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Clip & Carry SwissQlip

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Clip & Carry SwissQlip

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Clip & Carry SwissQlip

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Clip & Carry SwissQlip

Clip & Carry SwissQlip



The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is the iconic EDC (everyday carry) item and undeniably one of the most carried multitools on the planet.

The Clip & Carry SwissQlip makes it possible to comfortably carry and access your knife with this deep-carry pocket clip which easily attaches to most 9.1cm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife models making the best EDC multi-tool on the planet.. even better!

The SwissQlip is a deep-carry pocket clip that can attach to most 9.1cm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife models.


Code CLP04$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Clip and Carry
Overall Length (cm): 5.6
Dimensions (cm): H 1.4 x W 1.7 x L 5.60
Product Weight (g): 11


  1. It's a functional clip, that reduces tool function.Review by
    As a quick breakdown, it's a clip that works. If you want a clip that isn't a suspension clip or the Nite Ize stick on clip (to save your scales, perhaps) then this is your option.

    The problems with this generation of Swissqlip you need to be aware of are:

    1. The tweezers are inaccessible by hand. You need to pop the toothpick to use that for poking the tweezers out. A manageable workaround.

    2. The screw is quite soft metal and Heinnie can't supply spares. Use the correct size driver very carefully, and don't expect it to last if you plan on changing or removing the clip.

    3. It costs as much as the multitool. A bit steep.

    4. The screw and attachment system also blocks access to the multifunction hook on my three layer Super Tinker, and this is a tool I use regularly for knots, shopping bags, parcels, holding the pen from my plus scales and the like. The loss of use from this tool is quite a compromise given the cost of the clip, and relates to point 2 as my first workaround involved removing the clip occasionally but that's just not viable. You can poke it out with the pen (if you have it, but this risks damaging the ballpoint) or the tweezers (see point one, this is a multi step process and risks injury to fingers from slipping).
    (Posted on )
  2. So good I bought 2 more for other Victorinox'sReview by
    I agree with all the positive reviews here and on YouTube. The only negative is most the Philips bits included with multi tools are Philips #2 (and some cordless screwdrivers) whereas this uses a Philips #1. I am glad I have a ifixit toolkit. (Posted on )
  3. Beautiful and functionalReview by
    I debated getting this because of the price but once I received it I can see that it is expensive because it is a pretty complicated design and very nice quality. Took only a minute to attach to my Huntsman and really works the way it should. I’m very happy with this purchase. (Posted on )
  4. Brilliant piece of edcReview by
    This is a seriously brilliant piece to make the SAK's more comfortable to carry. Superb design and quality. Thanks for stocking this item! (Posted on )
  5. Great clip.Review by
    This is a great clip for Victorinox knives. I agree with the other reviewer, James, it's solidly built and easy to fit. I can't believe Victorinox never devised something like this. I tend to carry the Boker Plus Tech tools more than my SAKs due to the fact that they had pocket clips and they're also great UK legal carries. What I love about SAKs, apart from my new clip, is the many different combinations you can buy, where as with the tech tools you're a bit more limited.

    I'll probably end up buying a few more of these, but unfortunately I can't buy one for each of my 9.1 cm SAKs as I have far too many.
    (Posted on )
  6. It’s about time! Review by
    No clue why Victorinox never thought of this but it’s such a great way to carry my Tinker. Very solid construction and really happy with the way it keeps my knife so accessible and not just sunk down in the bottom of my pocket like I’ve been carrying it for years. (Posted on )

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