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Boker Plus Worldwide

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

UK Friendly

Boker Plus Worldwide

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test 1Boker Plus Worldwidetest 2Boker Plus Worldwidetest 3Boker Plus Worldwidetest 4 Boker Plus Worldwide
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test 1Boker Plus Worldwidetest 2Boker Plus Worldwidetest 3Boker Plus Worldwidetest 4 Boker Plus Worldwide
test 1Boker Plus Worldwidetest 2Boker Plus Worldwidetest 3Boker Plus Worldwidetest 4 Boker Plus Worldwide
test 1Boker Plus Worldwidetest 2Boker Plus Worldwidetest 3Boker Plus Worldwidetest 4 Boker Plus Worldwide

Boker Plus Worldwide

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



Back Order Item

Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Boker Plus Worldwide

Boker Plus Worldwide



Increasingly strict laws that govern the carrying of knives continue to restrict the choices available for those who wish to carry and use a knife and abide with UK law. The Boker Plus Worldwide - based on a design by Chad Los Banos - represents a configuration whose features pass legal carry requirements in most countries.

The slipjoint knife has a very strong spring to ensure safe operation even without a locking mechanism, a feature further enhanced by the pronounced 90° stop of the blade. Steel liners and Zytel scales form the handle that carries the four-way clip and lanyard hole for carry options.


Code 01BO569
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker Plus
Designer: Chad Los Banos
Blade Material: AUS8 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.8
Overall Length (cm): 17.2
Blade Colour: Satin
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Brushed
Grind: Hollow
Handle Material: Zytel®
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 152


  1. Dangerous Review by
    Very well made and solid knife at good price point but spring is so stiff it’s actually dangerous to operate so never gets used. (Posted on )
  2. Fantastic knife Review by
    This is a fantastic knife. Came really sharp out the box love this knife. If your thinking about it get it you won’t be disappointed. (Posted on )

    (Posted on )
    Great knife, although did not buy mine from heiinie as they had none, I found the lock up exceptional, but to uncomfortable.

    So I shaved the back spring and put a thumstud on the blade for one handed opening.

    Why Boker didn't slip joint it with a ball bearing system so allowing a flipper on the blade I do not know.. still it is what it is...not a bad little uk friendly pocket knife...nice and chunky.

    vid on my youtube channel......********
    (Posted on )
  5. Beast UK friendlyReview by
    What a blade for a UK carry, yes its super stiff but thats the point it gives confidence in a slip joint, you wouldnt want no tenetion and no lock= no fingers, now time to wrap up for Xmas, cheerrs HH (Posted on )
  6. Way to stiff to open!Review by
    Bought one of these last year as a xmas present as its uk carry with nice design. Unfortunately the person I bought it for never uses it as its scares them just trying to open the blade, never mind trying to fold it back up! So disappointed especially as the knife is obviously good quality. I would never buy another one just for the complete impracticality of opening and closing it. As a carpenter, hunter, fisherman et al I want tools that are good quality, easy to use and practical. If something is made out of the best materials known to man kind and designed to look fantastic that can't be used then its nothing more than a nice ornament. If I could swap it I would. (Posted on )
  7. Reliable EDCReview by
    No point getting too arty about it’s build, blade or function. This is just a very good reliable knife. (Posted on )
  8. RecommendedReview by
    A VERY Strong Knife - Ideal to keep around children as they wont be able to open it and the risk of it closing on you is well nearly non existent - Ignore the nail slot completely and pinch the blade between finger and thumb ! - Takes a great edge and use a steel not a stone due to blade shape - Great All Rounder BUT Very Heavy - Great in the hand and legal too BUT a bit scary looking so don't flash about in public as Police will always think the worse ! (Posted on )
  9. Good to start withReview by
    I never review things until I have used them for 6 months to a year. I bought one of these back in may, and its been in pocket everyday ever since.

    First impressions:

    A solid, robust, reliable knife. Safe to leave lying around the house (even my other half can't open it) a handy tool which should last a lifetime. Good sharp edge, maintained with a steel every so often.

    After 5 months:

    Its always performed well. Opening food packets, pruning bushes or camping tasks it wont let you down. (despite regular care) it has started to become stiffer as pocket fluff, and grit from regular use has built up. There is now a grinding noise when opening and closing. Grit must have worked its way into the baring. sometimes it's fine, and other times the damn thing won't close. This becomes more alarming as it is so stiff anyway it could cause finger loss if it suddenly closes. Soaked in WD40 which has helped but the design of the knife means you cannot fully dismantle it, so have no hope of cleaning it properly. A real shame.


    A good knife. Robust and safe. Keeps a good edge. I can recommend it as a edc, just mabey keep it in a Maxpedition, case or bag. Not in your pocket.
    (Posted on )
  10. ExcellentReview by
    Order arrived within the customary 24 hours as per usual. Fantastic service.
    This knife is very difficult to open, very difficult to close. Both these attributes making it almost as safe as a locking folder in my opinion.
    Has a huge nail nick to help open the blade but would advise against using it unless you want to snap a fingernail, but there is plenty of exposed blade to grip onto when you want to deploy the nicely shaped blade. Not likely to join my UK legal carry rotation however as it is SO HEAVY in your pocket. Most likely to find a home in a jacket or my man bag or the car.
    Quality, for the price is good (blade has a few minor blemishes on it)
    and most importantly, the thing is razor sharp right out of the very nice box.
    Made a numbered list of the UK legal folders I now have in my collection and was a bit surprised that the Worldwide takes the number owned up to 41. 41 !!!
    Made my eyes water thinking about how much money this has cost me over the years.
    Not to mention the lock knives I have that can no longer leave the house and the several fixed blades I own !!!!
    (Posted on )
  11. Excellent little knifeReview by
    Bought this to try and stay on the right side of the law. Excellent little kinife not much smaller than my Spyderco Tenacious but with a smaller non locking blade. Good strong spring mechanism means secure in use But tricky to fold up. My only criticism is the ridges on the back of the blade are very crisp and therefore quite sharp Ive rubbed them over with emery paper which has helped a bit. I feel they could be better finished. The blade is a nice shape and very sharp - its a pleasure to use.
    Highly recommended.
    (Posted on )
  12. Chunky but niceReview by
    This is a very chunky EDC and you know you've got it in your pocket. Very strong spring and needs a good grip to open it. Otherwise, it's very sharp and feels good in the hand and nice to use. Excellent service from HH - ordered 15 mins before next day delivery deadline and received it before 10.00am the following morning. (Posted on )
  13. Excellent and sturdy EDCReview by
    Pros and cons:

    + very sturdy and robust build quality

    + nicely shaped blade

    + blade made of AUS-8 steel, retains its edge very well

    + half-way stop facilitates opening and closing the knife

    + legal to carry in most countries in the world, which is quite a feat considering the overly paranoid knife laws in many countries

    - on my example, the blade wasn´t exactly razor-sharp OOTB

    - *definitely* requires *two* hands to open -- it´s supposed to be that way, but those with weaker hands might actually have problems opening this knife. The spring is *that* strong.

    - knife looks like a dangerous tool to the uninitiated, which *might* be a problem when some over-zealous police officers are spotting this knife in public.

    Conclusion: Those looking for a legal and extremely robust EDC knife (and have two strong hands to operate it) can´t go wrong with this Boker Worldwide.
    (Posted on )
  14. Great little knife!Review by
    Only just arrived but am v v v pleased with it - build quality excellent and, whilst the blade is fairly stiff (and necessarily so), it is easier to use than my similar spec Lansky knives

    An excellent purchase!
    (Posted on )
  15. Awesome Review by
    Great CS by HH as usual. The knife is amazing, sharp OTB really strong slip joint with enough blade to grip to deploy. The blade it's self has a good sized belly for slicing and dicing, the steel holds a good edge and is easy to sharpen, although I only touched it up when I first got it nearly 6 months ago now and haven't touched it since and the edge can still shave hairs off my arm. A great EDC choice if wearing in a pouch or on a belt and for heavier duties. I recommend this knife (Posted on )
  16. Solid and strongReview by
    HH awesome CS and brilliant delivery system as always. First impression, Razor sharp, OTB very strong slip-joint with solid construction and lovely ergonomics. It's beautiful in hand, jimping on the spine is very aggressive and keeps your thumb nicely in place and the deep finger choil allows for finer work. A little large and heavy for EDC I think but great in a pack. (Posted on )
  17. SolidReview by
    Really good, rivals other "fat" types and more conventionally shaped. HH brilliant on delivery yet again. (Posted on )
  18. Boker + WorldwideReview by
    This is a very chunky knife with a very strong back spring. It's not that dissimilar in build to the Lansky World Legal knife and Blackfox Nidhug, but the overall fit and finish of the Boker is superior. The strong spring makes it unlikely that the knife will accidentally close on your fingers in use, but it might be difficult to open it with cold and/or wet hands. I'm not entirely sold the recurved edge, which cannot be sharpened on a flat whetstone, but I knew that when I bought it. (Posted on )
  19. Excellent build qualityReview by
    I bought this knife as it has been constructed after research by Boker to be legal in most countries including the UK for EDC. I am very impressed with the build quality of it, despite it's small size it fits into my big hand well, very comfortable. The blade tip to handle is the length on the specification, which makes it legal in the UK . The slip joint is easily strong enough not to close on your fingers, and it has a 90 degree half way point so that when closing , you don't close it on your fingers, good design.
    The clip is the right shape and position not to affect grip. It is a robust knife, reasonably heavy
    in the hand. Overall a good knife for the money.
    As always when I needed some advice from Richard, the manager, about another matter he was his usual very helpful and knowledgeable self, that guy is definitely an asset to Hennies.
    (Posted on )
  20. What i want legallyReview by
    A really solid tool, no fear of closing on your digits and sharp as you'd ever need. Agree that some Police might ask questions BUT it is legal and if you explain such politely IF stopped ( and you're not drunk or out on the razz) then there shouldn't be a problem. I really like it...a lot. (Posted on )
  21. Amazing quality again from Boker. Don't underestimate its chunkiness thoughReview by
    This is an absolutely awesome folder. EDC though? Wouldn't risk it. It is a beast of a knife and I'm not sure the police would look on it too kindly considering its size and weight is that if a heavy duty.

    Other than that;

    -very robust,
    -came razor sharp,
    -most solid non-locking system I've come across and I've had a fair few (definitely won't close on your fingers unless you're using it wrong)

    -Probably a bit too hefty to risk using as an EDC if you're worried about getting in trouble with the law
    (Posted on )
  22. AmazingReview by
    I bought one of these a few weeks ago, had a lansky world legal for a good few years and thought I'd try something new.. this is an amazing knife, yet to sharpen it from opening, and I can still shave with it.
    Tough to open and close, so no loosing fingers when using it! Even after reading some of the reviews on this knife, I was still shocked at how thick it is..
    Beautiful knife
    (Posted on )
  23. A Tank of a KnifeReview by
    If Zero Tolerance did slip joint folders, this is what it would probably look like, in fact it isn't much smaller than my ZT0350. This knife is a beast and certainly solid enough to do almost anything sensible you would want to do with a knife.

    - Built like a tank
    - Nice blade shape, hollow ground with a razor-sharp edge straight out of the box
    - Blade steel is pretty good (AUS8) - I haven't had it long enough to check edge-holding
    - Fit and finish is very good
    - Backspring is very, very strong - there is little chance of this ever closing on your hand
    - The half-stop is a welcome addition too

    - Quite heavy, but I like that in a knife
    - None really, although if a police officer sees you with this, irrespective of UK legality, I can't imagine him or her not trying to confiscate it due to the scale of it.

    All in all, very pleased with my new knife
    (Posted on )
  24. A tank of an EDC KnifeReview by
    Bought this amongst a whole load of of other bits from here, some to keep, some to take back, this was bought out curiously as I'm a Baker fan and wondered how this chunky beast would feel, and thought it would be one the ones I'd be returning. As soon as I picked it up and felt it, I was like "this is a keeper out of the whole lot" :)

    If you want a beast of an EDC, some thing chunky and weighty, then this is your baby, and you can't go wrong at the price.
    (Posted on )
  25. Solid EDCReview by
    As previous reviewers have said it is solid and the spring is very strong.
    It fits well in my hand and will replace the "raptor claw" on shoot days.
    The sort of EDC knife you'd want in you pocket if castaway somewhere, as it seems strong enough not to break too easily when being used.
    (Posted on )
  26. Excellent legal carry knifeReview by
    The knife is really chunky and weighty, and built as solid as you like. Feels lovely in the hand. The spring is really strong, making it require some force to both open and close. The half open stop is a nice touch too. (Posted on )
  27. Lovely chunky knifeReview by
    Super fast next day delivery as usual. The knife is really chunky and built like a tank, it has a very strong back spring that is going to let you do a lot of hard work and not let the blade fold up on you,. I like the option for different picket clip locations, this is going to be my EDC for a good long time. (Posted on )

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