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Boker Plus Vox Access Tool

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Boker Plus Knives Vox Access Tool

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Boker Plus Vox Access Tool

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Boker Plus Vox Access Tool

Boker Plus Vox Access Tool



Boker have worked with designer Jesper Voxnaes in the development of this high class, titanium pocket/keychain rescue tool. It is a leverage and nail tool, but also as a bottle opener and carabiner. The highlight is the carbide glass breaker located at the rear end between the O-rings.


Code 09BO310
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker Plus
Overall Length (cm): 9.5
Body Material: Titanium


  1. A nice little additionReview by
    This makes a nice little addition to my UFO ring alongside my black Spydie DogTag folder on a essexman lanyard.

    It sits flat with a small o-ring on the UFO and the separation minimises any jangles.

    Ergonomics - it's small. Takes about half the length of my closed fist. there is enough width and depth to it for a reassuringly strong hold for prying. Have used on small nails. Albeit quite a delicate operation with any soft wood because of the small footprint of the nail pry, it is effective and saves fishing around for a claw hammer. I haven't used the glass breaker and I figure it's probably better to leave this for emergencies rather than testing as the nature of the stud seems almost like an afterthought and it looks like it could break off if the punch angle is off centre. During camping it would double up as a nice hanger using the little caribinar gate, for keeping small bags off the tarp / ground. Doubles up as a bottle opener too, using the 'bic lighter method'.

    Finish - very nice, naked and likely annealed,as AC says above (or at least thermal hardened / case hardened. Final texture is matt, though having been around my neck for 6 months has developed a very nice pattina. Picks up scuffs easily though these are superficial and mellow out into a nice patterning over time.

    Function - as above, handy to have. Main issue is the centre hole - why didn't they stamp a graduated wrench in this? seems like a total waste of this precious real estate.

    Bottom line - happy to have this, used it many times. good quality metal, main issue is centre hole - why oh why didn't they stamp out a graduated wrench??? Hence 4/5 stars.
    (Posted on )
  2. UsefulReview by
    When I received this item I was a bit unsure about it. It was so light I was sure it would break with the first use. Now I take it everywhere it has provided itself to be a reliable and robust EDC. The tool is very versatile and recommended. (Posted on )
  3. If GQ did multitoolsReview by
    Other than as a very stylish bottle opener,(possible) glass breaker & occasional box opener I can only describe the VAT as the ultimate key fob attachment for the engineering geek. Silly money for what it is but I absolutely love it. (Posted on )
  4. Very handy tool…Review by
    Very handy tool indeed, strong and very very light. I don't pry nails with mine so I have sharpened inside the v notch in the end and it's great for cutting plastic transit straps when I can't be bothered getting my knife out. (Posted on )
  5. BrilliantReview by
    Possibly the most useful tool I've ever owned. (Posted on )
  6. Lovely little toolReview by
    Thus is a great emergency tool that is so light you can just clip it to your keychain and forget it is there. So you can be certain when you need it then it will be easily accessible. (Posted on )
  7. Glass Breaker!Review by
    I had the opportunity to use the glass breaker during some extrication training.
    Unfortunately I had to hit the glass with such force my hand followed through the glass...not ideal!
    The trainer thought it looked great though!
    (Posted on )
  8. Superb quality toolReview by
    Mine has just arrived this morning - superb service from HH as usual!

    The quality of the tool is superb - I have not used it properly yet though.

    I was a bit dubious about it being Titanium - I have a watch in Ti that sustains marks/scratches very easily. This is totally different though - possibly annealed Titanium, as the finish is very hard indeed.
    (Posted on )
  9. BIG BAD BARReview by
    THIS IS PIMP!!! what a good piece of kit just the right size , strong and lightweight! had mine for a few weeks now, all that can be said is to simply "BUY ONE" as always great service from the h/h team. (Posted on )
  10. Superb!Review by
    All titanium construction makes it super lightweight and really strong, spring to the caribener/bottle opener is nice & stiff showing use of a decent spring.

    The only slight issue there may be is with the prybar, of sorts... The chisel tip is a little thick and perfectly square on it's end, giving a 1mm thickness.

    Other than that, a superb tool at an amazing price from Heinnie! (check out the price of some of these other pocket pry bars, if you can find em, and compare prices!)
    (Posted on )

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