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Case Sod Buster Jr Black

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UK Friendly

Case Sod Buster Jr Black

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test 1Case Sod Buster Jr Blacktest 2Case Sod Buster Jr Blacktest 3Case Sod Buster Jr Blacktest 4 Case Sod Buster Jr Black

Case Sod Buster Jr Black

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Case Sod Buster Jr Black

Case Sod Buster Jr Black



The Case Sod Buster Jr Black is a classic folding knife design that has been used for centuries. This is the perfect knife to throw into your EDC kit as a tough little hard working UK legal carry folder. The blade is hollow ground stainless steel with a "Sod Buster" design etched into the metal. The handle is hard, dense polymer with brass pins and liners. A classic design.


Code CA095
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Case
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 8.90
Overall Length (cm): 16.2
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Grind: Hollow
Handle Material: Polymer
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: No
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 55


  1. A firm favourite...Review by
    The Case Sodbuster Jr is an excellent choice for a UK friendly pocket knife. When a robust and simple slip joint single blade pocket tool is your requirement, this one fits the bill nicely.

    The design offers a generous amount of hollow ground blade that is simple to grasp between thumb and forefinger to easily open the pocket knife. So you don’t necessarily need to locate the nail nick to open it. In fact, with just a bit of practice, it is possible to open and close a Sodbuster Jr with one hand, right or left. This can be a useful technique at times. The tension of the back spring is reassuringly firm. So it feels secure, open or closed. The dimensions of this knife, when open, is similar to a small kitchen knife, say, a 3” paring knife. So in use it instantly feels familiar, and would easily cope with food prep duties while hiking or travelling. The shape of the handle fits one’s grasp very naturally. In a pocket, this model carries comfortably.

    The crisp corners of the back of the blade make for a very good scraper. Mine has been used a couple of different times to quickly shave a sticking door. Saving a trip to get a block plane. In the past I used to smooth off square corners on the spine of a pocket knife blade, but now after experiencing how useful this feature can be, I leave it as is. In fact, when needed, I maintain those crisp corners so it’s ready the next time some scraping is needed. This saves the cutting edge from unnecessary wear and tear, so it stays nice and keen,

    The rather pronounced hollow grind of the blade means that the edge is quite thin. So it is easy to keep sharp, especially with stropping. If a wire edge, or burr, is present out of the box, just reduce it with light strokes of a kitchen steel, fine stone, or ceramic sharpener, and then eliminate the wire edge by stropping on single ply cardboard, loaded with fine buffing compound. The inside of a cracker box, or cereal box, etc will work just fine, and get rid of a wire edge with a few strokes. Buffing compound will greatly improve stropping efficiency. Plain cardboard will also serve as a strop, but without the buffing compound it will take much longer to remove a wire edge. Once the wire edge is removed, you could of course use a leather strop to keep a knife nice and keen. But if the wire edge is not completely removed first, even an expensive leather strop will quickly be ruined by a burr on the edge of the knife.

    Thanks to the excellent stainless steel, it is easy to maintain a Sodbuster Jr. so this would make a compact and capable choice for a camping pocket knife, and it would be ideal for a pleasant picnic lunch.

    W. R. Case has a rich history of cutlery production, and many collectors enjoy acquiring Case pocket knives. If collecting is a hobby that interests you, then have a look at the website for their exhaustive information about makes, models, and dates.

    This model, and maybe especially in this configuration, with its finely hollow ground stainless blade, black composition scales, firm back spring, and iconic plough etch, and well designed balance and ergonomics, is hands down one of my favourites from a long-respected traditional cutlery manufacturer. Very useful, completely meeting the requirements to be UK friendly, and loaded with old fashioned charm, a Case Sodbuster Jr is a timeless classic and a firm favourite.

    Thanks, Heinnie, for making this brand, and this model, available. Cheers!
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