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Civilian Lab Covert Loader RG

In Stock

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Civilian Lab Covert Loader RG

test 1Civilian Lab Covert Loader RGtest 2Civilian Lab Covert Loader RGtest 3Civilian Lab Covert Loader RGtest 4 Civilian Lab Covert Loader RG

Civilian Lab Covert Loader RG

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Civilian Lab Covert Loader RG

Civilian Lab Covert Loader RG



Each task has specific demands. This light load harness bag reconfigures to meet that task. P.D.A., cell, multi tool, pen, flashlight and other inevitable daily tools stay right where you need them - in the 5 external pockets, drop down front flap, or removable shuttle bag which can be replaced with items such as camera or first aid kit. A set of snaps can compress the shuttle area if empty.

Tough, padded swivel snaps change angles to fit the harness to your body, tucking away when not in use. Also feature are long zip pulls, top quality fabrics and over padded, lined pockets to protect your gear. Advised issue for your next adventure or project.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Civilian Lab
Colour: Black


  1. Good system - made great!Review by
    Ok got this back in December, the pouches are superb lots of room and bits & bobs, places for torches and emergency equip as already stated. But here's the rub, the harness system is not substantial enough, its a bit like trying to wrestle an octopus on your back, so dont make this a grab and go back because you'll be in a knot in minutes.

    As standard I wouldnt run or jog with it, cause it would flap everywhere and feels very loose and as you twist it runs round your back with you, again octopus comes to mind.

    It really needs the upgrade harness which is available, it then also needs a chest strap - easily obtainable, and a belt to go round your middle to keep it against your side, then your in business ;-) it then holds to you really well and pouches are now accessible, Ive mounted a torch on the shoulder strap and side pockets..

    Now with the upgraded cross shoulder straps, its comfortable to wear without cutting in to your shoulders or wriggling around. It really needs about another £20 spent on it , then with the upgrades youve got a great system, Ive used some of the best compact rucksacks out there, and I'll be using this a lot in summer as you wont get a sweaty back whilst hill walking or walking moors.

    The pouches are well made, zips are great, clips are all solid and stitching is decent all to its plus.

    Its just a shame it doesnt come with the upgrades as standard as it should at this price. I havent tried all the combinations of wearing but I'll get round to it soon.
    (Posted on )
  2. The bestReview by
    I use mine hill walking & can't fault it! Everything I need right where I need it & when. No faffing around taking a rucksack off & scrambling around for the camera, fits right into 1 of the secure pockets.

    Contents of mine:
    1st Aid pack
    Paper Map
    Marker Pen
    Writing pen
    Compact Camera
    Gerber Multitool
    Memory Map Ad2500 GPS
    Mobile Phone
    Car keys
    & STILL have room for more if need be.
    Still to add
    Maya dust
    Light my fire steel
    Emergency shelter
    (Posted on )

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Questions & Answers

Hi! This is the redesigned, after 2013 model?
We get deliveries every month of new stock, to make sure we get the newest models in
HH answered on 28 August 2015

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Does this come with the sternum/ leg strap?
Designed to sit under your arms using shoulder straps so no leg straps as nowhere near your legs , doesn't require a sternum strap as it has belt clips to attache to belt to maintain tension. Not really heavy enough to require one to even back pressure as there is no back pressure.
HH answered on 21 August 2015

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