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Buck Stockman

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Buck Stockman

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Buck Stockman

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Buck Stockman

Buck Stockman



Traditional, convenient and multi-purpose. The Stockman® is the largest three-bladed knife available from Buck. The clip point blade is good for detail work, the spey blade is perfect for skinning or sweeping knife strokes and the sheepsfoot blade is perfect for giving a clean cut, especially on a flat cutting surface.

Blade Lengths: Clip: 2 ¾" Spey: 2" Sheepsfoot: 2"


Code BU301
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Buck
Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Stee
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.25
Closed Length (cm): 9.80
Overall Length (cm): 17.2
Handle Material: FRN
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Product Weight (g): 83g


  1. Not what they used to be Review by
    Got this as a second spare as my old model is on its way back for blade attention, testing out bucks forever warranty.
    Out of the box this seemed the same but the knife has blade play on all three blades , seems consistent on the whole knife though
    This model has three back springs so blades have one each !
    The springs are much seeker than my old one which is not nice
    The quality of this knife is sadly lacking and if it had not got USA on the blade I would have thought it a china cheapie
    The blades are bucks HC420 which is treated well and I'm sure these won't be any less durable ( bucks stainless steel is in my experience much better than that of Case )
    I am now wondering if the Buck from China is a better value knife although that model looses the HC420 with the boss heat treat !
    I have already put this knife to work and its looking good so far it's just as so many things made today by old name companies Not what they were ,shame
    Service from HH was top notch as usual but the Buck only gets a three star as it's I believe over priced for what you get !!!!
    (Posted on )
  2. Not the Buck of old Review by
    I have had a Buck 301 for about thirty years?, that was gifted to me and has been a constant companion almost daily for that time !

    I have now purchased a new 301 from HH as the old one is going back to Buck for old age repairs !
    I have read alot of reviews on the new ones both here at HH and on line ,
    So which one I thought ? I don't have a problem with China made but I went for the US model because it has the black saw tooth infills like my old one , i didn't want wood

    One first impressions it looked the same but it was obvious that the back springs were very week , this is I think down to the fact it has three back springs ?

    Fit and finish is what I would say is a little rough , the blade side is uneven at the bolsters the black inserts are uneven in finish , the back springs are finished to a mediocre standard and the blades are also rough edged and the grind is uneven and quite poor although they are sharpish?

    On the topic of blades they do all have a little play in the lateral, Not a lot but it's there ! My thirty year old one is about the same as this new one !!!

    This Buck 301 is not a cheap knife to buy at £51.95 but I'm afraid it has not impressed me ! Not one little bit I can't see it going thirty years even though you get the( for ever warranty ) such a shame when you see a product go down hill this way ? . I purchased a Schrade Stockman from HH before this at £14.95 and it was made in China but to be honest it's better than the 301 and that's the truth !

    This experience just goes to show we take for granted the quality of the Victorinox swiss army knife
    not the Buck of old ! Shame.
    (Posted on )
  3. Disappointing Review by
    As I write this the knife is on its way back to HH (always 5 * service). Having done my research I really wanted this knife to be first class. Like "made in UK" one grows up to expect "made in the USA" to be synonymous with quality but alas this proved not to be the case. Despite all the hype about three back springs the blades clashed and at least two had significant lateral play. Now I know that with a riveted slip joint some play is inevitable but that ought be after significant use not straight out of the box. Fit and finish compared poorly with both my RR Barlows made in China. Buck is a name of legend but for this customer it has proved nothing more than a myth. (Posted on )
  4. Usual buck quality after hiccupReview by
    First one I ordered had excessive blade play, HH replaced it in a very short turnaround time with a much better example. In short, a classic bomb proof legal edc that will last a lifetime. (Posted on )
  5. Get itReview by
    Great service from HH as always. I like hard wearing knives - this is the best....Great quality...Will not let you down. (Posted on )
  6. Very good work knife Review by
    "Tough" is the word that comes to mind. Buck's Stockman is, as others have said, the Ford pickup truck of pocket knives. The 420 HC blades features Buck's highly regarded heat treatment, translating into excellent performance and easy maintenance. The blades are very sharp out of the box, with no wire edges (burrs from final factory sharpening). The long-wearing scales are cast in place, utilising purpose-built holes to eliminate the need for pins to secure the durable and rugged polypropylene handles.

    The main blade with its fine point for detail work, and long sweeping edge, provides a good range of use, close to but still within the legal limit of 3" from handle to tip. The shape of the grinds, especially the swedges on the spine, may at first seem oddly unsymmetrical, but this is intentional, permitting the keen tip of the clip blade to have the strength to easily penetrate resistant materials and yet be manoeuvrable. For example, to precisely make a close-fitting hole when adding an overflow line to a large tough polypropylene water barrel.

    By assigning separate springs for each blade, Buck has done away with annoying blade rub. Since the sheepfoot and spey blades do not share the same layer, they are perfectly straight, not crinked as on many other manufacturers' Stockman patterns.

    Buck has opted for a carefully thought out "sabre grind" for many of their current production pocket knives. Have a look at their website sometime. It is quite informative. This gives a bit more strength than the common flat ground or hollow ground design. If using your Buck for extended paring or stripping jobs, or if you are doing wood carving or whittling, the thicker blade spines are more comfortable for your thumb, especially for thumb on thumb push cuts, allowing power and control.

    The sheepfoot and spey blades provide excellent utility and complementary capabilities. Altogether, the Buck Stockman has all the rugged versatility that the pattern is noted for, in a pocket friendly design that will last for years of hard work.

    Thanks, Heinnie, for providing such a great selection and outstanding service!
    (Posted on )
  7. Traditional folder for the 21st Century.Review by
    Just purchased one of these to replace my old 1980's Buck Stockman. This is the brass Zippo of stockmans knives. Worth every penny. (Posted on )

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