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Boker Plus XS Satin

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Boker Plus XS Satin

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Boker Plus XS Satin

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Boker Plus XS Satin

Boker Plus XS Satin



The Boker Plus XS Satin scores with one-handed operation, a slipjoint mechanism, G-10 scales on both sides and a reversible clip. The unusually strong spring for a slipjoint provides a high degree of handling safety even without a lock. The 440C blade has generous thumb ramp with jimping, and together with the textured grip provides plenty of control for any cutting chore. The deep index finger groove not only gives additional support, but also offers the option to choke up on the knife or to hold it regularly, providing an even greater range of uses. An ideal companion, anytime – anywhere.


Code 01BO539
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Boker Plus
Designer: Chad Los Banos
Blade Material: 440C Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.7
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.27
Closed Length (cm): 10.40
Overall Length (cm): 18.2
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Cutting Edge (cm): 6.8
Grind: Hollow
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 113


  1. Good Value!Review by
    Just bought the OD Green/Stonewash D2 version - HH service was exemplary as always, less than 24 hours between order and (standard free) delivery!

    The knife is a brute - and a lot of material for the money. Should prove useful as an outdoor carry when/where you don't want to 'risk' a non-legal-UK carry even though you might have a good reason for carrying. It shows just how tough a knife you can get within sub-3" non-locking parameters - not unlike the Manly Wasp in that regard.

    The clip is plain ugly and unsuited to deep pocket carry (but it's easily removable), and the action is not exactly top-end. The half-stop could do with being a bit more pronounced on the return. The backspring has rather too much metal at the rear end, which makes the knife rather heavier than it could/should be. Those (minor enough) things apart, this is a well-made and good-value knife which you can buy with confidence - recommended,.

    (Posted on )
  2. Excellent edc knifeReview by
    Perfect in almost every way except the thumbstud hurts the hell out of my thumb! As a guitarist my calluses are used to some abuse but even this was a bit harsh for me, i guess I'll just need to wait and see if it gets looser as time goes on. :) (Posted on )
  3. The perfect UK EDCReview by
    This knife feels right in the hand.
    Its one handed deployment is slick and easy.
    The long handle fits great.
    The backspring holds firm and gives confidence.
    The finger choil adds security.
    This pushes the limit of what's allowed in the UK.
    The pocket clip is not deep so does protrude a bit.
    I love this knife.
    Of course HH delivered within 24 hours of purchase.
    (Posted on )
  4. ExcellentReview by
    I have now bought three of these, one of which my daughter has 'adopted'. Although I wouldn't like to do a lot of whittling or similar with the very square edged handle it is in all other respects excellent as a 'UK friendly' pocket knife. retains a good edge, good grip, easy to open one handed with a little practice, stable to work with thanks to the finger groove, pocket clip works well and at a price where if I lose it I won't cry... Personally, I find it excellent for what it is. (Posted on )
  5. Great - but.....Review by
    I wish there were two rating systems here - one for product, and one for service. If this was the case, I would be giving SIX stars to HH for service, and maybe three or four for this knife. Let me explain...

    If you look back through the reviews for this knife you will find an earlier one of mine that refers to the back spring breaking on my original knife - which was replaced in a matter of days by HH without question. And then, last month (November 2017) the back spring on the replacement broke as well in exactly the same place. This time it took longer to get a replacement, which arrived today, but huge thanks to Nick and Linda for sorting it out. (I think the knife went back to Boker for a refund).

    Interestingly, none of these knives have been the same. The last one had a dark finish on the blade, with a couple of small holes close to the thumb studs, and a black clip. The replacement has a satin finish on the blade, no holes, and a shiny clip - all of which make it look a bit more 'friendly' and less 'tactical'. It also opens with one hand OTB, which the previous two didn't. And it is sharp.

    My concern here is the longevity of the back spring. I don't give my folders a hard time, but I do tend to use them as 'worry beads' which means they get opened and closed A LOT even if they do very little cutting. I would expect that a knife like this should last - if not a lifetime - at least a good few years. No, it's not expensive, but IMHO it should last more than a couple of years without breaking in normal use.
    (Posted on )
  6. Update and a warning.Review by
    I have had this knife for long enough to fully assess it now and I am very impressed with it especially for the money, when one considers that a Spiderco UK is about £70 and this one is about £47. This knife is far more robust than the Spiderco and is less likely to close on one's fingers. The comment made in an earlier review about the back spring seems to have been fixed in mine, however one can still push it closed with a fore finger so legally it shouldn't be mistaken for a lock knife.
    However this comes with a WARNING - As Hennies put on their site themselves about UK carry knives, do not take this to places in which really a knife is not appropriate, such as a pub or club, or wave it around or show it to friends in public.
    It has come to my notice that this has lead to an incident of a person being arrested and the knife confiscated, the police were not friendly about it, and the desk Sergeant declared it to be a lock knife, which clearly it isn't, but none the less the person lost the knife and narrowly escaped being charged with possession of an offensive weapon.
    So BEWARE my advice is to please bear in mind where you carry any UK friendly knife and don't show it in public, people are likely to over react very badly in current national circumstances.
    Otherwise we will find these type of knives banned as well.
    (Posted on )
  7. Great quality from BokerReview by
    I got this knife today, and so far I am really impressed with it. I have a Boker Plus Worldwide, and that is terrific quality for the money, I hoped this one would be the same and it certainly seems to be.
    The opening is easy with the thumb stud and it clicks into place when fully open with a nice solid satisfying click. The joint is stronger than a Spiderco, but one can still push it closed with a forefinger, so it can't be mistaken for a lock knife, that, and the length of the blade make it possible to carry it legally. The weight is reasonable too, heavier than a Spiderco but much lighter than the Boker Plus, so easily an EDC.
    The blade was easily paper cutting sharp out of the box, and seems to be sturdy and a useful shape for cutting.
    I have a Shrade lock knife and I have spotted a weak spot in that, the opening action depends on the life of a thin plastic washer each side of the blade, no such issue with this Boker though.
    So, so far I would recommend it, I would also recommend the Shrade as for £27 it is one hell of a sturdy knife, if the washers give way, I will probably take the knife to pieces and replace the plastic washers with metal ones, obviously that is not legal to carry due to it being fitted with a frame lock but is useful on one's own property for many jobs, as it is a very slick opening action and is one handed opening allowing one to hold on to the twine or whatever one is cutting without any fear of it closing on you.
    The Boker is less likely to close on you than many penknives such as a Spiderco, but not resistant enough to be confused with a lock knife by the authorities.
    Hennies of course provided their usual incredibly fast service, I only ordered it on line last night and got it this morning. Hennies are in my opinion definitely the best, and my only supplier of knives and gear.
    (Posted on )
  8. dreadful backspringReview by
    Got a Boker Plus X/S satin and, IMHO, it's *****. Don't be misled by all the talk about the really strong backspring as clearly Boker have taken the complaints of some moaners about the spring being too stiff for their itsy bitsy teeny weeny fingers to heart and the spring now is a joke, and is weaker than a weak thing. I sent min back and spoke to HH and talked to Nick, a great guy, who told me to wait till the new batch of the green handled Boker Plus X/S came in. So I ordered the green version to see if the spring had been altered on this and I'm delighted to say the spring on the green handled version is fantastic! Forget this knife, unless you like a blade that would fold on you faster than a fast thing, though you still have the choil, and go for the green handled version as it is excellent. So glad I waited. (Posted on )
  9. can't believe it's legal!!!!Review by
    Just received the knife today and holy molly what a beast!!!, the slip joint mechanism is awesomely stiff but still usable with one hand, no manufacture defect marks whatsoever everything is square and aligned perfectly, should last a lifetime with proper maintenance and care A++++ (Posted on )
  10. The bestReview by
    A big legal carry but very functional.No complaints very happy with it. Excellent service from HH. Arrived very promptly, no fuss. (Posted on )
  11. Excellent EDCReview by
    I bought one of these back in March 2015, although not exactly this model - mine has a nice dark finish on the blade. I reviewed it then, but the exact model seems to have disappeared from the listings. About three months later the back spring broke (what?). HH replaced the knife in 3 days - thanks guys, amazing as always.

    Anyway, this has been my EDC since then, So., if you want a long term view, here it is. Firstly, I agree with those reviewers who can't open it single handed. Neither could I, so I resorted to WD40, Silicone Lube and eventually copper grease. Now, two years on, it opens a smooth as silk, one handed. Copper grease seems to be the way to go - if you can wait that long!

    One big plus point for me, being left handed, is that you can reverse the position of the clip for left hand carry - but you may need to bend the clip with a pair of pliers to make it usable and pocket friendly.

    The blade seems able to take and hold a reasonable edge. I'm no expert, but can still get it sharp. So all in all, a good solid knife at a reasonable price. Mine gets lots of use and still does exactly what it says on the tin. Buy one!
    (Posted on )
  12. Pretty good.Review by
    After agonising over this or a Ukpk/Urban Lightweight, I opted for this. It's cheaper and I like the tactical styling. Out of the box it looks good. The scales are a nice grippy texture and the knife is comfortably weighted. The action is firm but not stiff and the edge is pretty sharp.

    My only negatives are a lack of lanyard hole and the fact that the grind is not symmetrical as another reviewer has eluded to. Do these things make it a deal breaker? At this price point, no. I may buy a spider of at some point and then I'll compare but I'm pretty happy with this.
    (Posted on )
  13. Good EDC knifeReview by
    Nice quality all around and came sharp out the box. This knife definitely requires two hands to deploy the blade though. The upside to such a stiff back spring is that the blade isn't going to close on you. If you've ever had a folding blade close on your fingers, you'll appreciate the assurance such a tight lock-up gives. (Posted on )
  14. Good KitReview by
    A good heavy blade on a slim pocket knife, it's a bit tight out of the box but no doubt it will loosen up with use, if not, I can use the tool (included) to free it up a bit.
    I love it, it is my new EDC.
    P.S. Great service and delivery (again) many thanks.
    (Posted on )
  15. No faulting Heinnie, but...Review by
    Can't fault Heinnie, here next day, well packaged, great! But, The knife itself I'm very disappointed in. I have the Boker Plus Trance 42 and love that knife, so I thought I'd give another of their blades a try. This is supposed to be one handed opening, but I'm nearly bleeding trying to use the thumb stud! Oiled it up, no change... And as for EDC I have no problem with the look, but with the spring tension on that I could s*b a brick and the thing wouldn't even dream of closing on my fingers.
    It's not very smooth at all and save from wearing a thumb stall, it definitely isn't being opened with one hand. Very disappointing. Will be kept open on my desk with the £10 knife I don't care about, this one just cost 5x the price.
    (Posted on )
  16. Great knife, but...Review by
    I love this knife. I'd carry it with me at all times if I could, but ...

    I think it's a little more tactical looking than I'd personally want to carry around without good reason ... that's just my personal feelings on it, but it was a bit bigger overall than I was expecting.

    It feels great in the hand, the walk and talk is beautiful, but living in London, well, I'm just not entirely comfortable using it as an EDC.

    Everything else about it is more than worthwhile, I'd highly recommend it.

    HH are gods of delivery as always.
    (Posted on )
  17. Better than the OD green versionReview by
    I have this XS and the green OD version. I found that the OD versions steel marks up slightly, even when left in a drawer with other 440c knives. I've not found that with the satin version, and I have owned it a few months now. I would recommend this one over the other version, at least in my experience.

    There is a small difference in price, but I feel that this version is superior, so is worth the extra.
    (Posted on )
  18. Great Every Day KnifeReview by
    Again, cannot fault Heinnie Haynes at all. Knife was out of stock, e-mailed me when it was back in , ordered on the Wednesday and was with me on Friday. Fantastic service, thank you.

    Onto the knife it'self, it's my second one as I gave the other one to a mate. The scales are just grippy enough without being too aggressive on your pocked and the pocket clip is strong, maybe a little too strong but, a bit of modification made it fit perfectly in my hip pocket. Before the modification I felt that it was trying to drag my trousers off when I pushed it into my pocket.

    The single handed opening is smooth and simple without being at all floppy, the thumb stud is perfectly placed for me allowing a smooth opening with a reassuring click as it locks into the open position. It is a non locking knife but the blade shows no sign of looseness once opened. No lift at the tip or sideways flex in the blade is good too. The blade needed a little rub on the stone to bring it up to prefect sharpness but, it was more than sharp enough straight out of the box. Nice presentation box too.

    Closing the blade takes a bit of a push but, it is not difficult and stops at the halfway stage so, safer for your fingers. Again the action is very smooth, all in all a nice smooth open and closing knife.

    Overall finish is very good with no sharp edges (other than the blade) light enough that you don't notice it in your pocked but feels solid in your hand.

    Great knife
    (Posted on )
  19. Fantastic EDCReview by
    I bought this knife having seen one that my friend had recently acquired. Comparing blades with my EDC (a HH/QM) he managed to stab the knife THROUGH a 50p piece without damage to the tip! Needless to say, this isnt something that I will be attempting, but it goes to show the quality of the steel used.

    That aside, its a fantastic single handed opened. Fits snuggly inside my pocket with the clip for added security. It came very sharp, and was the matter of a few minutes to make it the equal of any razor. Its a more suited than my friction folder as an EDC as the sliplock and more traditional blade/handle shape are perfect for every day tasks.

    Service from HH was exceptional as always. Once again I ordered it in the afternoon with standard shipping and it arrived the following morning. I again question how the expedited shipping could be any prompter!
    (Posted on )

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