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Cold Steel GI Tanto WAS £42.95

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Cold Steel GI Tanto WAS £42.95

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Cold Steel GI Tanto WAS £42.95

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Out Of Stock

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Cold Steel GI Tanto WAS £42.95

Cold Steel GI Tanto WAS £42.95



As its name suggests, the G.I. Tanto is a no-nonsense knife that comes with a legion of practical uses. It may be lean and spare, but it delivers the goods where they count the most! The broad Tanto point blade, integral quillion guard, and Polypropylene handle scales, exemplify a tactical knife stripped down to its bare essentials. It's ground razor sharp out of 1055 carbon steel with a hard spring temper and protected by a black, rust resistant finish so it's ready to take all the abuse you and Mother Nature can dish out.


Code CS80PGT
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Cold Steel
Blade Material: 1055 Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 17.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Overall Length (cm): 30.5
Blade Colour: Black
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Polymer
Blade Shape: Tanto
Blade Type: Plain
Sheath: Black Secure-Ex
Product Weight (g): 335
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


7 100 0 100
Great all rounderReview by
10 10
Great for: Chopping, slicing, cutting, throwing, even a little carving...
My friend and I both have one and have never regretted one bit, I will say scrap the handle grip and go paracord if you plan on throwing it, lost a screw in mine :( but honestly can't fault it, Cold Steel standard so currently unbreakable... At least til I find a job that bests it hahaha, sharp from the get go! You have been warned... I am covered in nicks and cuts where I have been "playing" with it. Worth every penny you'll pay for this, a damn tough knife!
(Posted on )
A good friend to know!Review by
10 10
My favourite blade. Tough, reliable, well balanced and easy to sharpen. Comes in a nice secure sheath with different carry options too, plus it makes for a powerful and accurate thrower. Great all round companion. (Posted on )
Serious knife for so little cashReview by
10 10
I forget how long I have had this one, it is a totaly usable tool. The carbon steel coated blade does just what you need it to with a good weight and balance and is at the right point between too thick or thin so that it can be used to slice effectively. Would like a partialy serrated version but thats just me. I have no complaints about either the quality or cost. (Posted on )
Cold Steel GI TantoReview by
10 10
Very good knife ,balanced and extremely sharp straight out of the box also the handle is a good feel wet or dry .
The use for this knife is for camping and general outdoors as a keen shooter .
(Posted on )
Cracking knifeReview by
10 10
This is a great knife,
Heavy and really sharp , avoid the point it'll put a hole in your finger with hardly a touch,
I decided to try this out on a metal box, the knife went straight through with hardly any power behind it and it's still as sharp as it was before hand,
This knife you could hit with a hammer and I reckon you'd damage the hammer,
Bad point I found was putting the knife in the sheath, I had a hell of a job getting it back out of the sheath, however a little oil sorted that out .
(Posted on )
Gi tantoReview by
10 10
All round great knife. I use mine as a back up blade, Also good for throwing .

(Posted on )
Totally reliable.Review by
10 10
Very sturdy knife, and totally solid in the sheath. No rattle at all, and I've even loosened the screws to make it easier to draw. Some have complained about it being hard to pull, but if you just grip the handle & push the sheath with your thumb, it's no problem. This does mean that reverse draw isn't going to work very well at all, but that's not really what this knife is for.

The sheath is ambidextrous, and you can alter the height. The belt loop is secured with a Prym snap surrounded by hook & loop, so it doesn't come loose.

The scales feel fine, but could get a little slippy in wet conditions, or with gloves, but I just ground scalloped finger grooves in, and that was easy.

As for the knife, it's heavy enough for chopping, and sharp enough for shaving. If you have a look at YouTube, you'll see a fella ******* it into a tree & standing on it.
(Posted on )

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