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Buck Canoe

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Buck Canoe

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test 1Buck Canoetest 2Buck Canoetest 3Buck Canoetest 4 Buck Canoe

Buck Canoe

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Buck Canoe

Buck Canoe



Classic, convenient and multi-purpose. A dual purpose knife with a spear blade, featuring a strong tip for piercing, and a pen blade perfect for an all purpose blade.


Code BU389BRS
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Buck
Blade Material: 420J2 Steel
Blade Length (cm): 6.3
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Overall Length (cm): 15.2
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Nice knife...but easily lostReview by
    I have one of these and got a lot of use out of it. They're a lovely little knife to use, and great for everything from opening boxes and cutting cords or tubing to whittling when you're out camping. Nice looking knife and decent steel too - takes and holds a good edge. BUT I have relegated mine to the car glove compartment and reserve duty because it doesn't have a pocket clip and fell out of my pocket and got lost... I eventually found it weeks later, but by then I'd bought a spyderco Squeak with a pocket clip (love that knife). Your mileage on this may vary - if it falling out of your pocket isn't a concern for you, then go for it. As a knife it's great, provided you don't lose it. (Posted on )
  2. Cracking little pocket knife Review by
    Sharp out of the box, walk and talk good and fit and finish decent.

    For the price I’m very happy with the Buck Canoe.

    Again, HH delivery was superb, even snow did t stop quick delivery!
    (Posted on )
  3. Fantastic knifeReview by
    I bought this knife as a work knife for opening bags etc. However when it arrived i was amazed at the quality of it and didn't not take it to work over the fear of loosing it. I instead bought a cheap pocket knife for work purposes.

    It's also really sharp, and like most cheap non locking knifes, this one dosent spring back when under pressure, cutting your fingers. It's got a great feel to it also, it's a peffect weight and easy to grip. Would well recommend this knife it's brilliant
    (Posted on )
  4. snapReview by
    I ordered the Buck canoe in exchange for the High Carbon Rough Rider- The RR was a solid chunk, but the blades were defective.. This feels like a knife that will be around for a while, everything fitting as it should, nice snap open and shut (maybe they've responded to complaints?) No half stop. Certainly better spring than the Buck 311 I was given as a gift (too big for UK carry). I'm able to pinch open the larger blade, helped by it being hollow ground, without having to use the nail nick.
    The larger blade tip has a perfect line up with the bolster- must have been finished together, but theres lots of meat on the stop, so I can drop it a little when sharpening has reduced the edge.

    A knife that you'll be aware of in a trouser pocket, bought to replace a tiny Buck colleague that slipped away... but the same steel that impressed me so much on that mini knife. So easily sharpened, keeping an edge for a long time.
    I might round off the scales a little, but only because I sometimes use a knife for long periods as a primary tool. The canoe ends are actually very comfortable and naturally place your index finger.

    Buck are impressive. I used their lifetime guarantee for the second hand 311, and it was returned to me 'like new'. tightened up, repolished, scales cleaned. nice to do business with them, and with HH for a free return, no quibble, new knife within 2 days of posting off the return.. great!
    (Posted on )
  5. LOvely Classic knifeReview by
    Superb, reminds me iof my gRandpas knife when I was a kid, lovely finish and well made this will be a psss down to my kids in time (Posted on )
  6. A ShameReview by
    Expected a fair bit from this knife as Buck have had a lot to say on how moving some of it's production to China won't effect the quality of it's products. With some aspects of this knife they were right, the blades appeared up to Buck's usual high standards, as did the general fit and finish. There was one major aspect of this knife that really let the side down, it had the weakest, wettest back spring I've ever encountered on a slip joint ever. With the angle a Canoe style knife blade is at when deployed, it was just unsafe and you really don't want that Buck high quality blade folding down on your fingers. Sent it back, got it replaced and the next one was exactly the same. I consulted a few people on the issue to make sure I wasn't being overly fussy and they agreed, the back spring was not fit for purpose. That went back. A real shame as the rest of the knife was very good. (Posted on )
  7. No snapReview by
    I own several "canoe" style pocket knives and they are the perfect pocket knife except for one annoying trait, none of them have a positive "SNAP" when opening or closing like the brilliant Victorinox, if the Americans could make their knives like this they would be absolute perfection. (Posted on )
  8. Excellent knifeReview by
    Wow! What an excellent little knife. The fit and finish are absolutely perfect. Smooth and solid action and locking, with no blade play. Both blades are razor sharp OTB. It may be made in China, but the quality is way beyond my U.S. made Buck 110, which had gritty action and poor quality finishing. If this is the high quality of Buck knives coming out of China then i`ll definately be buying more. This is a beautiful looking and useful knife and i recommend it to anyone who`s thinking of buying one. (Posted on )
  9. A Buck Canoe for life's travels. Review by
    Canoe pattern slipjoints are perceived as charmingly old-fashioned. "My grandad had one like that," or "That's a nice one, where did you get it from?" are the usual sort of comments you hear when using one around workmates or friends. Several people have been referred to Heinnie's as a result, with the predictable result - another happy camper!

    Buck has brought subtle details into their version of the Canoe. As most know, the Chinese manufacturing which is used for some of Buck's products is usually to a very good standard. The lines are crisp and tidy. Both blades have sabre grinds, satin finishes and very good edges right out of the box. The laminated hardwood scales have some pretty figuring on mine. The scales are just a bit thicker and flat in the middle then tapering smoothly to the bolsters. There are no gaps between the brass liners and the scales; fit and finish truly is well done.

    The walk and talk is good. Pull strength is about the save as a Vic SAK. Smooth as silk but two hands are definitely needed. No pinch opening with one hand as on my Case or Rough Rider Canoes. The spear blade on the Case is meant to sit higher, intended to allow the blade to be pinch opened using two hands without having to find the nail nick. As noted, one hand opening is possible on my Case. Same with my RR; but due to a softer backspring. The Buck is more trim, without the humpback look of the Case. So two hands are needed to open it. If you are used to the average SAK, you will be right at home with the Buck Canoe. This is a very comfortable knife to use, something Canoes are noted for.

    As a UK friendly EDC, they do just fine. Buck heat treatment is well regarded, and the edges easily touch up with a few strokes on a ceramic sharpener. Thereafter, stropping is all that is needed, I find. This is a classic ergonomic pattern that continues to win new users. Sturdy and serviceable!

    Buck have done a nice job with this one. It easily has my recommendation.
    (Posted on )
  10. a nice pocket knifeReview by
    Great fit and finish on the one I received and a decent edge out of the box. It's a little smaller than I thought it would be but it is exactly as advertised. I really like it and it's a good non-threatening folder for the jacket pocket. I like the shape of the main blade too. A good buy. (Posted on )
  11. Very nice EDCReview by
    Looks very nice. Perfect fit and finish. Good in hand all though smallish. Good for pocket carry. Lost one star because the back spring is a bit to soft for my liking. (Posted on )
  12. Excellent valueReview by
    This was my third Buck knife and I chose because it's UK legal. It turned out to be an excellent buy: compact, comfortable to hold with blades that stay sharp. I tend to use the longer blade more, but the second, smaller one, comes in handy too. Recommended. (Posted on )
  13. Couldn't ask for moreReview by
    Yes, this Buck Canoe knife is made in China. But that doesn't mean it's not a quality Buck product, and it comes with their Forever Warantee.
    The blades on the China-made knives are 420JC, not the 420HC used on their American-made knives, but they came super sharp. Fit and finish is great. If I could pick up on one thing it would be that the back spring on the pen blade is not totally flush when fully closed. But it is so minimal that it doesn't bother me, and you only notice it if you really go looking for it. Otherwise, there are no gaps anywhere, no blade play. Both blades open smoothly and with a really satisfying snap.
    Really love this knife. Perfect for everyday use. For less than £25, I definitely couldn't ask for more, and it's something I'm sure I'll have for a very long time.

    Also, HH's customer service and shipping is so good it borders on the ridiculous. I ordered this knife at 4:15pm yesterday (Friday), and heard it come through the letterbox at 8:30 this morning (Saturday). I don't think I've ever had such fast shipping on anything I've ever ordered online. Amazing. Thanks!
    (Posted on )
  14. Perfect gift ?Review by
    This knife was a birthday gift and as expected from Buck its brilliantly sharp and excellent quality meaning that it will last years but most important is the price it isn't wildly priced. (Posted on )
  15. proper gents edcReview by
    I can't say how much I love my buck canoe. It looks so pretty every man should have one in his pocket! You could whip it out anywhere to use and I dont think anyone would feel threatened or offended. Lovely durable blades which came razor sharp out of the box.
    My son is at an age now where he is gaining interest and without doubt this will be the first knife I would give to him.
    (Posted on )
  16. Amazing Value, Incredible productReview by
    carry and use this little folder everyday and could not recommend it enough! (Posted on )
  17. Good UK EDC knifeReview by
    I bought this as a low cost knife to replace a knife I had to surrender at an airport (Doh! forgot it was in my pocket, I carry a knife EVERY day).
    I didn't like it at first but it has grown on me, and now like it better than my previous one.
    it's good for light tasks suitable for it's size but wouldn't like to push it too much as the back spring isn't that strong (use the right tool for the job etc.).
    Over all I'm very please with it, there's no play in either blade, it takes and holds a descent edge, and it is good value for money.
    l I would certainly order another if I lost this one- and the usual excellent service from HH (how do they do it?)
    (Posted on )
  18. Great little Pen knifeReview by
    Excellent service from HH - This knife came razor sharp out of the box and was well worth the money. All in all lovely little knife. (Posted on )
  19. MattReview by
    Present for Christmas from my wife, great little pocket knife very sharp, great for everyday use.
    Exellent service and fast delivery from Heinnie Haynes.
    (Posted on )

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