But what do you do with it? I know. Just enjoy! Thanks to all at HH for extraterrestrial service! (Posted on )
  28. Small but beautifully formedReview by
    When my wife saw this knife her immediate response was "oh, how cute.' She's right of course, it is, but in the same way a pearl handled Derringer is 'cute'. It's an extremly useful piece of kit. The sheath feels solid enough to last, but the chain will have to go. (Posted on )
  29. Ain't no garden ornamentReview by
    This lil thing can do a lot more than sit on a rock and fish. Really good value for money, my first BOKER and certainly not my last. (Posted on )
  30. Good KnifeReview by
    Well worth the money this came sharp out of the box is very robust. All in all a great little knife and the usual fantastic service fron HH. (Posted on )

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