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Carinthia Observer Plus

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Carinthia Observer Plus

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Carinthia Observer Plus

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days



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Carinthia Observer Plus

Carinthia Observer Plus



The Carinthia Observer Plus is the perfect bivvy bag with self-standing double pole support.

Two tent poles form a small dome at the head end which provides enough space for the user to handle a rifle or other piece of equipment. The bivy bag slopes down from the shoulder to the foot end thus preventing straight lines which are easily spotted. The L- shaped opening makes it convenient to get in and out of the bag which can be closed with two zippers.

All zippers are protected by a specially designed storm flap to make them absolutely waterproof. The big observation opening at the front allows an observation range of 180° and can be closed completely in bad weather. The user’s rifle and telescope can nevertheless still be placed in position through an observation slit.

Both the observation opening and the access opening are fitted with a mosquito net. There are 5 loops on the back of the Observer to hold the insulating mat in place. Supplied with poles.

NATO Stock Number: 8340-41-000-2388


Code CARI-92331
Limited Edition: No
Nato Stock Number: 8340-41-000-2388
Brand: Carinthia
Colour: Green
Sleeps: One
Doors: 1
Dimensions (cm): L x W x H: 240 x 104 x 60
Packed Dimensions (cm): 35 x 12
Product Weight (g): 1900g


  1. Outstanding bivi and a compact tentReview by
    Excellent bivi/tent. The best Carinthia have to offer in my opinion. Plenty of room where you need it. Less claustrophobic than the Carinthia Bivy Sack Sleeping Bag. Better bug netting and viewing angles than the Carinthia Micro Tent. Great ventilation. Quick set up and easy entering and exiting.

    One reviewer highlighted the Observer is heavier than some single person tents. Which i’d have to agree with. However, as I always use a tarp in addition to a bivi, i’d say the addition of a lightweight tarp, the Fjallraven Abisko tarp for example, allows for a much more useful expanded admin area to work under than any lightweight tent can offer. But thats just my opinion.

    The Observer is slightly shorter in length with less storage space than the Micro Tent, but has way more headroom compared to the Carinthia Bivy Sack Sleeping Bag.

    On a final note, pegs aren’t needed for this bivi except on a very windy day/night. If needed, you’ll only require one or two pegs to stop it blowing away before you get into it!

    All in all, outstanding bivi and a compact tent. Couldn’t be happier with it. Especially when its low profile affords me the opportunity to observe unique wildlife.
    (Posted on )
  2. Good reliable kitReview by
    Had this Bivy Bag for several years and just bought a new one again. Not because it was worn out...but as i use it all the time have to replace my gear now and then.

    Slept in it hundreds of times..from the Hot and Steamy weather in the South while walking back from Portugal to Holland. And also walking up and down the North Cape with harsh and cold weather conditions.
    In hot summer it's better to use a musquito tent..for the rest of the year it is doing the work.

    To have some living space during rain and snow i use a tarp as well...sitting long hours in the rain or cold is no fun

    All in all a good bag and fits nice into the surroundings. A meter from the road and they dont see you anymore

    Greetings from Holland
    (Posted on )
  3. The best hooped bivi out thereReview by
    Firstly need to mention the fantastic service from Heinnie. First class as always!

    The Observer Plus is a high quality, high performance product which considering the price tag you would expect. In the marketing photos from Carinthia the colour looks (to me anyway) to be a shade of brown but is actually a very light olive drab. This blends perfectly with the environment and from a distance the bivi looked like a ground feature on an exposed hillside. Great for tactical use and naughty stealth wild camping!

    Used this for 7 days in mixed conditions and it performed as expected. Setup and dismantling is fast and intuitive. For the price it would have been nice if Carinthia had thrown in some pegs but that is only downside so far. Has retaining loops for a mat on the base which saves using a footprint to protect the expensive bag. Most nights I left the head/observation end open with just bug net closed and zero condensation despite some humid nights. On 2 nights rain was so torrential that had it fully zipped up all night with only a few drops of condensation on the inside of the hooped end above my head (presumably from breath). No wetness at foot end which is where all the other bags I have tried have suffered.

    Agree with the previous user on ease of use in inclement weather but this is designed for tactical use where the user is likely getting in and out fully clothed and is not cooking or getting changed. I carried a lightweight snugpak stasha basha as a tarp to use if needed an admin area but ended up not using it. If using in bad conditions I do what always have done and simply leave sleeping bag and spare clothes inside the bivi and roll up as one into pack.

    This bag also works well without the hoops as a conventional bivi if you need a quick simple setup.

    Overall very happy with the purchase but it won't fully replace a tent for civvy trips unless wild camping in England/Wales
    (Posted on )
  4. Doesn't excelReview by
    There's no doubt this is a high quality bivvi. The materials and workmanship are excellent. But I don't use it much. And I've owned mine for a couple of years.

    The main reasons are that it's as heavy as a tent, yet you can't cook in it, dress in it, or even get into it or out of it when it's raining. So although it offers great protection from the elements you are only really tempted to take it when the weather is going to be dry. You can add a tarp (and I have) but then it's just adding to the 'take a tent' argument.

    A very well made product, that's bulletproof once you're in it. But it's just not practical or versatile enough in my opinion.
    (Posted on )

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